The News Spy: Is it Legit or a Scam?

May 11, 2021

What is The News Spy?

The News Spy is a new and popular trading technology, designed to help new and experienced users trade on the cryptocurrency market. The News Spy is fully-automated and requires little to no human effort at all. All new users need to do is fund their account and make sure they have configured their settings to minimise their risks of huge losses. Although this technology is relatively new, it has gained popularity quickly, because of its efficiency and high success rate. New users may be skeptical at first, but we have conducted thorough testing and found that The News Spy is reputable and highly efficient.

Is The New Spy Legit or a Scam?

Yes, the News Spy is legit. We have been very thorough in our testing process and were more than happy with the outcome. The News Spy has a very simple layout and user interface, making it ideal for new users.

Here is a quick summary of some of our findings:

  • The News Spy has a fully-automated trading system. This means little to human-interference is needed. You won’t have to quit your full-time job to trade cryptocurrency. The automated-trading technology will do it for you.
  • The official website can be accessed on your cell phone or PC and you will be able to use your web browser. All you need is an active internet connection. Unfortunately, there is no mobile app available yet.
  • The minimum deposit required to trade is only €250. You do not need a registration fee. Your minimum deposit is used as your first investment capital.
  • The News Spy has a 24hour turn-around time for withdrawal requests.
  • The News Spy has a 24hour customer service line available. You can reach the customer service department via email and live chat.

How it Works

Getting started with The News Spy is pretty simple. However, you do have to complete a mandatory registration process. We took the time to explain the steps in greater detail to make it easier for you to register.

Step 1: Registration

Registration with The News Spy is easy. All you need to do is complete the form below with your basic information and submit. Once you have done this, a dedicated account manager will make contact with you. Please note that there is no registration fee involved when registering with The New Spy.

The News Spy

Register through ICODATA and get a free account manager to help set up your account.

Step 2: Fund Your Account

Funding your account requires a minimum deposit of €250. This deposit is your first capital investment into your account. It will be used to place trades on your behalf. Please stick to the minimum deposit, you can always reinvest more at a later stage.

Step 3: Demo Trade

The demo trade account is ideal for new users who are still trying to figure out what the cryptocurrency market is all about. It will also assist in helping new users familiarise themselves with their The News Spy account. It is a great way to build up experience, since you will be able to place trades based on historical data. The demo trade account is free too.

Step 4: Live-trading

Here, is where the fun starts. Once you have configured your settings with the help of your account manager, you can go ahead and proceed to live trade. This is where the algorithm will take over and place trades on your behalf. If you made use of the demo account, you should find your way around the live account quite easily. However, should you run into any problems you can contact the customer service department.

How Does The News Spy Work?

After our team confirmed that theThe News Spy trading system was legit, we decided to dig deeper to find out how exactly this trading system works. After registration, we were able to create a user profile in a few minutes, and had unhindered access to test all the features of The News Spy.

Here’s how the trading technology works:

  • Trading Strategy Setup: the algorithm provides all the data, including trading signals, indicators, patterns and news.
  • Automated order placing: once the criteria is met, using the data provided by the algorithm an automated order is placed.
  • Analytical tools: your trade history and transactions will be accessible via the trading system. The algorithm is constantly working, making sure you are presented with the most profitable trading opportunities.

Trading with a Fully Automated System: What Can You Expect?

The good news is that The News Spy does not require any of your assistance to trade. It is all automated and needs little to no human interference. There is no need for you to buy expensive trading courses and anything you desire to learn, can be done through the demo account option or other by keeping your eyes on the markets and its updates. The News Spy was created with the user in mind. Many people do not have access to the cryptocurrency market because they don’t understand how it works, now there is a trading system who does. The News Spy is simple and compatible.

Key Features of The New Spy

As with any new technology, it is always helpful to assess whether or not the technology is beneficial to you. One of the quickest ways to do this is to check the key features of the technologY. Our team assessed all the key features of The News Spy and found it to be quite formidable. We took the liberty to list them for you below:

  • Free Registration: The News Spy offers all new users free registration. You do not have to worry about having a registration fee and capital ready to activate your account. All you need to do is complete the mandatory registration form and wait for an account manager to contact you.
  • Demo-trading: you are able to demo-trade with The News Spy for free. Once you have activated your account you can explore what trading on the cryptocurrency market is like on the demo-trade account. The best part of the demo-trade account is that it is an exact replica of the live-trading account.
  • Regulated Brokers: The News Spy makes use of regulated and licensed brokers to assist in managing your account. Usually, when technologies such as The New Spy do not operate with regulated and licensed brokers, it should be a cause for concern.
  • Customer Service Department: The News Spy has a very responsive customer service department that is able to assist you, should you run into any problems on the live trading platform. You can reach the customer service department via email, live chat or telephonically.

