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Trade Token (TIO)

Hype rating: 26

Coinmarketcap Rank: 1263
Status: Ended

Description: is aiming to become the leading platform for trading multiple financial assets based on blockchain technology, leading exchange for traditional companies to raise funds from crypto communities, most cost-effective platform to facilitate investment banking services and lastly, having the biggest trading liquidity pool comprised of TradeTokens holders.

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Start of ICO 07.12.2017 End of ICO 04.01.2018 Hard cap $135,000,000 Raised $31,169,749 (23.1%) Token Sale Price $1.60833 Whitelist / KYC /

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It is hard to find an ICO with a team as good as this. The team packs some big names and highly experienced finance professionals, a billionaire, and is backed by FXPrimus and Primus Capital, the early adopters of the platform.


20+ years of international business experience with a deep private equity and investment banking background. Has served as CEO, COO, CFO and have been on the Board of several public companies. Series 7, 24, 63, 79 and 99 securities licenses.

CEO Jim Preissler is also a Managing Director at Tritaurian Capital, Director at Iao Kun Holding Company Ltd and other companies. From Bloomberg:

»Mr. James R. Preissler serves as Chief Financial Officer at S.E. Asia Emerging Market Co., Ltd. Mr. Preissler has been Managing Partner of Panthera Capital Group, an advisory firm for Chinese companies since November 2006. Since 2007, Mr. Preissler has been a Managing Director of Tritaurian Capital, Incorporated and its predecessor companies. He has been the Chief Financial Officer at Macau Resources Group Limited since September 9, 2014«

Board Member

Chien Lee is the founder, chairman, and CEO of NewCity Capital LLC. Mr. Lee is also the co-owner at OGC Nice FC, a French association football club based in Nice. Mr. Lee is also a founding member of 7 Days Group Holdings Ltd., one of the leading budget hotel chains in China, Additionally, Mr. Lee is co-owner of The Grand Ho Tram Strip, the largest integrated resort in Vietnam.

He is also a billionaire.

Board Member

FCA Registered business leader with over 20 years of experience in financial management & operations within London. Currently serving as CEO & Executive Director of Primus Capital Markets UK Ltd. Primus Capital Markets is one of the early adopters of platform.

Board Member

Over 7 years experience within the financial services industry with a large emphasis in the Forex Community focusing on strategy development for both retail and institutional firms.

Chief Strategy Officer

Private equity investor and entrepreneur involved in various technology companies specializing in the fintech sectors. Involved in various tech startups in the last 15 years, with several successful exits.

Chief Technology Officer

Blockchain developer with 16 years experience as coder/hacker/maker. Launched 3 ventures with successful exits over the past decade. Has held roles of both CTO & CEO.

And others on their website.


  • Product idea: aims to become the leading asset trading platform based on blockchain. Besides trading cryptocurrencies, users will be able to trade Forex, CFDs over precious metals, oil, commodities, indices, and more then 120 other assets at launch. The platform will use include a liquidity pool, in which users can participate by contrubuting their TIO tokens and get 50% of the pool's profit (or losses). Besides asset trading, will offer regulated investment banking services to companies seeking to do ICOs or IPOs. exchange supports a more efficient and secure method of listing assets in the crypto economy and helps companies to get “tokenized” or listed on the platform. In the future, holders may also be able to use the Trade Token to purchase new issues and IPOs/ICOs.

We believe's idea has tremendous potential if executed well. The company's great team and early adopters FXPrimus (a profitabe online broker) and Primus Capital makes us believe that they can actually execute their plans. The company also already has several companies lined up to do ICO/IPO on their platform.

  • Product status/stage:

In December 2017, there will be an early adoption of the platform by FXPrimus and Primus Capital. By the end of December, the blockchain integration should be completed. The platform will be based on the Raiden Network: The Raiden network, based on payment channel technology, is unique in that it is able to scale along with the number of its increasing users thus being the optimum payment system for years to come. This means that as the Raiden Network increases in size, so does its processing capability, with practically no ceiling. The system will utilize Ethereum mainnet and the Raiden network to establish a direct P2P trading platform. The Raiden network has been successfully released to the Ethereum testnet as of September 2017 and hopes to deliver 1M transfers per second (TPS) via “state channels”, thereby eliminating the current scalability issues in most blockchain applications.

The Raiden network offers the following benefits which are complementary to the core business logic of the ecosystem:

  1. Scales linearly with the number of participants. It’s expected that the network will facilitate 1 million or more transfer per second, suitable for trading platform.
  2. Transfers are confirmed within a sub-second, ensuring reliability to traders.
  3. Individual transfers don’t show up in the global shared ledger, ensuring confidentiality.
  4. Transfer fees are orders of magnitude lower.
  5. Low transactions fees enable micropayment processing.

The liquidity pool will be formed in January 2018, and exchange will launch in April 2018.

