Hype rating: 97

Status: Upcoming

Description: Redefining medical data ownership, access and value.

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Start of ICO / End of ICO / Hard cap $26,000,000 Raised $0 Whitelist Opened (Period isn't set. JOIN) KYC YES

Telegram members 167 24h change 89 7 day change 127

Reddit subscribers 73 24h change 0 7 day change -3

Alexa rank 1663610 24h change 172216 7 day change 200405

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Our team is our greatest asset. Iryo is made up of seasoned entrepreneurs, designers, philosophers and medical specialists. The core team hails from top-tier institutions like 3fs, Bitstamp, UniCredit and Y Combinator . Our advisors are equally as diverse and experienced coming from organisations like Stanford Medical School, world-renowned hospitals and European state ministries. 

The world’s first participatory, blockchain driven healthcare economy built on decentralising access to medical records.

We’re driving the next generation of healthcare by standardising health-data, employing zero-knowledge encryption and giving medical record ownership back to the patient.

2.5% - Team

2.5% - Advisors

2.5% - Operations

2.5% - Onboarding

5% - Bounty Programs

85% - Public Sale


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