Completed ICOs

A comprehensive list of all ICOs past and traded.
Project Received Goal End Date
LightBitAtom 8.4


LARGEST DECENTRALIZED MULTI-CRYPTO EXCHANGE. First cryptocurrency exchange which offers exchange of one cryptocurrency to another cryptocurrency using cross-chain atomic swaps and lightning network without needing to trust a third party. We strongly believe in the platform which is built using the latest Blockchain technology enabling users a secure trade and wallet with 2fa methods. No identity tracking and verification system in order to provide high privacy and avoid theft of identity.
Received: 8,000,000 USD Goal: 1,000,000 USD 15-07-2018 Visit
TV-TWO 8.4


TV-TWO is bringing trustless transactions and crypto wallets to 700M Smart TVs around the globe. We are decentralizing the television landscape by connecting TVs to the Ethereum blockchain and by tokenizing reach on the Big Screen.
Received: 17,500,000 USD Goal: 2,500,000 USD 24-07-2018 Visit


LUCRE is an exclusive automated trading system and signal service for Cryptocurrencies, created to outperform the strategy of just holding. It is developed by a team with 8 years of algorithmic trading experience. LUCRE algorithm was build on a philosophy - Don’t HODL; Trade! allowing trading both ways long and short. The great appeal of this project is the ability to generate revenues in all market conditions, buying and selling at every perceived opportunity. 
Received: 7,000,000 USD Goal: 1,600,000 USD 28-02-2019 Visit
BrikBit 8.4


BrikBit is the first blockchain-based ecosystem that develops and manages entire operations for the Real Estate industry. Within the BrikBit ecosystem all shareholders involved in the Real Estate projects will be able to use the potentiality of blockchain technology to automate, disintermediate and make more transparent both typical and implicit processes during all steps of a Real Estate enterprise such as fund collection, design, creation and management.
Received: 24,000 ETH Goal: 3,000 ETH 31-01-2019 Visit


Freldo is global and decentralized ecosystem linking service providers and customers, based on the technology of blockchain and smart contracts. Our token FRECNX is actively used inside the Freldo platform, among medium and small businesses. FRECNX is present on many ratings as CoinMarketCap. From 2016 Freldo Inc. has launched business social network Freldo. It's a fully functional network which connects small and medium business owners and their customers. We have over 40 000 live clients.
Received: 5,000,000 USD Goal: 500,000 USD 30-07-2019 Visit
Micro Licensing Coin 8.4

Micro Licensing Coin

Welt der Wunder TV is a substantial part of the German media industry for more than 20 years. As a broadcast network we feature and produce docutainment TV-Shows and Channels. We are planning a blockchain-managed license, trading and sales platform offering high-quality video content for international broadcasting, VOD and online video sectors. The platform is developed with our partners Swisscom Blockchain and Swiss TXT. The MILC is a utility token and the payment medium within the platform.
Received: 45,000,000 USD Goal: N/A 31-10-2018 Visit
CrowdToken 8.4


CrowdToken is a unique and secure token of exchange for global e-commerce markets. In collaboration with iCrowdU, the CrowdToken will disrupt traditional commerce structures by bringing consumers and producers closer together and share the increased margins equally. iCrowdU will utilize the CrowdToken to bring western products to eastern consumers. With over two years of infrastructure and development in place, the CrowdToken is ready to change the world. Get involved today!
Received: 22,500,000 USD Goal: 5,000,000 USD 02-04-2018 Visit
IQeon 8.4


IQeon is the first platform where players can earn money thanks to their intelligence and achievements. This will be realized by using the internal currency in the IQeon ecosystem, which at any time can be converted to the crypto currency – IQeon tokens (IQN) issued based on Ethereum blockchain. IQeon tokens (IQN) can be freely exchanged at existing cryptocurrency exchanges, or transferred to fiat money on a card.
Received: 16,000,000 USD Goal: 1,700,000 USD 13-03-2018 Visit
Hybrid Betting 8.4

