Project Shivom

Project Shivom

Hype rating: 7

Status: Ended

Description: SHIVOM- The Global Blockchain-Genomics Ecosystem Powering the Next Era of Precision Medicine

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Start of ICO 03.05.2018 End of ICO 10.05.2018 Hard cap $35,000,000 Raised $35,000,000 (100.0%) Token Sale Price $0.11000 Whitelist Closed (Period isn't set. JOIN) KYC YES

Telegram members 13119 24h change -22 7 day change -11411

Reddit subscribers 21173 24h change 0 7 day change -82

Alexa rank 112840 24h change -476 7 day change -19049

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SHIVOM is building the largest genomic and health data hub around the globe by combining blockchain, genomic DNA sequencing, artificial intelligence and cryptography to power secure and personalized medicine. 

Everybody will be able to get their genome sequenced and securely stored, and our ecosystem will offer an open web-marketplace for providers to add their apps and services alongside advanced data analytics. The SHIVOM platform works on principles of collaboration and integrity, allowing people to own, manage and monetize their genomics and health data. As we build this global healthcare ecosystem, we will reach even underserved and low-income countries where such services have not been previously available.

Our solution will create shared value for individuals, not-for-profit organizations, governments, and for-profit entities alike.  

We have partnered with the top developers and healthcare organizations, and technology companies and big pharma are already lining up to take advantage of our unique genomics and healthcare approach. As Shivom scales up and goes global, we have many more partnerships already in development. 

The platform is truly pioneering in the way it utilizes blockchain technology, to protect, secure and monetize the donor’s DNA data to drive precision medicine and healthcare forward. 


Most startups in this space lack at least one (usually more) domain-expertise from those areas: Blockchain, Cryptography, Business Models, Precision Medicine, Genomics, and Bio-IT. As far as I know we are the only project that has experts in all areas.

There are several companies that occupy a similar space, but none of them is even close in scope and quality compared to SHIVOM. Dealing with genomic and other health data is a sensitive issue. None of the existing Genomics companies in that genomics ecosystem have a working solution to protect privacy of patients and individuals (all use centralized databases); some even exploit their customers by selling their data to third parties (e.g. 23andMe, Helix, Ancestry). As such, many people do not have confidence about giving out their personal health data online. This means they are less likely to use online services and other technologies. We will change that – providing safety and trust to all users. We will put the will of the data owner (based on fine-grained consent and smart contracts) on top of all processes.

There are indeed several other groups interested in putting genomic data on blockchains, which primarily, proves our value proposition. However, none of the other teams have a similarly profound business model. Indeed, most start-ups are university spin-offs and often have only domain-specific experience in some areas, not the whole value-chain necessary to build a sustainable company. While they may have a business perspective in some niche areas, SHIVOM has a comprehensive business model, leveraging game theory and network effects to establish a fully integrated healthcare service system with long-term sustainability and the possibility for users to monetize their data. Probably most importantly, no other company/start-up in the genomics space has yet developed adequate privacy protection mechanisms (e.g. complete anonymity for user required for cross-border data movement according to GDPR rules) such as biometrics and cryptography layers on top of blockchain. Because a huge genomics ecosystem needs to consider that massive data has to be analyzed to be useful, other platforms will likely fail because of architectural flaws related to scalability and accessibility. Our team has already experience in building highly scalable precision medicine and bioinformatics platforms. To that end, we do not regard other genomics groups as competition; rather, we invite them to work with us to form a better and stronger medical genomics ecosystem to collaboratively create seismic changes in how individuals receive medical care and how therapies will be developed.

SHIVOM will distribute 3 Billion OmiX tokens


Token Sale

990 Million OmiX tokens will be sold during the ICO process.



90Million OmiX Tokens will be distributed to the community to grow and nurture the

Shivom ecosystem, for bounty programs to leverage network effects, and for

community initiatives to reward developers, entrepreneurs, and strategists.



420Million OmiX will be allocated for founders to support the development of the

Shivom ecosystem and their continued long-term alignment with the project.



300Million OmiX will be allocated for early backers and a global network of advisors.


Incentivizing Growth Pool

600Million OmiX will be secured in a smart contract, allocated to the database, and

introduced into circulation as rewards for data generation.


Company Reserve

600Million OmiX will be kept by the Foundation as a reserve fund for future data

contribution, running the Foundation and associated non-profit R&D efforts. The

Foundation maintains all authority to utilize a few or the majority of the reserve

tokens for future external investors.

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