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Description: PAYSURA is providing a worldwide uniform reward system

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Start of ICO 03.03.2018 End of ICO 02.04.2018 Hard cap $30,000,000 Raised $0 Whitelist / KYC /

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Alexa rank 1310003 24h change -10969 7 day change -33733

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PAYSURA is providing the International PayReward Coin (IPC) as a worldwide uniform reward system that applies the advantages of the Blockchain Technology thereby revolutionizing the reward systems landscape. The IPC will be used to reward customers for buying products or services. IPC will be collectable through different channels and options such as online platforms, the crypto market in general as well as all partners offering reward in form of the IPC. All IPC can be used in a reward-pool to exchange them against reward products or services. For more Infromations have a look at our whitepaper.

First Day Bonus $0,12 (35% off)

Bonusround 2 $0,14 (25% off)

Bonusround 3 $0,16 (15% off)

Finale Sale $0,18

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