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David Callender - CEO - https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-callender-1076b86/

Serial Entrepreneur and Patented inventor, involved in the startup and development of 15+ companies in the technology and supply-side space in past 30 years. Proven track record in Global Network and Data Center development and Executive Management as an IT Director, CIO or Executive Management consultant for Global 1000 companies.

David Grieshaber - CIO - https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidgrieshaber/

Entrepreneur and Patented Inventor, an innovative lifelong technologist that’s driven, highly skilled in executive management, operations with a successful career of 27+ years building companies through strong leadership with facility and operations management within the Data Center, IT/Data Networking and Internet arenas.

Paul Hackett - VP of Sales - https://www.linkedin.com/in/paulfhackett/

Experienced entrepreneur, start-up professional and executive manager with a 15+ year history bringing innovative products and services to market and managing highly complex project sales teams. Proven track record in IT infrastructure development and management, IT Sales development, and IP Asset Monetization.

Alan Donenfeld - Investment Advisor - https://www.linkedin.com/in/alandonenfeld/

Successful investor, financial advisor, FINRA broker-dealer, and founder of pre-IPO and crowdfunding companies, including CityVest.com and Paragon Capital hedge fund. Founding member of the Forbes Real Estate Council with 35+ years of experience, primarily in private equity and mergers and acquisitions, at Bear Stearns, E.F. Hutton and others.

Tyler Sanford - Marketing Advisor - https://www.linkedin.com/in/tylersanford/

Early-adopter blockchain enthusiast, crypto investor, successful ICO marketer and advisor on 8 ICOs raising $130+ million, and former Major League Baseball player always searching for new and innovative ways to help businesses meet their goals. Proven track record in marketing for tech companies, including Yelp and Zenefits.

IP addresses drive the engine of the Internet, connecting computers and devices together and enabling a vast array of online services we have become dependent on and generating millions of dollars a day in revenue. From email and online advertising to social media and sponsored content, to everything, IP addresses are required to make it all happen! As the Internet continues to grow, these IP addresses are becoming scarce, and more valuable.

Based on a proven profitable business model, IP.Gold acquires IP address assets at favorable prices and maximizes their ongoing asset value and monthly revenue streams. The IP.GoldEcosystem is a set of IP-based services, including email, online advertising, content publishing, proxy, VPN, cloud services, and more, that are monetized both simultaneously and in a one-to-one life-cycle that creates long-term retail and wholesale service revenues. The IP.Gold scales easily linearly, so the more IP addresses in the Ecosystem, the more revenue generated.

Unlike many other companies and concepts behind today's ICOs, the business model behind IP.Gold is operating profitably NOW and is prepared to scale within a few weeks of the completion of the ICO. So no waiting months or years before you see your IPG tokens or your participation returns

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