Status: Ended

Description: An operating online investment platform is expanding service scope to crypto related financial products powered by blockchain.

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Start of ICO 04.12.2017 End of ICO 31.12.2018 Hard cap $112,893,000 Raised $1 (0.0%) Token Sale Price $0.30000 Whitelist / KYC /

Alexa rank 531962 24h change 7858 7 day change 12736

Twitter followers 13475 24h change -5 7 day change 129

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Simona Vaitkune - CEO 

A strong leader leading a professional team to develop FinTech business. Also successfully cofounded several finance ventures. With a background in Business Management and Economics studies, she is passionate about the transformative future of digital payments and bringing banking closer to customers.

Dom Ivanauskas - CPO

Founder and Manager of several startups before FAST INVEST, he has been leading different teams to build highly-reliable products, with a focus on the end-user experience. Mad about UI and UX. Also studied International Business and Technologies in leading EU universities.

Paulius Tumosa - CTO

Former Senior programmer in a leading credit company and current Chief Technology Officer at FAST INVEST company. Excels and is deeply involved in development and R&D of software-related investing systems, in either classical or Blockchain Smart contract-based approach.

Modestas Sireicikas - North America Region Manager 

Fintech enthusiast, traveler, automotive sales professional. Background in sales of global brands in automotive and aviation industries. Holds bachelor in Economics.

Dovile Zili - Marketing Leader

With extensive experience in product branding and marketing, she has spent most of her career focused on global B2B marketing activities, working with digital agencies to successfully launch new campaigns. Also a seasoned entrepreneur, she has founded and sold several ventures in the e-commerce.

Ina Mosiejauskaite - Chief Analyst

With a background in management, she has contributed to different organizations in transportation and finance, insuring the smooth execution of operational activities and events. Analytical and driven, she analyzes and manages KPIs towards continuous growth and operational excellence.

FAST INVEST is the successfully operating business. Since 2015 team of dedicated specialist are developing powerful investment platform that is based on investing in consumer loans across Europe and globally. However, we are expanding and building new infrastructure on the blockchain to offer new digital banking products. We will merge fiat and cryptocurrencies and enable users to use both for their daily banking operations. Lending, borrowing, investing, payments - our day-to-day banking habits avoiding the convoluted bureaucracy. FAST INVEST will provide investment solutions, unlike traditional investment - real estate, private equity, and other structured finance products. We seek to help people generate secure and stable passive income streams and thereby achieve financial freedom.

Our value comes from merging fiat and cryptocurrencies. FAST INVEST community members will have a possibility to use both types of currencies for their daily banking operations. Service like Crypto-proved lending allows users to get a loan in fiat currency and keep the value of bitcoins or ethereums. Digital wallet and digital currency exchange, payment card will enable customer use both types of currencies.


The decentralised system is closely related to data security and transparency of transactions. For us, as a FinTech company, it is one of the highest priorities in our daily work - to keep our client's data safe and to create a bulletproof engine for the platform. We are currently working on integrating the Machine Learning module, which will be scanning our platform for suspicious behaviour. We are “crazy” about our products, and we want to make them reachable to the rest of the world. Fast Invest focuses on global expansion, and our eyes are set on North America and Asia.

1000 FIT= 1ETH

FAST INVEST token distribution: 50% for crowdsale, 20% for Fast Invest team, 15% - for community growth and bounty program, 15% for future company financing.

Soft Cap = 38 850 000 FIT 

Rate for the token sale until soft cap reached: 1 ETH = 1200 FIT

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