Immediate Profit Review: Scam or Legit?

March 3, 2021

Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm and is now one of the most traded instruments in the financial markets. In the past Foreign Exchange or Forex used to be the best place to trade due to its liquidity and volatility. However, this has since changed with many experts saying Crypto is a better place to trade on places like Immediate Profit.

What is Immediate Profit?

Imagine you had a platform, built on cutting edge technology and extremely responsive. That is almost as good as Immediate Profit. This state of the art software is unique in its features and design making it stand out from its competitors.

One of the benefits of this software is it is fully automated. Gone are the days where you sit and place trades, now you have an intelligent, emotionless ai system that does the hard work for you. Many studies have shown that using sophisticated ai to trade can help increase profits.

Because of this ai system, many new traders are looking towards Immediate Edge to become their number one trading platform. But is it good enough? Let’s review it and find out!

Is Immediate Profit Legit?

With so many new brokers and platforms popping up, the legitimacy question is a valid one. When you are trading, the last thing you want to worry about is if you will be able to withdraw your money. It is important to check if a software is legit and uses registered brokers.

We have looked into it and found numerous studies and surveys that speak to Immediate Profit’s legitimacy. And we can confirm they are legit and not a Scam. Immediate Profit ensures that all its brokers are licensed and registered to comply with all the necessary laws.

Immediate Profitalso employs some of the best encryption and cybersecurity software. This ensures that your data and privacy remain safe from hackers and scammers on the internet.

Remember not to share your account details with anyone to help keep your account safe.

How do I Start Trading with Immediate Profit?

Now that you know that Immediate Profit is legit and not a scam, you are probably ready to get going. Luckily for you, the registration and setup process for Immediate Profit is straight-forward.

Registration & Sign Up

The first step is to fill in your details. This will register you will the Immediate Profit Team who will assign you a Personal Account Manager. This person will assist you with the setup process and guide you. They will also be able to answer any of the questions you may have. The team at Immediate Profit have worked hard to ensure the process is easy and straightforward, so you can get to trading faster.

Start by filling out the form below and you account manager will contact you:

Immediate Profit

Register through ICODATA and get a free account manager to help set up your account.

Make a deposit

Once you have completed your sign up and verification, you will need to make your deposit. This deposit is as affordable as trading platforms go, being only Є250. This deposit goes directly into your trading account and towards your trades.

This process will give you access to the entire platform including the demo account.

Payments can be made through the secure and encrypted payment system using your Credit or Debit Card, WireTrandsfer or Mastercard.


The Demo Trading platform is one of the Features that sets Immediate Profit apart. Unlike other platforms, Immediate Profit has not simply made a dummy fake-looking platform as part of a sales funnel. They have built a replica of the live trading platform to help their traders practice, learn and master the platform before they trade for real.

The ability to practice and trade without risk has been shown in studies to greatly increase a traders win rate and profits.

This part of the platform is available to traders once they have made their deposit and complete verification.

Live trading

Now that you have registered, made your deposit and tried the software on the demo software, you must be rearing to go on the live platform. It is important to take your time and do your research as trading can incur losses.

But as soon as you are comfortable you can move over to the live trading software. Your account manager can help you set trading limits and stop losses to limit your risk exposure. Another feature to setup is when the trading sessions open and close, as this will determine when the automated trading system can trade and when it can not.

Some Key Features of Immediate Profit

Features are often what separates one software from another. What features are on the software that can help you as the user trade more efficiently and profitably? These are the questions many of you are asking and we investigated Immediate Profit to find the answers. Here is what we found:

  • Licensed & Registered Brokers: Ensuring the broker you are using is registered and licensed with the relevant regulators is vital. As if they are not registered, there is a high chance of them being a scam. Immediate Profit works with reputable, registered and licensed brokers to ensure you are safe.
  • Security Systems: this platform has been built with the best security systems to ensure that your data and money are safe. In a world where hackers and cyber theft are on the rise, this is a plus.
  • Signalling system: When you are trading, you need clear signals of what is happening in the market. And so does the trading system to be able to make good trades. This is something this platform shines at. They have a strong and fast signally system that some traders have attributed to their success.
  • Automated Trading System: life is busy and you don’t have time to sit and look at the screen all day waiting for the perfect moment to place the trade. Immediate Profit allows users to use the automated system that does the trading for them during the user set trading windows.
  • Withdrawal system: a lot of traders trading as their source of income and others as an investment. This means it is vital to have a fast withdrawal process. This is exactly what Immediate Profit has! They have built their systems and processes to have a 48-hour withdrawal system.
  • Customer Service: you want to know that if you have a problem that there will be someone to help you. Customer service can make or break a company and this is why Immediate Profit has made customer service a priority. The support team is available 24/5 via telephone, email and chat support to assist you. This is some of the best we have seen.
  • Costs & Fees: transparency is important in the financial space. We have found Immediate Edge to be transparently displaying all fees upfront. They are also very affordable with no registration fee.

