Hype rating: 62

Status: Ended

Description: A decentralized ecosystem for user-generated content

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Start of ICO Pre-sale 08.06.2018 End of ICO Pre-sale 20.07.2018 Hard cap $0 Raised $0 Token Sale Price $0.00000 Whitelist / KYC YES

Telegram members 12955 24h change -67 7 day change -752

Alexa rank 6274146 24h change -168393 7 day change -414802

Twitter followers 15283 24h change -12 7 day change 1

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The REOS team is comprised of a group of energetic global technologists and entrepreneurs experienced in mobile technology, security, blockchain, and social media. Most recently, some of us have been developing social media technology and applications to make it easy and fun for anyone to express themselves, share their favorite moments, discover content, and interact through the creation of short videos and other digital media content.

We believe in bringing people together through creativity and social interactions. Our primary goal is to empower ordinary people to monetize their talent, content, and community participation by providing them with a decentralized sharing economy platform.

REOS is a blockchain-based ecosystem for user generated content (UGC) that empowers content creators and consumers. The platform enables content creators to monetize their UGC, such as short videos, in a variety of ways, without a middleman, while making sure that the content is validated by the REOS community. All digital content contributed by content creators are also registered on the REOSchain, the main blockchain for the REOS community, to ensure accurate attribution of ownership of the digital assets. Content creators can be securely paid by various stakeholders, bypassing any intermediaries, by using REOS, a utility crypto-token issued by REOS Foundation. The value of the content will be determined by the REOS community rather than by any central authority, thus honoring the belief that “Truth is Value.”

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