DUSK Network

DUSK Network

Hype rating: 98

Status: Ended

Description: Dusk Network is a decentralized infrastructure focused on providing the sweet-spot between privacy and transparency in payment, communication and asset ownership transfers.

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Start of ICO 16.11.2018 End of ICO 30.11.2018 Hard cap $14,400,000 Raised $8,100,000 (56.3%) Token Sale Price $0.00576 Whitelist / KYC YES

Telegram members 13319 24h change -16 7 day change 6159

Reddit subscribers 13326 24h change 2 7 day change 12867

Twitter followers 930 24h change 0 7 day change 768

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The DUSK Network is a decentralized infrastructure that enables fast, anonymous and secure bi-directional transmission of data among equipotent peers, paid for by a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency: DUSK.

1 - DUSK Anonymous Network Layer
A gossip oriented communication tier inspired by I2P.

2 - Segregated Byzantine Agreement
A novel privacy-oriented consensus algorithm vastly more efficient than PoW or PoS.

3 - Secure Tunnel Switching
A protocol allowing cryptocurrency payments for time-unbound and fast data transmission.

We conceived the DUSK Network to be the first unrestricted and fully distributed communication network that does not compromise high data-rate transmission capabilities with the security and anonymity of its peers.

The system features a new consensus algorithm vastly more efficient than proof-of-work or proof-of-stake called Segregated Byzantine Agreement, and built on top of a low-latency gossip network which utilizes non-repliable datagram and garlic routing in order to prevent IP Address propagation.

Finally, the DUSK Network is complemented with an off-online file transfer mechanism and with realtime Dusk payment channel to enable undetectable and fast peer-to-peer data communication through a technique we call Secure Tunnel Switching.

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