Hype rating: 97

Status: Ended

Description: Creating a one-stop-shop Ecosystem that will link the Crypto markets to the current financial markets

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Start of ICO Pre-sale 01.05.2018 End of ICO Pre-sale 30.06.2018 Hard cap $90,000,000 Raised $0 Token Sale Price $1.00000 Whitelist / KYC NO

Telegram members 46204 24h change -94 7 day change -754

Alexa rank 2893334 24h change -62260 7 day change -1814650

Twitter followers 19012 24h change 7 7 day change 127

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Iman Al-Mutlaq, Founder,

Ali Shibib , CEO,

Ali Faqih , CFO,

Zeid Madbak, CRO,

Ahmad Khawanky, CMO,

Hasan Al-Omari, Business Analyst,

Bruno Bianchini, Business Development,

Warren Whitlock, PR & Marketing Advisor,

Zaid Srour, Business Analyst,

Saif El Din Murad, Marketing Manager,

Hadi Varouqa, Art Director,

Ashar Rawashdeh, Front-end Developer,

Pranav Bhatia, Blockchain R&D,

Rashed Alkhzaie, ICO Strategist,

Naviin Kapoor, Blockchain ICO Advisor,

Iyas Sartawi, Community Manager APAC,

Mohammed Basyouni, Community Manager MENA,

Ehab Aboushi , Back-end Developer,

Khalid Fazaa, Financial Analyst,

Nischal Arvind, legal Advisor,

Surabhi Dewra, Certifier Advisor,

Jasveer Singh, Accelerator Advisor,

The INGOT COIN is a unique and cumulative ecosystem that combines all the elements needed to store, manage and transfer cryptographic and traditional assets. Governed by smart contracts and decentralized technology protocols INGOT COIN will establish IC Digital Bank with an integrated cryptographic wallet to provide an entry, exit and storage points for both fiat and crypto currencies. Furthermore the ecosystem combined with a digital exchange and brokerage will allow users to easily exchange fiat as well as crypto currencies with traditional assets like stocks, commodities and other currencies. A second part to the IC solution is the IC Accelerator and IC Certifier which will provide training, certification, rating, consultations and other services for the token economy.
The main benefit of the IC solution is that it provides participants to access traditional banking services, crypto currency liquidity pools, cryptographic wallets and traditional assets markets.

IC will be a utility and a security token. IC will change how the financial and trading industries are viewed by establishing innovative ways to link the crypto market with the current traditional financial industry. The global widespread adoption of the blockchain technology that we are seeing in the world is revolutionizing many industries, especially the financial industry. Utilizing this exponentially growing technology in addition to the team’s areas of expertise and hard work, the way we perceive the financial and trading industries, from banks to brokerages will be revolutionized.

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