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Description: Decentralized Care Homes powered by Blockchain.

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Start of ICO Pre-sale 01.05.2018 End of ICO Pre-sale 30.05.2018 Hard cap $20,000,000 Raised $0 Token Sale Price $0.10000 Whitelist Opened (Period isn't set. JOIN) KYC YES

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Founder and owner of large Domiciliary Company in the UK for the past 20-years, with in-depth knowledge of the care sector. Member of most care sector institutions, involved in the future of the care industry in UK.

With more than 25 years of experience in print and online media, he is the founder and Managing Editor of The Times Kuwait, a well-respected and widely circulated weekly publication in Kuwait.

Shane Rushent, CTO
Digital and E-commerce CEO with over 10 years experience of turning new opportunities and niches into business as usual.

Shmuel Kaner, Advisor
Successful business owner of a UK based property business, with over 20 years’ experience within the property and estate management industry with several years’ experience working within Europe and USA.
Evan Luthra, Advisor
Evan Luthra, a Serial Entrepreneur, has that rare and coveted ability to turn original ideas into businesses that are both innovative and profitable. At 22 years-old, he has an already impressive resume and career history.

Danny Wirken, Advisor
Danny Wirken has massive 25+ years of experience in the IT&T business and data centre construction and management. A serial entrepreneur and business manager with in-depth knowledge of IT, Cloud services and cryptocurrencies.

Ashok Kumar Kalra, Advisor
Ashok Kumar Kalra, a graduate of IIM-Pusa, is a prominent businessmen and respected social figure among the indian community in Kuwait, he has been at the forefront of the indian business community.
Anat Malkin, Advisor
Anat Malkin is an experienced graduate of the University of London. She operates and works for foreign companies that are interested in investing in the Israeli market.

GladAge is an ecosystem for elderly people with the best options for personalised care and fully vetted care homes to choose from. GladAge platform provides elders with the option to choose the care they require dependent on their needs, be able to shop for equipment or services they require to stay independent in either a leased or owned building of Gladage property.

174 million people in Europe and North America are aged 65 years or older. This is about 40 million
people more than 20 years ago, and a further increase of approximately 93 million people is
expected within the next 20 years, which illustrates that population ageing is accelerating.
• The EU together with Switzerland and Norway accommodates more than half of all older
persons across the UNECE region. Although being relatively small regarding the surface area, more
than 89 million people aged 65 and older live in this part, and almost one-third of them are at least
80 years old. Amongst the six countries with the most significant number of older people in the
UNECE region, four nations belong to the EU.
• The share of those aged 80 and older within the total population is rising across countries in
the UNECE region.
• The most significant demographic changes are expected within the EU candidate and
potential candidate countries. Although this group of countries will still be among those with the
lowest share of people aged 80 and older in the total population, the number of people aged 80 and
older will double up in the coming 20 years.
Women make up for the majority of the older population, and this case is even more for the
population aged 80 and older. As a general rule, the older the age group, the higher the female share of the population which is also reflected by the higher life expectancy of women both at ages 65 and
Among all countries, the Russian Federation has the highest over-representation of women in the
age group 65 to 79 (reaching almost 100%). Among those 80 and older, the overrepresentation is
highest in Kazakhstan (where the female population is as much as 2.5 times the male population).
Differences in life expectancy, as well as gender differences, are important factors in explaining why
most beneficiaries in long-term care are often women.

Problems of the aged-care sector

Unorganised Sector
Traditional systems and processes in this industry or domain are very unorganised and not much
proper care or methodologies are being followed. This results in deplorable environmental
conditions and treatment of seniors making the accessibility of senior care services all the more
mentally and physically draining. Non-standardisation allows the rehabilitation centers and NPOs to
function according to their wish and will.

No Support System
There are no major support systems available that are well equipped to deal with our ageing
population rate. A few NPO institutions are available but they work with insufficient resources, and
there is no mechanism present to check their quality of service.

No Scoring System
Non-profiling of caretakers leads to a market phenomenon of ‘anything is fine’ attitude. Scoring
system brings in a competition between the stakeholders and in order to maintain their own
prosperity and existence they need to take actions.

Lack of Incentivisation
Lack of incentivisation decelerates progress, innovation and the speed of scaling. When
incentivisation is done, it helps to drastically increase the network and the number of brains working
together to bring out the best results for the community.

Present market conditions necessitate an immediate acceleration towards the development of a
newer and more holistic ecosystem for our seniors. As the demand and supply ratio for senior homes
and senior care services is widening, a huge economic change surrounds the aged-care sector. The
idea of a population average age of 60 years in the next three decades is a frightening prospect for
all of us if the current market conditions are not improved upon.

Ageing Population Rate
Our population is ageing very fast. This shows that there is going to be a dire need for a support
system to take care of the senior population and a huge economy can revolve around it.

Lack of Senior Homes
There is a massive gap of care homes available and the number of care homes needed. Even the
ones that are available are not fit for purpose and lack the desired standards of living to provide a
homely atmosphere.

GladeAge will hold a ‘presale’ to ensure that all our early supporters and contributors with a genuine
and deep interest in our interactive platform, vision, and mission, deemed important to our success
can get tokens before anyone else via the Token Sale.

All participants in our Pre-Sale will receive an additional 25% of tokens on top of their contribution as
a sign of our recognition of their trust and commitment. Contributors who wish to participate in the
Pre-Sale can register on our website to indicate their interest.

Token Distribution - 
Soft Cap: 2 M

Hard Cap: 20 M

Total number of Tokens: 500 Million

Tokens Allocated To:


Number of Token



200 M
















Foundation Holdings



Pvt Sale Start Date: 20th March

Pvt Sale End Date: 1st May

Hard cap: 10M

Pre Sale Start Date: 1st May

Pre Sale End Date: 30th May

Hard cap: 18M

Bonus: 25%

Minimum Contribution : 1000 $

Token Sale Start Date: 1st June

Token Sale End Date: 30th June

Usage of Funds

Old Age Homes Setup
A major allocation of the raised funds will go to creation of old age homes at the proposed locations.
Initial setup includes renovating and equipping the facilities to ensure the comfort of the seniors.

Technology Development
Technology development will include building upon and securing core smart contracts, setting up
additional frameworks such as databases, trading and management interfaces and integrations with
future Ethereum infrastructure.

Operational Costs
Operational Costs include setups in multiple locations, running the day to day operations and
operating expenses of the Organisation.

Marketing costs
Marketing costs would be incurred towards onboarding more users and increasing the reach of the
product in general in the market.

Legal & Financial costs
To ensure everything is done in accordance with the laws of the land and complete financial
transparency is maintained by regular audits we plan to engage best in class firms.

Consultants & Team
To honor the valuable time and expertise of the team & consultants involved they would be
compensated as per their contributions. The company would make sure of unbiased distribution of
the compensation.

Old Age Homes Setup- 40%
Technology Development- 15%
Operational- 15%
Marketing- 10%
Team- 10%
Legal & Finance- 5%
Contingency- 5%

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