Hype rating: 84

Status: Ended

Description: First decentralized blockchain employee recruitment platform.

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Start of ICO 15.11.2017 End of ICO 15.02.2018 Hard cap $0 Raised $1,610,741 Token Sale Price $0.00000 Whitelist / KYC /

Telegram members 1185 24h change -4 7 day change -16

Reddit subscribers 76 24h change 0 7 day change -1

Alexa rank 485072 24h change 7290 7 day change 20204

Twitter followers 1920 24h change 2 7 day change 2

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We rate the team 32 out of 100. Armando Pantoja is an experienced developer with past experiences such as Software security expert and Senior Software Engineer, however, the other 2 members are less experienced. UI/UX Developer Aladin Ben Sassi worked as a freelance developer with no disclosed projects. The team also don't have any previous experience in the blockchain industry.

ARMANDO PANTOJA - Lead Software Engineer, Co-Founder

CHAD KETTERING - Chief Marketer, Co-Founder




  • Product idea:

While interesting, we do not expect the Hire Match platform to gain any serious traction between recruiters and job seekers.

  • Product status/stage:

No working prototype, 8 commits and 1 branch of code on Github. 

  • Business model relationship and value flow:

The value of tokens is inside the Hire Match platform and there are no mentions of them being able to do anything else outside their own platform.

  • Function/utility of the token:

From the white paper:



The token economy is a reward system used to reward a target behavior. [6]

(HIRE) is an ERC20 token that represents partial ownership and fuel for the HireMatch job network. The primary usage of the token is to incentivize user agents to find, recommend

and verify applicants for job listings. Agents are paid in (HIRE) via execution of a smart contract, when recommending and validating applicants and/or when a referred applicant is hired. (HIRE) is the primary and only fuel for driving the HireMatch employee recruitment

platform. We will issue 100,000,000 (HIRE) one time only and will never issue any more.

Verdict: Could be as well done with Ethereum or Bitcoin.


  • Market size


Global staffing and recruiting industry sales reached $428 billion in 2016, so the market is huge. However, we do not believe it is realistic that Hire Match can gain any meaningful market share in light of strong incumbent and many similar ICOs on the market.

  • Competitors:

ICO Competitors: BitJob ICO

Traditional web platforms: Linkedin, Indeed.com, Monster.com

Recruiting firms: Adecco, Randstad, Manpower, Alegis


  • Gifthub:


 8 commits and 1 branch of code on Github. 

  • Community

BitcoinTalk thread is not really active. The team is regularly posting on Linkedin and Twitter.


  • Roadmap

Plans are relatively clearly defined and can be measured.

  • Plans for listing:

Not disclosed

  • Crowdsale Information

Total Fixed Supply:
100,000,000 Units (HIRE Tokens)

Crowdsale Details:
Starting Date:
October 1st, 9:45AM EST
Ending Date:
October 31st, 9:45AM EST

Cap & Payment:
Cap: 78,000,000 (HIRE) Tokens (78%)
Payment: ETH

1 ETH = 1,800 HIRE Tokens

Funding Goal:
APPROX. 40,000 ETH

Suggested Token Symbol:

ICO Structure

  • Jurisdiction:


After SEC rulling it is not clear how the ICOs based in USA will proceed.

On the website they state:  'HIRE' is a Utility Token, so we WELCOME U.S. CONTRIBUTORS.  You can read the legal opinion on their website.

  • Location:

Address: 940 Stewart Dr, Sunnyvale, CA 94085. Shared office space

  • Legal structure:

Hirematch.io, LLC
940 Stewart Drive
Sunnyvale CA 94085

  • Distribution of tokens:

10%  of the tokens go to the founding team members, and 11% goes to the "House fund".

  • Lock up period:

12 months

  • Security:

Not disclosed

  • Plans for audit:

Not disclosed. However, as an established company in the USA, they should do the required audits, so this is not a big problem.

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