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Description: NagriCoin is a project of an international biotechnology company NagriTech.

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Start of ICO 30.04.2018 End of ICO 01.09.2018 Hard cap $2,000,000 Raised $0 Token Sale Price $3.00000 Whitelist Closed (Period isn't set. JOIN) KYC NO

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Vitaliy Smirnov

  • Project role: Head of research and development department of the company
  • Doctor of Biological Sciences, area of expertise — genetics.
  • Engaged in scientific activities for more than 30 years in the field of development and introduction
    of new intensive innovative technologies of cultivation and processing of agricultural products.
  • Engaged in the selection and cultivation of new varieties of wheat, headed the laboratory
    researching biotechnology and genetics of plant somatic cells.
  • Professional publications: 3 monographs (multi-authored) and more than 100 publications
    covering the problems of biotechnology, development of innovative technologies for cultivation
    of agricultural plants, development of methods for intensification of the creation process of new
    strains and varieties of agricultural plants.
  • 10 patents for inventions in the Russian Federation, Europe, the United States, and other

Valentina Smirnova

  • Project role: research and development
  • PhD candidate in biological sciences, area of expertise — the genetics of agricultural plants.
  • More than 30 years of experience as a research assistant, senior researcher and head of the
  • Areas: examination and approval of normative and technical documentation for agricultural raw
    materials and products; production and processing of agricultural raw materials; biotechnology
    and genetics of plant somatic cells; selection and cultivation of new varieties of wheat.
    2 monographs (multi-authored) and more than 80 publications covering the problems of
    biotechnology, development of innovative technologies for cultivation of agricultural plants,
    development of methods for intensification of the creation process of new strains and varieties of
    agricultural plants.
  • 10 patents for inventions in the Russian Federation, Europe, the United States, and other

Yevgeniy Kozarenko

  • Project role: CEO
  • Qualified project manager with ten years of experience in agriculture.
  • Credited for launching automated production of oyster mushroom cultivation.
  • Yevgeniy has been promoting and conducting field tests for Nagri for 5 years in Ukraine, as well
    as holding presentations of this product at seminars and large farming companies.
  • In unison with the designers of a large Ukrainian enterprise, he developed and commissioned into
    production the hydroponics equipment for growing greenery and green hydroponic fodder.

Andrey Samoletov

  • Project role: Сo-founder
  • More than 10 years of experience in business development, marketing strategies, project

Andre del Giudice Santos

  • Brazilian Partner
  • Graduated in economics and political sciences, speaks Italian, Spanish, Russian, English and
    Portuguese fluently.
  • An agricultural business professional with international expertise.
  • Since 2008, CEO of Sagros Group, a group of companies dedicated to agribusiness and trading
    in South America, especially Brazil. Sagros works in crop protection and fertilizer supplies and
    has invested in at least 3 different technology start-ups in the agricultural business.
  • Sagros has plants in Brazil and China and offices in Europe, Russia, China and Brazil.

Tigran Arakelian

  • Project role: advisor for company’s financial planning and strategy
    M.Sc. Accounting and economics faculty. Accounting and Audit
    M.Sc. Institute of Law. Jurisprudence
    EMBA. Executive MBA.
  • BIRMA WOOD LTD, Co-owner
    Organized imports of exotic wood from southeast Asia to Ukraine Launched production in Ukraine
    of products for HORECA
  • VRTK HOLD LTD, Owner/General manager
    Under my management, the company became a leader in the market for the maintenance and
    repair of railcars
    In 2013, under the company’s supervision 3000 wagons were renovated
    Attracted 5 key customers, who are in the top 20 companies of railcar owners
    Established a department for the construction of railways
    Startup, which for 2 years reached a turnover of 2 million dollars
    The assets for 200 thousand dollars were purchased
  • The direction on the organization of events in Ukraine has been launched
    Direction on design of interiors and graphic design is created
    Established production of jewelry

Maksim Urakin

  • Project role: advisor for PR, Marketing and Advertizing
  • State Institute of Foreign Languages
    Master of Business Administration – MBA
    Institute of Economics and Forecasting of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  • Dun and Bradstreet (D & B) - project director in Ukraine, project management, marketing, PRissues
    of the company.
  • INTERFAX-UKRAINE - Sales and Marketing Director / Commercial Director, Business
    Development Director, Direct Sales, Marketing, PR-issues of the company. Supervising the
    development of the company, carrying out tasks on strategic and operational management of
    the business, developing information products of the agency. Analysis and development of sales
  • INFORMATION AGENCY UKRAINSKY NOVINI - Director of Sales and Marketing

