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Description: LivingOffset is a mobile app & e-commerce widget, built using blockchain technology, that enables everyone to take control of the carbon impact of their everyday actions .

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Start of ICO 09.04.2018 End of ICO 09.05.2018 Hard cap $20,000,000 Raised $0 Token Sale Price $0.17000 Whitelist / KYC YES

Alexa rank 775976 24h change 7 7 day change 6759

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Chris O'Shea, CEO



Kevin Gahan, COO



David Boles, CPO



Paul Cryan, CIO


Andreos Klering . CTO



Ian McKeown, CFO



Léonie Khan, CMO



Ian McColl, CCO


Introducing LivingOffset, the simple-to-use, mobile app that will turn every activity into a real and positive action to combat climate change. By harnessing the power of collaboration and meeting a demand that we know already exists, LivingOffset gives everyone the power to make a difference, and to feel part of the movement for change.  

Research proves that the majority of people (5 out of 10 people world-wide, 69% in the USA and 75% in Chile and Peru) care about the planet and their environment.

With LivingOffset everyone can make a difference and we will harness this huge market.

Importantly, for our business proposition to work, only a modest sign-up rate is required. Our population up-take assumptions are prudent, to say the least (as low as 0.2% in each of our target markets for year 1).

The LivingOffset engine is built using blockchain technology and will be responsible for:

  • Calculating carbon-footprint of tasks and activities
  • Allocating/Retiring carbon credit to a given offset for each action

It is fully integrated with the blockchain technology where the distributed ledger is responsible for keeping track of all carbon credit allocation and making sure all transactions are transparent and open, so there is no carbon double spending.

LivingOffset aims to raise between €1M (Soft Cap) to €20M (Hard Cap).

The ICO involves purchasing LOFF tokens created by LivingOffset.

LOFF tokens represent the right to receive a percentage of the sales revenue generated by the App, as defined later in this white paper.

The total number of LOFF tokens is not fixed at the outset.

Exact numbers will be finally determined after the ICO closes.

The participation window is limited in time. One LOFF token will be distributed at 5 LOFF tokens to €1.00, with discount time periods applying.

Payment can be made in FIAT, ETH, BCH or BTC.

After the ICO period, unreleased LOFF tokens for ICO are destroyed.

At the end of the ICO period, all allocated LOFF tokens will be deemed to constitute 65% of the total supply.

The standard purchase price is 1 LOFF = €0.20. Minimum purchase = €300.

Pre Sale discount of 40% available from 19th March - 2nd April.

20% discount available on first 25million LOFF Tokens sold in main sale.

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