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Coinmarketcap Rank: 100
Status: Ended

Description: LAToken is a blockchain protocol and platform for creating and trading asset tokens.

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Start of ICO 22.08.2017 End of ICO 10.10.2017 Hard cap $40,000,000 Raised $20,000,000 (50.0%) Token Sale Price $0.41982 Whitelist / KYC /

Current token price:

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$0.148167 €0.130688 ¥1.023807 (-0.16 %)
Market cap Volume (24h) Circulating Supply Total supply Return
$56,319,106.00 €49,675,141.00 ¥389,153,761.00 $4,322,042.43 €3,812,171.08 ¥29,864,448.77 380,104,462.00 LA 400,000,000.00 LA x 0.35

Telegram members 8771 24h change 1417 7 day change 1445

Reddit subscribers 868 24h change 0 7 day change 26

Alexa rank 236597 24h change -2509 7 day change -5390

Twitter followers 9678 24h change 12 7 day change 63

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CEO Valentin Preobrazhenskiy founded AIB Zalogo, Mortgage Lending as a Service (MLaaS) platform, which was later rebranded into LAToken. He also founded a hedge fund Avega Capital with $5 million AUM. CTO Danila Simonov previously worked at AIB Zalogo as developer and CTO. Managing director Denis Simagin previously co-founded Compensair, a platform for compensation of disrupted EU flights and worked for McKinsey & Company. Head of Trading Evgeny Malakhov was previously Vice president at Deutche Bank.

The team also has serious advisors, such as Mike Jones, CEO of Science and a board member at Dollar Shave Club.

And others on the website.


  • Product idea

LAToken is a blockchain platform for trading asset tokens. It allows cryptoholders to diversify their portfolio by getting access to tokens linked to the price of real assets. LAToken enables asset owners to unlock the value of assets by creating and selling their asset tokens.

We think idea has the potential as it give investors the chance to get exposure to real world assets using their cyrpto currencies and give asset holders ability to raise money with their assets.

  • Product status/stage:

The platform is already operational. Currently it is possible to trade tokens linked to equities and commodities, while tokens listed to real estate and artwork are reportedly coming soon.

  • Business model relationship and value flow:

The platform aims to bridge the divide between crypto assets and real world assets. However, the LAToken will only be used on the platform, with no mention of them being able to be used elsewhere.

  • Function/utility of the token:

From the website: LAT is the main currency for trading asset tokens as it is used for market making and liquidity enhancement by the LAToken liquidity fund. Thus, the demand for LAT correlates with trading volume on the LAT platform. Turnover of asset tokens may exceed $1 trillion in 2025 and LAT is well positioned to become one of the most stable and popular cryptocurrencies for the real economy. LAT is also used to pay transactional fees to platform node holders.

  • Verdict:

Couldn't do it with Bitcoin/Ethereum.


  • Market size


There are a lot of competitors aiming to tokenize real world assets. However, most of them serve specific niches, while LAToken aims to list all kinds of assets


  • Github:

The LAToken desktop wallet code is available on Github and currently has 1161 commits, 24 branches, 36 releases from 41 contributors.

Smart contract code is available on Github and currently has 8 commits, 1 branch, 0 releases from 1 contributors.

  • Community

Bitcointalk thread is active, and the team is also active on Medium, Youtube, Twitter and Reddit.                             

  • Roadmap

Plans are relatively clearly defined and can be measured.

  • Plans for listing:

We believe that the project has good chanes of getting listed on the major exchanges

  • Crowdsale information:

ICO Structure

  • Jurisdiction:

Cayman Islands

The company is based in Cayman Islands, and is reportedly not subject to SEC regulation in USA:

»We are excited to announce the opening of LAToken Token Sale for the US contributors. Our Advisory Board and top legal counsel made sure that as a utility token LAT is not subject to the SEC regulation. From now on American citizens and residents can buy LAT to pay for future transactions such as assets tokenization at the LAT platform. They can also convert LAT into other cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin or Ether.«

  • Legal structure:

The company is already operating.

  • Distribution of tokens:

  • 50% of the coins will be available for token sales

Lock up period: /


Partnering with Rivetz International

  • A security provider for top federal and corporate entities offering physical chip-based digital protection solutions, Rivetz International will protect LAToken against nauthorized access and threats, in addition to measures already undertaken, forming a second layer of protection on the blockchain.

From White paper:

To ensure 100% security, we have implemented DDoS attack security and secure smartcontracts. In addition, the following protections will be put in place prior to the Token sale:

▪ Security audit from third-party

▪ Escrow

▪ Multi-factor authentication

Plans for audit:

  • There are no plans disclosed for financial audits, which might be a problem considering there will be a counter party risk when holding tokens that are supposedly backed by an asset.
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