Completed ICOs

A comprehensive list of all ICOs past and traded.
Project Received Goal End Date
CasperAPI 9.1


Received: 20,007,791 USD Goal: 5,500,000 USD 02-08-2018 Visit


Winners of FutureHack 2018 in Davos, Switzerland and most inspirational project from Slovenia. is a people-powered blockchain solution for charitable donations. CHERR.IO harnesses the power of design, trust and transparency to create a breakthrough solution that will enable everyone to donate to charities with ease. Funds will be raised in cryptocurrencies using a gamification model. The power to help and reap rewards is placed back in the hands of the people - where it belongs.
Received: 12,000,000 USD Goal: 3,000,000 USD 30-06-2018 Visit
Properbuz 9.1


Properbuz is a free global property marketplace and a social network for the real estate industry, which enables property buyers and renters to find ideal matches for their needs, and is already available in fifteen languages, and in more than 50 countries. Properbuz is one of several connected platforms centred around Bebuzee. Properbuz aims to decentralize a $217 trillion global real estate market by developing a blockchain-based decentralized protocol.
Received: 383,000,000 USD Goal: 20,000,000 USD 31-10-2018 Visit
LOVE Air Coffee 9.1

LOVE Air Coffee

At the heart of the company is a global idea to change the coffee business industry. Our task is to introduce innovative technologies that will bring the coffee business to a new level. Our solution allows: • Fully change the coffee industry; • Minimize coffee weight loss; • Improve product quality; • Save a large amount of beneficial properties in coffee beans; • Significantly improve the taste of the drink; • Get more income.
Received: 500,000 EUR Goal: 100,000 EUR 10-06-2019 Visit
Tip Blockchain 9.1

Tip Blockchain

Tip is a Third Generation Blockchain that connects users over peer to peer networks, and merchants with payment solutions, making it easier than ever to transact using cryptocurrency. TIP features the first indexed and searchable blockchain, allowing attaching data to transactions and accounts; usernames as addresses; search and find others by usernames; and a cryptocurrency point of sale system for businesses.
Received: 25,000,000 USD Goal: 25,000,000 USD 17-08-2018 Visit


The First global blockchain-based platform for buying and renting luxe property ALLUXE is a blockchain-based luxury platform intended for convenient and transparent interaction of companies and customers in the luxe segment through crypto currencies and modern technologies. ALLUXE helps you plan a trip or a business trip, rent a premium car, yacht or luxury real estate and make expensive purchases anywhere in the world
Received: 16,500,000 USD Goal: 1,800,000 USD 26-09-2018 Visit
Daox 9.0


Daox is a solution that lets startups and investors form decentralized autonomous organizations which serve as advanced intermediaries.
Received: 50,000,000 USD Goal: 4,500,000 USD 30-07-2018 Visit
Urbit Data 9.0

Urbit Data

Platform that enables the assessment of real estate, rents, sales, holiday rentals, all using blockchain technology offering transparent and secure transactions.
Received: 19,000,000 USD Goal: 3,500,000 USD 27-08-2018 Visit
ViValid 9.0


ViValid is a service that can help you assess the worth of your valuables. Our system is a community-driven, and you only need to take pictures of your items and send them to ViValid. You will receive competent and objective opinions from experts. Also, our “Proof of Validation Protocol” will ensure that the evaluation you receive is reliable. ViValid opens an opportunity to create the first decentralized ledger of collectibles that contains the value and ownership changes.
Received: 27,500,000 USD Goal: 4,100,000 USD 11-06-2018 Visit
Sheng World 9.0

Sheng World

ShengWorld is the world's first-ever Business-to-Business for Consumers (B2B4C) platform for the Lifestyle, Wellness, and Healthcare industry.
Received: 4,000,000 USD Goal: 1,000,000 USD 01-04-2020 Visit
Natmin Pure Escrow 9.0