Why trade Bitcoin with Immediate Profit

Cryptocurrency has been shown in many studies to be a very profitable asset to trade. One of the most well-known cryptocurrencies is Bitcoin. This was the first cryptocurrency to go viral and has since become an icon. This has also led to the rise of so-called “Bitcoin Millionaires”. These people got Bitcoin early enough and have held onto it as the prices skyrocketed. So their measly investments turned into something worth a fortune. This has given great exposure to the entire market and may have led you here.

Now first off these sorts of returns are not common as trading can be difficult. This is why we always recommend trading on the Demo account first until you get the hang of things.

Some of the reasons trade bitcoin:

  • Liquidity: the crypto markets are some of the most liquid markets in the world. This makes it easy for traders to place and close trades.
  • Volatility: when markets are volatile they are easier to trade as something is always moving in the market. Some expert traders say that trading volatile markets are more profitable.
  • Access: most markets operate from 9 am to 5 pm in their local time. However, most crypto markets trade 24 hours a day as they are not based in a single place.

And if you pair this great market with a top-class trading software like Immediate Profit, you have the ability to trade these markets better. With its advanced trading system and sophisticated signalling, it puts itself above its competitors.

Celebrities who trade Cryptocurrency?

With Cryptocurrency being such a popular trading commodity, you are probably wondering what famous people trade cryptocurrency? Are there any?

The answer is yes there are a few celebrities who have stated that they have interests in Bitcoin:

  1. Snoop Dogg – Snoop Dogg made his 2013 record available for purchase in Bitcoin. He has also been seen at some XRP community nights.
  2. Paris Hilton – She stated in 2017 on Twitter that she was excited to be participating in the new ICO LydianCoin.
  3. Elon Musk – Elon has made numerous comments on Twitter about Cryptocurrencies. Although he has said that he does not own much Bitcoin.
  4. Mike Tyson – The legendary boxer has produced Bitcoin ATMs and launched a Bitcoin Wallet. He is certainly involved in Cryptocurrency.
  5. Lionel Messi – Although Lionel Messi has not said he owns or trades Crypto, he has stated and partnered with Blockchain companies. So there are many speculations.

Tips for Trading Bitcoin

Now that you have read this review, you are probably excited to trade. But how do you trade? What should you look out for?

We can understand your questions and eagerness to get going. That is why we want to talk through some of the main tips spoken about in the cryptocurrency industry.

Make sure you start small. It can be very tempting to start trading with a lot of money. As more money equals more profit right? The answer is not always. If the conditions are right and the trade is successful, then yes. But trading is not always successful. That is why it is always recommended to start small and build your trading value as your experience and success rate grows.

Choosing a secure wallet is another curricula step and common tip given by publications in the crypto trading industry. If your money is stolen from your wallet it can be impossible to get back. So regardless of how good you are at trading, you need to make sure your money is in a safe wallet.

Another common tip read in the media is to do your research. Doing your research can make sure you trade and invest in the right cryptocurrency at the right time. Studies have shown that this can lead to a better win rate and thus more profit. However, it is important to know that the cryptocurrency market is very unpredictable.

Knowing your trading strategy is another important step to becoming a good trader. Whether that is using an automated system like Immediate Profit or not. Knowing how you are going to trade is vital.

Leverage is essentially money you are borrowing from your broker to trade on the market. You put down a small percentage, say 5%, and your broker will pay the rest in return for interest. This allows you to make greater returns as you can trade for more value. However, experts recommend using leverage with extreme caution as you can lose money if it is not used responsibly.

Getting rid of your emotions is hard but necessary. The markets work like a beast, if you show it emotions, it will take advantage of you. So trading on facts and stats not on emotions is said to be the best way of trading. This can be difficult as we are emotional beings. This is why using an automated trading system like Immediate Profit can help you trade without emotion.

Immediate Profit: Our Verdict

Immediate Profit is a great system for new and advanced traders. This automated trading system has been shown to produce a good profit for its users. Some of the key features include top-class security systems, exceptional customer service, a dedicated Personal Account Manager assigned to you, a good signalling system and more.

The platform uses registered and licensed brokers to ensure all necessary regulations are met. This is a legit system and studies have shown this.

Cryptocurrency is becoming more and more popular in the world and even some celebrities are using it. And now with Immediate Profit, you can too.