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Unikoin Gold (UKG)

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Status: Ended

Description: UnikoinGold is a decentralized esports betting and utility token powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

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Start of ICO 22.09.2017 End of ICO 23.10.2017 Hard cap $97,500,000 Raised $32,345,171 (33.2%) Token Sale Price $0.34434 Whitelist / KYC /

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$0.020765 €0.018149 ¥0.14258 (-4.88 %)
Market cap Volume (24h) Circulating Supply Total supply Return
$2,975,085.00 €2,600,257.00 ¥20,427,823.00 $86,808.30 €75,871.41 ¥596,051.84 143,272,371.00 UKG 1,000,000,000.00 UKG x 0.06

Reddit subscribers 1167 24h change 0 7 day change 2

Alexa rank 598668 24h change 5535 7 day change 22891

Twitter followers 20394 24h change -2 7 day change 51

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CEO Rahul Sood launched Microsoft Ventures, sold his company Vodoo to HP and sits on the board of Razer. He previously held senior positions at HP and Microsoft. CMO Karl Flore previously founded Pinion Pty (acquired by Unikrn), an ad network within online video games. CTO Daniel Rudolph is also a CEO of BSolut, a software development company from Berlin. The team has great experience in gaming and e-sports and launched many successful projects. Lead Engineer Andrew Donley has previous blockchain experience as a founder of Bitmesh. The company is backed by all-star investors and funds, such as Mark Cuban,  Blockchain Capital, Pantera Capital, 500 startups and Hyperspeed Ventures, among others.


  • Product idea:

Esports betting is a proven business in which the company Unikrn has been successful in the previous years. Since they already have their own coin used for betting, it makes sense for them to introduce Ethereum based coin to be used on their platform.

  • Product status/stage:

Their esports betting platform is already in operation. The coin should be able to be used on the platform in January 2018

  • Business model relationship and value flow:

The value of tokens is inside their platform, however, the company has plans to try to make it available on other esports betting websites and casinos. »We aim for UnikoinGold to become standard token for the esports and gaming ecosystem«

  • Function/utility of the token:

From the website:

The UnikoinGold token will be an essential part of Unikrn’s crypto platform. The main utilities that we are working to make available to UnikoinGold token holders can be found below, this list is subject to change:

• Placing bets for professional esports matches on Unikrn’s esportsbook

•  Ability to play for UnikoinGold in competitive skill-based video game matches

•  Tournament hosting

•  Rewards for hosting skill-based gaming servers using Unikrn’s API

•  Wagering on next-generation spectator engagement applications

•  Access to premium Unikrn subscription features such as rewards for performing various actions on Unikrn’s crypto platform (e.g. connecting your gamer accounts, referring new customers, and access to premium Unikrn written and video content

  • Verdict:

Since they are already using their own token it makes sense for them to upgrade it to blockchain based one. Couldn't do it with Bitcoin/Ethereum.

E-sports is a highly prospective, but still relatively small market.

Unikrn's platform is positioned well to capitalize on the growth in e-sports in general, with features such as:

• Placing bets for professional esports matches on Unikrn’s esportsbook
• Ability to play for UnikoinGold in competitive skill-based video game matches
• Tournament hosting
• Rewards for hosting skill-based gaming servers using Unikrn’s API

Incumbent betting companies such as Betway and William Hill already offer e-sports betting. Other competitors are Bowada, Pinnacle sports and Vital Bet. A blockchain based competitor that is also in the middle of an ICO is Hero Coin.

More competitors and details can be found at Owler.

As a company with serious backers, lots of money and already proven business model, we believe that Unikrn can successfully capitalize on the rapidly growing e-sports market in the next years. 


  • Github: /

  • Community

No Bitcointalk thread. However, their Facebook page and Twitter profile are highly active.

  • Roadmap

Plans are clearly defined and can be measured.

  • Plans for listing: 

There are plans to list the coin on exchanges, but it is not disclosed which ones. We believe they have good chances to get listed by exchanges.

  • Crowdsale Information

The same price will apply to all purchasers, regardless of when they submitted ETH during the token sale.

ICO Structure

  • Jurisdiction:


  • Legal structure:

The company is already operating: Unikrn Bermuda Ltd.

  • Distribution of tokens:

Only 20% of the coins will be available for token sales. We do not believe the company needs to keep 80% of the tokens for themselves and the development of the platform, which is why the project gets a low rating for this part.

  • Lock up period: /

No mention of any lock-up period for the team, which can be a big problem.

  • Security: 

From the website: The sale is not taking place using smart contracts (due to recent legislation in the United States). The contract we are using for delivering the tokens is being reviewed by Zeppelin.

  • Plans for audit:

Not disclosed. However, this shouldn't be a problem as the company is already operating.


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