Hybrid Betting

We base our offer on a proprietary game that’s completely new, forget odd and traditional betting, Hybrid Betting will give you a different experience, obtained mixing up different games and investment activities.
Received: 7,000,000 USD Goal: 5,000,000 USD 15-08-2018 Visit
GNY 8.4


GNY is a dedicated blockchain that can host sidechains, offering a powerful set of tools to launch & host your own project from conception to implementation in the most #developer friendly environment built around Artificial Intelligence
Received: 18,000,000 USD Goal: 1,000,000 USD 01-11-2018 Visit
Miner Edge 8.4

Miner Edge

Miner Edge is a strategized, diversified and crowdfunded mining facility. We are building world's largest crowdfunded diverse portfolio cryptocurrency techno registered in Anguilla and mining operations will be done in Manitoba Canada. With these favorable locations we are headed towards fully fledged mining sites across Canada. Our major sites have been setup in Alberta, Ontario, Newfoundland and Quebec.
Received: 32,000,000 USD Goal: 1,000,000 USD 30-12-2018 Visit
Naviaddress 8.4


Naviaddress is the first global digital addressing system being deployed onto the blockchain. It will provide people and businesses with freedom and ability to create, obtain, own, lend and sell their digital addresses. We call them naviaddresses - unified digital IDs for any place and object in real and virtual worlds.
Received: 25,000,000 USD Goal: N/A 31-03-2018 Visit
OLXA Coin 8.4


OLXA offers innovative and advanced products and services based on the BlockChain Technology. These excellent products and services include but not limited to; Wallets, Visa Card, Exchanges, Letter Of Crypto Credit, Crypto E-Shop and OLXA i-Advertising.
Received: 3,000,000 USD Goal: 1,500,000 USD 25-05-2018 Visit
ZoneX 8.4


We plan the organization and holding of international eSports online-tournaments for 50 most popular disciplines in more than 220 various formats, on PC, Play Station and X-BOX. We create a huge platform which brings together the entire eSports community: cyberathletes, coaches, referees, journalists, commentators, cosplayers, fans and viewers. ZoneX is an eSports social network.
Received: 5,000,000 USD Goal: 1,000,000 USD 06-05-2018 Visit
concertVR 8.3


ConcertVR will be the first blockchain based marketplace for high-quality VR content from the music and entertainment sector. Enjoy real concerts in Virtual Reality - in realtime or on demand - right from the comfort of your own home! Besides all well established payment methods, we accept a multitude of cryptocurrencies!
Received: 1,200,000 USD Goal: 1,200,000 USD 22-02-2018 Visit
Gizer 8.3


The Global Gaming Network
Received: 18,000,000 USD Goal: N/A 30-12-2017 Visit


MEDIAR is a community-driven digital environment designed to change the traditional sports market. MEDIAR develops a global ecosystem which empowers fans, improving their position within the industry. Simultaneously, by enhancing Your experience as a fan, MEDIAR provides the framework that allows creation, management and profiting from fan community-based ventures and apps.
Received: 500,000 USD Goal: N/A 28-02-2019 Visit
Cool Cousin 8.3

Cool Cousin

Cool Cousin is shaking up the travel industry with a new kind of travel agency, optimized for Millennial and Gen Z travelers.
Received: 15,260,000 USD Goal: N/A 10-04-2018 Visit
Tru Reputation Network 8.3

Tru Reputation Network

The Tru Reputation Network is the first decentralized 'Proof of Reputation' solution. Leveraging a unique patent-pending Semantic Terms Feedback algorithm, the Tru Reputation Network eliminates the problem of synthetic or fake reviews that is estimated to affect over $320.6 Billion in E-Commerce revenue each year (14%).
Received: 5,500,000 USD Goal: 3,000,000 USD 05-03-2018 Visit


ATLANTICO NETWORK - New take on medical service. International decentralized blockchain platform for wide use in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, with support in development and scaling by ministries of health, public and private medical centers and pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide.
Received: 15,000,000 USD Goal: 3,000,000 USD 31-10-2018 Visit
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