Natmin Pure Escrow

Natmin Pure Escrow is a decentralized application that provides pure Escrow Services built on Blockchain Technology. We aim to revolutionize the Escrow industry by utilizing Blockchain Technology to facilitate Escrow transactions for a fraction of the price of conventional Escrow services.
Received: 14,000,000 USD Goal: 2,000,000 USD 31-12-2018 Visit
Simple Token 9.0

Simple Token

Simple Token empowers any company — from a global brand to an emerging app maker — to issue what we call “branded tokens” that can transform its business into a dynamic economic ecosystem. No complex programming. No perilous ICO. No cross looks from regulators. We take care of all the hard work. Using Simple Token is designed to be as easy as accepting credit cards by integrating with an online payment service like Stripe or PayPal.
Received: 20,000,000 USD Goal: N/A 01-12-2017 Visit
Homelend 9.0


Homelend is developing a decentralized platform enabling the next generation of homebuyer mortgage financing. Homelend creates an interface for direct interaction between borrowers, lenders and other parties involved in the mortgage value chain. By doing so, it enables mortgage crowdfunding using a peer-to-peer model with the security, transparency and automation provided by distributed ledger technology (DLT) and smart contracts. Our goal is to distrupt the USD 31 trillion market
Received: 30,000,000 USD Goal: 5,000,000 USD 31-08-2018 Visit
Scopuly 9.0


Scopuly is an innovative system for launching, listing, exchanging and storing assets created on the Stellar blockchain. Since Stellar is many times faster than Ethereum and Bitcoin and charges virtually no transaction fees, this blockchain has the potential to become the foundation of a new international financial system.
Received: 1,260,000 USD Goal: 1,000,000 USD 25-01-2020 Visit
Eternal Trusts 9.0

Eternal Trusts

Eternal Trusts is a hybrid intelligence platform that manages and spends cryptoassets on your long-term objectives.
Received: 7,000,000 USD Goal: N/A 01-10-2018 Visit


A next generation Social Messenger Platform that will allow users to send (Fiat- Money) & Crypto Assets between contacts. Users will be able make easy transfers of Fiat- Money, BTC, ETH, DEXA, LTC, USDT etc between contacts right from the chat box with the person they are communicating with. The Social Messenger houses all the features you would expect from a solid platform including Voice & Video Calls, File Sharing- Image/Video/Giff, Group Creations and more.
Received: 120,000 USD Goal: 20,000 USD 09-10-2019 Visit
Scienceroot 9.0


Scienceroot aims to improve the scientific and research community using blockchain technology. The goal is to create an ecosystem where anyone in the scientific community around the globe will have the ability to gather funding, interact, discuss research ideas, collaborate and in the end, publish their work through a more efficient, open and transparent platform. Our scientific ecosystem will be powered by its own unique currency called Science Token (ST).
Received: 500,000 USD Goal: N/A 15-08-2018 Visit
V-ID 9.0


The V-ID validation service uses blockchain technology to end document fraud. Our client base, with customers like Airbus Space & Defence, operates in various fields. V-ID envisions a future as a supplier of API's to integrate blockchain validation services into any other platform. In this way V-ID will transform into a market leader in file fraud protection. V-ID tokens serves a native payment system for validation. Through our partner with Alterdax, we can guarantee exchange listing.
Received: 8,000,000 USD Goal: 1,000,000 USD 15-10-2018 Visit
Coinxes 9.0


Coinxes is changing the way we invest in ICO/STO. Investors can now buy ongoing ico/sto tokens listed on Coinxes platform using their local currency(fiat) or any form of payment listed on coinxes platform including CXG and other cryptocurrency. Additionally, you can now trade in your local language with over 200+ language to choose from and most importantly investors can buy ICO without any geographical restriction (this is subject to local law).
Received: 21,600,000 USD Goal: 1,000,000 USD 30-06-2019 Visit
AXEL 9.0


We’ve built our Content Distribution Network (CDN) from the ground up using distributed technologies to foster a movement from centralized systems to a decentralized world. It’s a network that will change how the internet handles data. We are a decade old technology company with over 2 million users of our applications. We are bringing mass adoption to the industry.
Received: 1,000,000 USD Goal: 100,000 USD 13-08-2019 Visit