Can You Make Money with The News Spy

The News Spy should definitely be listed as one of the most lucrative trading technologies currently out there. We found that this trading technology is quite transparent when it comes to how much you can earn on the cryptocurrency market and does not charge exorbitant fees when it comes to deposits and withdrawals. All additional costs are clearly communicated on the official website and judging from the many positive user-testimonials, the New Spy is a trading technology worth experiencing. When compared to similar trading technologies out there, The News Spy is most affordable when it comes to their minimum deposit. For only €250. You will be able to access all of the features and live trade. However, we do recommend that users only deposit funds from their disposable income. The New Spy is merely a trading technology used for investment, and any investment, big or small, carries a risk.

The News Spy vs. Other Trading Platforms

The News Spy Other Trading Platforms
  • Registration is easy and hassle-free.
  • Other platforms involve filling out long forms with excessive information.
  • The News Spy claims to have a 99.4% success rate, which makes it a reliable program.
  • Other platforms are not as successful and may lack performance and reliability.
  • The minimum deposit required to start trading is £250.
  • Other platforms may have hidden fees and transactional costs.
  • Users can make deposits easily through a secure process
  • Other programs may take weeks to initiate a withdrawal.

Has The News Spy Featured on Dragon’s Den?

Dragon’s Den is a popular British TV reality series owned by the Sony Pictures Television company. On Dragon’s Den, budding entrepreneurs have the opportunity to pitch their business ideas, in three minutes, to a panel of venture capitalists, in the hope of securing investment finance from them. The program originated in Japan, where it is well-known as The Tiger of Money.

When was the Dragons’ Den ‘The News Spy’ Episode Aired?

Many people have inquired about when The News Spy made its debut on Dragons Den, the answer is that there was never an episode of the popular television show where The News Spy or the Bitcoin Trading Technology featured. Every article stating this is false and should be declared fake news. Fortunately, videos cannot be faked as easily as articles.

Dragons Den and The News Spy

There are many articles online, social media posts and media reports that have claimed that Dragon’s Den has endorsed The News Spy and related Bitcoin automated trading technologies on an episode. Some have gone as far as to say that The News Spy is Dragons Den’s biggest investment to date. These rumours come as no surprise and have been around for the past few years. Dragon’s Den is considered to be an award-winning tv reality series and has a huge following worldwide. If the show or any of the investors or entrepreneurs were to endorse The News Spy, the trading technology would gain even more popularity and credibility overnight. These claims have since been proven false.

There is a strong likelihood that outlets spreading these reports and rumours are doing so deliberately. Affiliate marketers often leverage popular tv reality series in their advertisements. While the products and brokers they are promoting may not be scams, their tactics make people associate it with scams. For example, CFD trading platforms are commonly associated with scams like the Forex industry, but the Forex industry is illegitimate and viable, only the industry plagued with scammers and these scammers tarnish the reputation of Forex.

We recommend reading up as much as possible about The News Spy and how it works. A lack of knowledge when it comes to cryptocurrency can cost investors millions. There are use-cases that have reported over $200, 000 in individual losses. These investors have reported to follow links on social media platforms and other websites where they stumbled across The News Spy. There are dozens of other investors who have experienced similar losses

Is the News Spy Worth Your Investment?

Absolutely, we found that The News Spy is one of the most lucrative trading technologies currently on the market. This trading technology is fully-automated, which means that you don’t have to do any manual labor or take time off from your fulltime job to trade on the cryptocurrency market. All you need to do is make sure your account manager helps you set your trading limits and when your trading sessions will open or close. This minimises your risk of potential losses. We recommend that all new traders make use of the demo trading feature on the technology and do the necessary research before investing large amounts of funds.


  • How Does News Spy work?

The News Spy is an automatic trading software that constantly observes the market and uses analyzes to make profitable investments.

  • How does the deposit at The News Spy work?

Deposits can be made with Paypal, credit card or bank transfer.

  • Can you open a The News Spy account for free?

Yes! Opening an account with The News Spy is free.

  • Can Bitcoins be withdrawn from the trading system after earning a profit?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The trading software converts your earnings to the local currency and your earnings are deposited in the bank account linked to your Bitcoin Trader account.

  • Are there alternative crypto trading platforms?

Yes. There are similar trading platforms like The News Spy, Bitcoin Revolution and Bitcoin Era, among other trusted cryptocurrency trading platforms.