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Status: Ended

Description: Tokenspeed, The Creative Innovation in Cryptocurrency.

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Start of ICO Pre-sale 23.03.2018 End of ICO Pre-sale 30.03.2018 Hard cap $3,000,000 Raised $0 Token Sale Price $0.02000 Whitelist Closed (20.Mar.2018 - 11.May.2018 ) KYC NO

Telegram members 1169 24h change -6 7 day change -937

Alexa rank 5372362 24h change 141 7 day change -1337860

Twitter followers 2971 24h change -6 7 day change -20

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Steven Doon
CEO&CO Founder

Frederick Cullen

Oliver Queen
Deveplover site

David chan
Develover wesite and app


Tokenspeed is an asset token that uses blockchain waves as a solution for internal payment of advertising platforms, trading systems, reward lease nodes with the aim that users can gain ease in making payments and transactions. We want to bring cryptocurrency to the masses, meet the needs of its users and provide smooth access to crypto services with an integrated system. With an integrated system and user-friendly features, tokenspeed aims to be the most easily liked and easy to understand. We are ready to accept the changes, and are ready to innovate at any time. To achieve that vision, TokenSpeeed devised a strategy and implemented it in the following steps:
 Provide user needs through a one-stop service.
 Reward users for the support and information available.
 Build a place, where cryptocurrency users and our clients can meet.
 Write the token as needed.
 Expanding customer networks by providing high quality services.
 Improve the security of system.
 Adopt the best innovation.

The project mission is to create a Creative Innovation at cryptocurrency and utilize the
blockchain technology. There are many convenience in using tokenspeed that we will
provide in providing safe, transparent and generating service.
1. as a payment on advertising media that we prepare.
2. as collateral in lease node to our pool
3. forecast and event
4. master vote

23-30 March 2018 Starting Presale
11 April 2018 starting crowdsale.
11-17 April 2018 give a 20% TSP bonus to waves and waves token asset user.
18-25 April 2018 give a 15% TSP bonus to waves and waves token asset user.
26 April – 3 May 2018 give a 10% TSP bonus to waves and waves token asset user.
4 - 11 May 2018 give a 5% TSP bonus to waves and waves token asset user
11 May 2018 ends of crowdsale.
May 2018 token distribution .
June 2018 bounty free register and affiliate distribution

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