What happened to the 20 biggest ICOs of all time?

March 31, 2021

Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs as they are often known as are the first time traders and investors can buy a Digital Coin or Currency. This is the earliest an investor can get in and often the lowest price point. But with so many ICOs happening, what happened to the biggest ones? Were they successful?

We did some extensive research to find some of the biggest ICOs of all time. We then looked at how they performed and what returns they provided. In this article we are going to look at the results.

The Results of the Top 10

We thought that looking at the top 10 ICOs of all time would help give us insight into the market of ICOs. We have done our best to find the 10 biggest ICOs of all time. These are the top 10:

1. EOS – $4.1 Billion Raised in June 2018

When EOS launched it was worth approximately $14, however it has since dropped down to $2.50. This shows a price collapse of more than 80%

2. Telegram Open Network (TON) – $1.9 Billion Raised in March 2018

Telegram raised a large $1.9 Billion for its TON platform which would allow users to transact and pay using the coins. However, after the ICO the Securities and Exchange Commission prohibited the platform from launching. This essentially destroyed the coin and all of its worth. Telegram did refund $1.2 Billion to its investors.

3. Bitfinex – $1 Billion Raised in May 2019

Bitfinex is one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the world and launched its coin LEO to be used to pay for fees and exchange on the platform. It has had some ups and downs but has remained at the same price over the long term.

4. Dragon Coin – $407 Million Raised in May 2018

Dragon Coin was launched to work with the company’s blockchain based casino. While it may have gained some interest at the start, the coin is now worthless, having a value of less than $0.50.

5. Huobi Token – $300 Million Raised January 2018

This coin was launched by the chinese crypto and finance company. The coin has done relatively well, holding its own since launch.

6. Hyundai DAC – $258 Million Raised in December 2017

The cryptocurrency started by Hyundai struggled from the start. At current prices it is worthless.

7. Filecoin – $257 Million Raised in September 2017

Filecoin is a cloud based data storage solution. The coin was the biggest ever ICO in its day. However, there have been many delays causing little to happen with the price of its coin.

8. Tezos – $232 Million Raised in July 2017

Tezos is another rival for the well known cryptocurrency Ethereum. The coin did well after launch and hit a peak of $4.39 per coin in August 2020. However, it has since dropped to $2.10 per coin.

9. Sirin Labs – $157.8 Million in December 2017

Sirin labs was a blockchain based cell phone that eventually hit the market in December 2018. However, due to underwhelming sales and law suits against the owner. The coin is no longer worth anything.

10. Bancor – $153 Million in June 2017

Bancor raised $153 Million in less than 3 hours of its ICO. Unlike many ICOs that came before Bancor has achieved some very good returns.

The latter 10 ICOs that fall in the top 20

These are the latter 10 ICOs that fell in the top 20. Information on these coins was less available, but some did show some decent returns. Here are the latter 10 of the top 20 biggest ICOs of all time:

  1. Status – $108 Million Raised
  2. QASH – $105 Million Raised
  3. Argon – $73 Million Raised
  4. Banex – $70.6 Million Raised
  5. TRON – $70 Million Raised
  6. DomRaider – $65.89 Million Raised
  7. WAX – $64 Million Raised
  8. Gnosis – $63 Million Raised
  9. Nebulas – $60 Million Raised
  10. MobileGo – $53 Million Raised

Should you buy into an ICO?

ICOs can be a great way to earn significant returns, but it is a very risky investment. As with all startup funding, some businesses/ projects don’t come to fruition. While there may be money to be made in the ICO space, it is a good idea to trade in the established coins as well.

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