Cardano (ADA) announces new Alonzo upgrade

September 13, 2021

Cardano recently announced that the Alonzo upgrade has been deployed successfully at epoch 290, making it possible to create and execute smart contracts on the public blockchain for the first time ever.

While the project is celebrating the milestone that marks “the start of a new era”, it also noted that it is still “early days” but that there are “exciting times ahead.” In a blog post published on the day of the announcement, Cardano also drew attention to the community and that this is a time to acknowledge the effort to get to this point:

As a community, we have been on an incredible journey together. Rightly, we should allow ourselves to acknowledge the tremendous efforts made by so many to get here. This will also be a time for reflection on the challenges we’ve collectively overcome. 

The post continued to express that this is the beginning and that, while it’s time to celebrate, it’s not time to rest:

“This is where the mission truly begins as we – the whole community – start delivering on the vision we have all been working towards for so long. Building a decentralized system that extends economic identity and opportunity to everyone, everywhere.”

The Alonzo upgrade

The upgrade deployed is set to offer smart contracts to be written for the platform using Plutus scripts – which will allow purpose-built smart contract development at a functional level. The upgrade runs on the same HFC technology as previous upgrades but will enable decentralized applications to be executed on the blockchain through smart contracts, as well as offering DeFi protocols. As the platform enables more features, it will begin to show the full function and use-case potential. Once tested, the upgrade will also reveal the flexibility and scalability of the platform moving forward.