  • Business model relationship and value flow: token's value steams from inside and outside of platform. From the white paper:

»Through investment banking activity the firm is offering, which means assisting companies to get “tokenized” or listed on the platform incurring transaction & placement fees, Trade Token will essentially become the ONLY cryptocurrency with real-world value as participating companies will have locked real-world assets in order to receive Trade Tokens in exchange. In the future, holders may also be able to use the Trade Token to purchase new issues and IPOs/ICOs«

Essentially, the companies already lined up to do the IPO/ICO on platform will have to raise part of the funds in TIO tokens, essentially putting TIO token into the real economy and giving it real-world value. TIO token holders will be able to use it to purchase new tokens/equity from these new issues.

  • Function/utility of the token:

From the website:

To summarize, Trade Token’s act as:

  • a lower cost medium of exchange on
  • a store of value that can be used to purchase goods and services
  • a membership key in the wallet to the liquidity pool
  • a coupon enabling wallet participants to receive higher levels of benefits
  • a coupon for preferred access to products or new listings on when used in the wallet

 Liquidity pool is one of the most interesting and unique parts of It essentially gives TIO token holders option to participate in the liquidy pool, thus becoming market makers themselves and getting 50% of the profit/loss from the pool's performance.

»One of the principal benefits for holders of Trade Tokens that participate within the ecosystem for trading and probably the most ground breaking feature of our platform, is the opportunity they’ll be given to contribute a selected amount of the assets contained within their e-wallets to the shared, P2P liquidity pool. Half of the profits (or losses) generated will be allocated (or debited) from the liquidity pool with those subsequently allocated pro-rata to the participants and paid out on a daily basis. In other words, 50% of the daily revenues (or losses) generates will be paid or debited to or from the liquidity pool. Participants will receive their portion of the liquidity pool distribution on a daily basis«

  •  Verdict:

Couldn't do it with Bitcoin/Ethereum.



  • Market size

It is hard to measure the market size for, but it is definitely huge. It is  competing with crypto exchanges, online brokers offering forex, stocks and commodities, and investment banks by offering investment banking services.

  •  Competitors:

Crypto exchanges such as:

  • Bitstamp, Bittrex, Coinbase etc..

Online brokers:

  • Interactive brokers, Fidelity, Charles Schwab etc..

Boutiqe investment banks:

  • Lazard, Rotshchild, Cohen etc.

Crypto competitors:

  • Qash, Spectre, LAToken

There are many crypto competitors aiming to become the next platform for trading tokenized assets, however, we believe has one key advantage. It's early adopter FXPrimus is already an established broker with more than 500,000 users and $400 million deposits, giving instant user base and scale, and giving TIO instant value.

That is why we believe can best their crypto competitors and actually change succeed in bringing a full-fledged trading platform + liquidity pool to the blockchain.


  • Github: published the smart token contract on Github (2 commits, 1 branch). As stated before, their smart contracts and Token contracts are developed by  Majoolr:

»12.2. Token and Crowdsale Contracts

Both contracts make heavy use of Majoolr’s open source library repository and this repository contains all critical logic for both contracts. These libraries active on all Ethereum networks, are responsible for the security of millions of dollars’ worth of cryptocurrency assets, and there have been zero successful hacking attempts on them. The source code itself is MIT Licensed and open for review by all developers at all times. No critical security bugs are known to exist in any of the contracts.«

  • Community

Bitcointalk thread is quite active.

Telegram group has 3000 members and the time of the writting and is highly active, with regular responses from team and board members.

The team is regularly posting on Medium, Twitter and Facebook.

  • Roadmap

Plans are clearly defined and can be measured.

  • Plans for listing:

The team plans to list TIO on multiple exchanges in 30 days after the end of ICO. We believe TIO will get listed at major exchanges.

  • Crowdsale Information


ICO Structure

  • Jurisdiction:


  • Legal structure: AG was incorporated in September 2017.

  • Distribution of tokens:

24% of tokens goes to Founders, Developers, Advisors and Vendors, which we believe is too much and unnecessary.

We are assuming that there will be 445 million tokens as Reserved Tokens are only released if 275 million tokens are sold during Pre-ICO and ICO.

  • Lock up period:

The team has a lock-up period of 1 year, but can divest 25% of their tokens every 3 months.

  • Security

 From the white paper:

The Trade Token Crowdsale smart contracts deployed on Ethereum’s mainnet were built by the Majoolr team. Majoolr stands on three core principles; Expert development, Team-oriented, and Professionalism. Their expertise relies on focus and attention to detail, team-orientation keeps communication and critical thought open and fluid, and professionalism ensures quality discussions with their partners. With that said, the following document lists their security and design considerations for these smart contracts.

  • Plans for audit:

3% of proceeds are going to Legal, audits and advisory.

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