Rating system

Our proprietary rating system is designed to give our readers an independent and unbiased overview of the project and provide them with all the necessary data about specific ICO at one place.

We rate every ICO based on 5 major characteristics:


We analyze previous projects and experience of team members and check whether they have any institutional backers. We also analyze and rate their previous experience with blockchain technology.


We analyze product idea determine whether we think it is realistic and viable. Then we take a look at the current status of the project and try to determine in what stage of development it is.

We take a look at the business model of the project and try to determine how does value flow from the outside of the ecosystem to the inside, if at all. We also analyze what is the stated function/utility of the token and whether ICO is even needed for this project.


We take a look at the current and projected market size of the industry and try to identify competitors in the market from inside and outside blockchain world. Then we try to determine whether the project has any chance of capturing market share in the industry they are targeting.


We check the activity of the project's Github to see the progress and the activity of project’s developers. We also check project’s community platforms such as Bitcointalk forum, Reddit, Slack, Twitter, Facebook etc. to see whether the community is excited about the project and whether the team is transparent about it.

Then we check the project's roadmap and determine whether the plans are well defined and can be measured in the future. We try to find their plans for listing the token on the exchanges and determine whether they can actually do it.

ICO structure

We check the jurisdiction of the project and the legal structure of the company and find out what it means for the project.

We also check how many percentages of tokens will go to the team, what is their lock-up period and the hard cap of the project. We analyze team's plans for the security measures of the ICO, and plans for financial audit and code audits by outside firms.

All the above details of the project are given a score which determines the final rating based on our proprietary model.

Our ratings are not investment advice, but just our opinion. It is impossible to predict the price of tokens and we do not attempt to do that. Our mission is to provide high-quality intelligence, including ratings and research that will contribute to transparent ICO market and enable investors to make informed investment decisions.