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Status: Ended

Description: Retainly is a Loyalty platform for online businesses helping them gamify their offerings with a plug n play SaaS software. Built in complete Marketing Automation platform takes care of entire marketing and sales process. All rewards are easily distributed via RETN Coins.

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Start of ICO 07.12.2017 End of ICO 10.04.2018 Hard cap $148,000,000 Raised $1,300,000 (0.9%) Token Sale Price $0.25000 Whitelist / KYC /

Telegram members 9247 24h change -573 7 day change -862

Alexa rank 328194 24h change 4078 7 day change 13150

Twitter followers 11855 24h change -7 7 day change -11

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Most of the team comes from the company SPTL Global, a technology service provider founded in 2000. The company is based in Lagos, Nigeria, and has been consulting large enterprises and SME’s and has developed proprietary software products.

Founder Palash Bagchi is a Director and Board Member at SPTL Global. He was previously a Software Client Leader at IBM in India and Senior Sales Manager for South Asia at Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd.

Technology lead Rajesh Pandurangan was previously Senior Developer, Technical Manager and Team Lead at SPTL Global.

Marketing Manager Soujanya Kurelly was previously Inbound Sales Specialist at SPTL Global.


Retainly is the First Marketing Automation platform to Tokenize Rewards. Retainly is already disrupting the marketing automation space, and with Virus Referral Marketing, plus Collie Crypto Rewards, Retainly will try to disrupt the Loyalty Marketing Space.

  • Product idea:

Retainly Marketing Automation platform was commercially launched in May 2017 and had 2040 customers as of October 2017. Retainly's Customer Retention Block currently has AI driven behavioural marketing, which will be augmented with Virus -The Viral Referral marketing platform, and Collie -The Loyalty Marketing Platform.

Retainly’s Collie is a decentralized customer loyalty platform in plain words that provides all businesses with an easy plug and play loyalty system. Since all businesses are not same, Collie has been developed keeping in mind the flexibility need. Merchants can create their own custom events and set up a reward for each of their custom events. Collie automatically tracks these events with reference to each customer and allocates reward points. These reward points are then associated with the RETNToken Coin that can be exchanged for cash or traded for ETH and BTC.

  • Product status/stage:

Marketing Automation platform was commercially launched in May 2017 and has been one of the fastest growing marketing automation platforms. Retainly acquired 320 Customers during its Beta release in April 2017, 150 customers during its commercial launch in May 2017. Since then, Retainly has been adding 250 new customers every month and growing at a rate of 72% month on month.

Marketing Automation platform will soon be augmented with Virus -The Viral Referral marketing platform, and in March 2018 with Collie -The Loyalty Marketing Platform which will use Ethereum blockchain.

  • Business model relationship and value flow:

Merchants' customers will be able to redeem RETN tokens they get as a loyalty reward for BTC/ETH or merchants' products/services, thus bringing RETN into the real world economy.

  • Function/utility of the token:

From the white paper:

The RETN Token is used to power the Collie platform and works as a means to reward or get rewarded for Referral Marketing and Loyalty Marketing programs. The Merchant decides the point for every activity performed by their customers. The Merchant also decides the value of each point based on RETNexchange rate. Merchants first populate their Collie platform by purchasing RETN. Their customers automatically get to see their Reward Points in real-time and can choose when to redeem it from their Wallet by clicking a button. As the merchant’s wallet depletes, they get auto notifications to populate their Wallet. Alternatively, they can also choose a maximum threshold of auto-population into their Wallet.

In the future Roadmap, Retainly will also allow merchants to subscribe to Retainly platform using RETN.

RETN token will also be used to reward referrals in the Virus platform.

  • Verdict:

Couldn't do it with Bitcoin/Ethereum.


  • Market size

From the white paper:

  • While Loyalty Marketing has been a big success with eCommerce and pegged to become a USD 4.0 Billion dollar market by 2020 for internet businesses alone, customer retention has been totally ignored for other Internet-Based businesses like SaaS products, Online Media Publishers, Online Marketplaces, Online Job Portals, Online Communities, Alternative Fintech, and more.
  • MarketsandMarkets study:
  • The Loyalty Management Market is expected to grow USD 1.4 Billion in 2015 to USD 4.0 Billion by 2020, at a CAGR of 23.2% during the forecast period. The frequent changes in consumers' demography, rise in mobile technology, increase in number of card holders, and increased focus of loyalty programs on customer segmentations are few of the major factors driving the Loyalty Management Market across the globe.
  • Competitors:

From the white paper:

Retainly Marketing Automation faces stiff competition from following Companies. However, Retainly has successful customer stories who have migrated from both these platforms to Retainly.

  • MailChimp - Annual Revenue $400Million
  • Intercom - Annual Revenue $80 Million

Current Advantages of Retainly over the competitors:

  1. Both Competitors do not have a Lead Generation and Growth Hacking Tool. Retainly has Notif.
  2. MailChimp does not have Live Website Chat, Retainly has Chatterbox. Intercom’s live chat system does not integrate with Slack, whereas Chatterbox does.
  3. Both Competitors do not have a Viral Referral Marketing Engine, Retainly has Virus.
  4. All 3 companies have Drip Marketing and Behavioural Marketing Campaigns, but Retainly is the easiest among all the 3.
  5. Retainly platform pricing is 1/5th of that of MailChimp or Intercom.

Future Advantages of Retainly over the competitors:

With Collie, Retainly will be the world’s first Marketing Automation platform to have a decentralized Loyalty Application. Every Internet Based business will need Collie to automatically manage customer retention


  • Github:

4 code repositories in Github.

  • Community

20.4k followers on Twitter, 1905 members of Telegram group, 2,857 likes on Facebook page, and 40 pages on Bitcointalk Bounty thread.

  • Roadmap

Plans are clearly defined and can be measured.

  • Plans for listing:

At the start of March 2018. 

ICO Structure

  • Jurisdiction:

USA. Retainly published SEC Compliance report on their website.

  • Legal structure:

Company already established:

Retainly Technologies LLP

  • Distribution of tokens:

80% of the coins will be available for token sales, which is much better than most of ICOs.

RETN Distribution:

  • Crowdsale Pool: maximum of 800,000,000 RETN. (Includes Presale and Public ICO).
  • Retainly Reserve: 100,000,000 RETN. This portion will be allocated to reward advisors, early adopters, bounty programs and provide liquidity to the market if required.
  • Retainly Team: 100,000,000 RETN. This will be allocated to founders and team. Tokens will be locked for a 6-month period in a multi-signature wallet.
  • Lock up period:

10% of the tokens which are allocated for the team will be locked for a 6-month period in a multi-signature wallet. We like the transparency and the lock-up period on all team's tokens.

  • Security:

Not disclosed

  • Plans for audit:

Not disclosed


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