Upfinex UPX

Upfinex UPX

Hype rating: 54

Status: Ended

Description: Upfinex(UPX) is a Decentralized Exchange and Decentralized Wallet Platform that supports trading of most popular tokens, coins and fiat currencies.

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Start of ICO Pre-sale 20.06.2018 End of ICO Pre-sale 10.09.2018 Hard cap $4,200,000 Raised $0 Token Sale Price $0.20000 Whitelist / KYC NO

Telegram members 3396 24h change -17 7 day change -110

Twitter followers 933 24h change 2 7 day change -3

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The Upfinex Team combines a passion for esports, industry experise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.


Zhong Jinhai

CEO & Lead Blockchain


Gong Huang Fu

CTO & Senior Developer


Su Zhìxin

Blochain App Developer


Hao Cheng

Community Management


What is UPX Tokens?

UPX Tokens are ERC20 based token that is one of the main Upfinex Exchange’s cryptocurrency with Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT.

UPX token will be easily exchanged against other cryptocurrencies. The smart contract mechanism will permit reliable trading between buyers and sellers. The Upfinex Exchange and Wallet Platforms will allow millions of traders to have unlimited access to decentralized market, providing instant payments, security and trust services that will bring new participants into a growing ecosystem.


How Upfinex solves the modern Exchanges problems

Upfinex is a multi-platform cryptocurrency exchange, a marketplace to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Upfinex’s goal is to provide liquidity to its own token. Token holders will be able to pay for all services of the Upfinex platform, with the spent tokens being withdrawn from circulation i.e. “burned”. This will provide an intrinsic mechanism for the increase of the token’s capitalization, as well as the ability to influence the price of the token throughout the entire period of circulation, with little regard to the behavior of traders.

Upfinex Advantages

The Upfinex Platform is able to withstand DDoS attacks of any length. It can process up to 10000 order creation requests per second, with an unlimited amount of simultaneously connected users. The core of the platform is hidden behind the messenger interface, meaning that Upfinex maintains stability under any kind of load.

The platform has successfully passed a rigorous stress testing process for the security of the servers.

Upfinex has an intuitive and easy to use interface. Users are free to choose the instant exchange of their preference to work with the exchange interface, be it IOS or Android.

We provide 24/7 technical support, responding to each customer inquiry directly through the messenger chosen by the user. A successful ICO will enable us to expand our customer support staff and add more languages, so that no clients are left without an answer, and no potential revenue is lost.

Upfinex (UPX) token was deployed on basis of Ethereum(ERC20) platform. UPX Token is compatible with third-party services wallets, exchanges etc, and provides easy-to-use integration.


  • Start PRE-ICO

Round 1: June 20, 2018
Round 2: July 05, 2018

  • Number of tokens for PRE-ICO sale

2,600,000 UPX (13%)

  • PRE-ICO End

Round 1: July 05, 2018
Round 2: July 20, 2018

  • PRE-ICO rate: 0.20 USD

(Round 1 = 50% bonus)
(Round 2 = 45% bonus)

  • Start ICO

Round 1: July 25, 2018
Round 2: Aug 10, 2018 
Round 3: Aug 25, 2018

  • Number of tokens for ICO sale

11,400,000 UPX (57%)

  • ICO End

Round 1: Aug 10, 2018
Round 2: Aug 25, 2018 
Round 3: Sep 10, 2018

  • ICO rate: 0.35 USD

(Round 1 = 30% bonus)
(Round 2 = 20% bonus)
(Round 3 = 10% bonus)

  • Acceptable currencies

ETH/BTC/LTC and 60+cryptocurrencies

  • Minimal Purchasing amount

200 USD
*All unsold tokens will be burned

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