Hype rating: 78

Status: Ended

Description: An institutional-grade cryptocurrency exchange allowing everyone to trade commodities and money market instruments for Bitcoin.

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Start of ICO Pre-sale 10.02.2018 End of ICO Pre-sale 11.02.2018 Hard cap $12,245,000 Raised $12,245,000 (100.0%) Token Sale Price $0.12000 Whitelist / KYC /

Telegram members 78 24h change 0 7 day change 3

Reddit subscribers 263 24h change 0 7 day change -4

Alexa rank 327070 24h change 14244 7 day change 57272

Twitter followers 5239 24h change 0 7 day change -4

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Globitex is a leading Bitcoin exchange owned by an EMI (Electronic Money Institution) licensed group, that enables commodities trading paired with cryptocurrency and a technologically advanced API for market makers.

Globitex introduces a digital currency exchange allowing everyone to trade commodities and money market instruments for Bitcoin. The existing institutional grade Bitcoin exchange, with unrivalled API capabilities will scale into a global spot and derivatives trading venue.

It will allow producers to purchase exchange listed products for Bitcoin, and trading firms and speculators to hedge their risks in Bitcoin with derivatives trading. This will therefore increase the use cases for Bitcoin as a medium of exchange and ultimately establish Bitcoin as a unit of account suitable for global trade, with no geographic, political or monetary restrictions.

The GBX token will fulfill the role of paying for trade commissions on the Globitex exchange at a discount, and for rewards within loyalty programs. It will be available for trade on the Globitex exchange itself so ICO investors will have a guaranteed exchange for redemption.

Total supply of tokens, for crowdsale, team e.t.c.

107,000,000 token cap

65% to public

35% internal


Minimum sales target incl. pre sale:

equivalent of EUR 1,000,000

Sales cap:

equivalent of EUR 10,000,000

Minimum purchase amount:

equivalent of EUR 10

Maximum purchase amount per buyer:

equivalent of EUR 3,000,000


Early Participation Discounts During Public Token Sales

10% discount for the first 5,000,000 GBX Tokens sold

5% discount for the next 10,000,000 GBX Tokens sold


Additional Company Success-related Rewards

10% success rewards for the lifetime of GBX Token  


ICO price of token

.10 EUR per GBX

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