Stefano Marzocchi

  • EU partner
  • High school degree at “ Augusto Righi “ in Rome
    Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering at “La Sapienza University “ in Rome
    Register of Engineers of the province of Grosseto
  • Main Projects participated as Project Engineer , Designer , Project Director and Promoter:
  • Revamping of Oil Cracking Column in Saras Oil Refinery – Cagliari,Italy
  • Flare Stack Oil Refinery in Porto Torres Sir e Marghera Montedison, Italy
  • Haj terminal – Jeddah International Airport – Saudi Arabia
  • Royal Terminal – Riyadh International Airport – Saudi Arabia
  • Zuluf Gas Gathering Offshore Platform – Aramco Saudi Arabia
  • Revamping and Maintenance works in the Oil Refinery Petrola,Yambu, Saudi Arabia
  • Bouri field Oil and Gas Offshore platform National Oil Company, Lybia
  • King Khaled Military City in Dammam U.S. Corp of Engineers – Saudi Arabia
  • Power Plant 300 MW – Ansaldo Energia - Lybia
  • SubSea Oil and Gas Wellhead – Breda - Petrobras – Brasil
  • Minsk Meat Agroindustrial Plant – Minsk , Republic of Belarus
  • Steel Mill Production Line – Demag in Jubail – Saudi Arabia
  • Water Ultra Filtration Plants at 1414 sites CDWA Project Govt. Of Pakistan Province of Punjab ,
    Sindh and Balochistan
  • Football Stadium in Riyadh – Saudi Arabia
  • Promoter and Managing Partner of the AdvancedGenetics Project in Europe , Africa, Middle
    East and Russia
  • Promoter and Managing Partner of the WorldGrow International Project in Europe, Africa and
    Middle East
  • Representative of Bulgargeomin Ltd. Group in Italy and Albania

The key advantage of NagriCoin is that these tokens are the only forms of cryptocurrency to be tied to a real sector – agriculture and land – which we believe will give more stability and lasting value when compared to other cryptocurrencies. The basic asset of this token is the Nagri product itself, which has been in development for more than 7 years. Nagri is the newest organic composite formulation of microelements and antioxidants that stimulate plant growth, which can find the broadest application in the agricultural and plant cultivation sectors around the world, increasing yields and improving the quality of almost all the crops it deals with.

Geographic positioning

Based on the results of statistical research and expert opinions, Brazil and the European Union were
chosen for the first stage of the project. They are among the ten largest geographical markets by
agricultural land area, agricultural production and fertilizer consumption.

At the same time, according to forecasts, Brazil has the largest potential in the world in terms of growth of
cultivated agricultural land area.

Market trends
According to research provided by professional and scientific articles, as well as the opinions of experts in
various countries, the following conclusions were drawn about trends in the fertilizer and plant protection
products market.

  • Stimulants of plant growth are becoming increasingly popular, as they improve the yield and quality
    of agricultural products.
  • The size of the world market of organic fertilizers in 2016 was 17 million tonnes, or 5.7 billion USD in
    monetary terms, and the cumulative annual increase is expected to be approximately 7% till 2025.
  • The growing fertilizer industry is the reason for the rising demand for liquid fertilizers.
  • According to forecasts, by the end of 2017 the microfertilizers market will reach 5.83 billion USD,
    and by 2022 — 8.81 billion USD with average annual growth of 8.6%. According to estimates, the
    market capacity will reach 1,681,100 tonnes by 2022. This is mentioned in the study provided by the
    MarketsandMarkets agency, according to data.

The world’s microfertilizers market will reach 8.81 billion USDby 2022
View full report:

The global liquid fertilizers market is segmented on a product type basis, such as nitrogen, phosphorus,
potassium and microelements. Among these are micronutrients. This segment stands out due to the high
growth in this market due to metabolic reactions and growth of all cultures.On the basis of crops this market is segmented into oil plants, legumes, cereals, fruits and vegetables, and
others. The fruits and vegetables segment demonstrates high growth in the liquid fertilizers market due to
technological advances and rising demand.
Based on the form, this market is segmented into organic and synthetic. It is expected that the organic
liquid fertilizers segment will grow faster than the synthetic liquid fertilizers segment.


The pre-ITO will start at 16:15 GMT on April 2 and last until May 24, 2018, or until the upper limit
of the pre-ITO is reached. The first part, up to 1,333,333 NGR tokens, will be allocated at a 50%
The funds raised from the pre-ITO will go to:
ITO registration on an exchange or multiple exchanges
ITO marketingand advertising campaign


The ITO will start at 16:15 GMT on May 28, 2018 and last until June 30, 2018 or until it reaches
20,000,000 USD, which is 8,333,334 NGR tokens. The initial exchange rate for 1 NGR token will
be 3 USD or equivalent in bitcoins or bank transfer. After the end of the ITO, new tokens will not
be issued.
From 0 to 15 million USD — 6,666,667 NGR Tokens — 25%
From 15 million to 20 million USD — 1,666,667 NGR Tokens — 0%

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