Status: Ended

Description: DEX on NEO blockchain. NEX is a platform for complex decentralized cryptographic trade and payment service creation.

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Start of ICO / End of ICO / Hard cap $25,000,000 Raised $21,822,483 (87.3%) Token Sale Price $1.00000 Whitelist Closed (12.Mar.2018 - 30.Mar.2018 JOIN) KYC YES

Alexa rank 27650 24h change 43 7 day change -36

Twitter followers 70433 24h change -10 7 day change 48

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This ICO has not been rated yet.

Great team with previous blockchain experience (City of Zion, Neon Wallet, NeoScan etc.) and all-star and  advisors  Da Hongfei (Founder of NEO and CEO of Onchain) and Erik Zhang (Onchain CTO) make us rate it 91/100.

Neon Exchange

Neon Exchange (NEX) aims to combine the performance of centralized exchanges with the trust and security properties of decentralized exchanges. The system consists of three main components: an off-chain trade-matching engine, a smart contract where trades are executed, and a payment service where global assets such as NEO and GAS can be converted to tokens that can be transferred directly by smart contracts, making them compatible with the exchange. In the following sections, we describe each component in more depth.

There are 3 code repositories on Github:

  • Neo ICO template
  • Nex extension alpha
  • Psp template

The plans are well articulated and can be measured.

The reason for the lower score is the fact that only 50% of the tokens are available to the public.

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