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Description: DADI is a global, decentralized cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow.

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Start of ICO 29.01.2018 End of ICO 29.01.2018 Hard cap $29,000,000 Raised $29,000,000 (100.0%) Token Sale Price $0.50000 Whitelist / KYC /

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$0.041195 €0.036005 ¥0.282859 (-5.03 %)
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$3,081,223.00 €2,693,022.00 ¥21,156,599.00 $189,965.61 €166,032.03 ¥1,304,360.86 74,795,646.00 DADI 100,000,000.00 DADI x 0.08

Telegram members 12679 24h change -572 7 day change -940

Reddit subscribers 2005 24h change 0 7 day change -45

Alexa rank 167142 24h change 2361 7 day change 19139

Twitter followers 36959 24h change -9 7 day change -44

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Joseph is the Founder & CEO of DADI, and the visionary behind DADI’s decentralized architecture and web services.

He is an expert in multi-agent and blockchain technologies as well as big data and machine learning. He was responsible for Symphony CMS and has 20+ years experience developing data and content platforms.

Joseph was previously Group Technical Director for the Leo Burnett Group, the Founder of Airlock (a multi-award winning technology company), the Technical Director at Chime Communications and a member of the technology board at the BBC. His work is known across the industry and has been recognised with multiple Webby, Lovie, Emmy, Sony and Bafta awards.

Chris Mair


Chris is a strategist and an early blockchain enthusiast, having first invested in Bitcoin in 2011.

He is a founder of DADI and is the key architect behind the decentralized business strategy. Prior to DADI he was a partner at London based technology company Airlock, where he headed the strategy division.

Before joining Airlock, Chris was the Global Head of Digital Technology for fashion brand Diesel where he was responsible for the development and implementation of the brand’s digital strategy across 33 markets worldwide.

Will Lebens


Will has been founding tech companies since 1998, specialising in content and data management. He leads the solutions and support teams at DADI, focusing on partnerships and the strategic implementation of DADI technology.

Will was previously Managing Director for technology company Airlock, where he oversaw all client relationships – and sat on the Senior Management Council at Leo Burnett Group. He was also a Non-Executive Director for Symphony CMS.

Paul Kingsley


Paul is Chief Operating Officer at DADI, bringing COO and CFO experience from portfolio of digital, marketing and media companies and projects.

He is responsible for operations and financial management at DADI.

Paul also holds a variety of senior and consulting positions across a portfolio of digital and tech organisations including Code and Theory and Bright Analytics.

James Lambie


James is a Technical Director at DADI and is an experienced software/data architect.

He has extensive experience in blockchain technologies, load balancing (nginx, nginx modules), containerization (Docker) and multi-agent tech (with a focus on Node.js, Go, C#, ASP.Net and PHP). He is responsible for the development of DADI’s decentralized cloud and web services layer.

James was previously the Lead Developer for BBC Worldwide, a Lead Developer for Barclays bank (working on deep system integration and distributed data warehousing) and the Senior Developer at Synergy International (working in the networking space for NGOs).

Francesco Iannuzzelli


Francesco is a Technical Director at DADI with over 25 years of engineering experience.

He is a systems security expert with experience across the stack, including in cloud and distributed networking. He specialises in network architecture design and oversees much of the core DADI product.

Francesco previously held senior systems and consultancy roles with many organisations and was the technical architect for several multi-channel solutions in various sectors, such as e-commerce, retail (including, broadcasting, tourism, education, media and publishing.

Jo Biddulph


Jo is the Technology Implementation Director at DADI and is responsible for the support of the growing portfolio of enterprise clients using the platform.

She brings over 15 years product management, operational support and account handling experience to the role and previously led the delivery of Renault TV, a globally distributed platform covering 126 territories, delivering over 200,000 broadcast hours of content. At DADI she has led the delivery of 200+ products for Bauer Media.

Jo was DADI’s second employee.

Paul is the Product Director at DADI, responsible for the strategic development of the web services stack.

He has many years experience of digital and content strategy for publishers and broadcasters, specializing in the application of discrete web services to enable real time, personalized experiences – a key feature of DADI technology.

Paul joined DADI after working as a client to the business over many years, for brands including BBC Worldwide, Discovery Channel, Monocle, Haymarket and the BBC.

David is the Design Director at DADI, responsible for user experience and design across the stack.

His skillset blends design and front-end development and he prefers to ‘sketch in code’ rather than work with static creative – as such he is a capable engineer with expertise in HTML, CSS and JS.

Before joining DADI, David worked at production agency Stink Studios and was responsible for design work for Redbull, Google, Chanel, Ray-Ban and Samsung among other high profile brands. His work has won many awards and has featured more than once in Apple keynote presentations.

Viktor Fero


Viktor is a Principal Engineer at DADI, focused on the development of the web services layer of the stack.

He has extensive experience with microservice architectures, blockchain technologies, load balancing (nginx, nginx modules), containerization (Docker) and deployment methodologies.

Viktor was previously the Technical Lead for Nike and oversaw the development of distributed video delivery networks for Renault TV and the London 2012 Olympics during his time at Airlock.

Viktor was DADI’s first employee.

Arthur is a Principal Engineer at DADI, focused on machine learning technologies in decentralized environments.

He is an expert in multi-agent technologies (with a focus on Node.js, Python, PHP and Go), and has extensive experience in machine learning algorithm development. He has also worked with creative technologies, including real-time physical data capture and analytics.

Arthur was previously the Technical Lead for Monocle, where he was responsible for the implementation of broadcast services including live playout radio, podcast distribution and video management platforms, delivering a distributed infrastructure with points of presence in every major market.

Eduardo is a Senior Engineer at DADI with a passion for API-first content management for publishers.

He has carved a niche for himself in the industry, speaking at many events on the benefits of COPE, ‘headless’ CMS and discrete web services. He plays a key role in the development of many DADI products.

Before joining DADI, Eduardo managed the development and delivery of several products across a portfolio of 50 publications at Time Inc, including Wallpaper, NME and Uncut.

Adam is a Senior Engineer with a background in full stack software development & systems administration, and a keen interest in distributed computing & automation. He has been involved with containerization since 2013 and has participated in numerous community projects including Docker, Deis, and Rancher.

He has extensive experience across a range of relevant disciplines including virtualization, containerization, network topology, as well as common networking protocols such as UDP, TCP, DNS, HTTP, AMQP, and ZMTP. He has a solid understanding of site reliability, having led devops efforts in a high-traffic commercial environment. He is well versed in an array of programming languages, multiple database technologies (SQL/NoSQL), and blockchain technology.

Adam joined DADI after leading development & devops for a major UK retailer.

Jean-Luc Thiebaut


Jean-Luc is a Senior Engineer at DADI and has spent many years working with the founders of the company.

He has extensive experience with distributed and technologies including load balancing (nginx, nginx modules), containerization (Docker) and multi-agent tech (with a focus on Node.js, Go, C#, and PHP).

He was the Technical Manager at Airlock, leading the development of large-scale platforms, most notably for the BBC’s coverage of Wimbledon and the 2012 London Olympics.

Jean-Luc has also successfully launched a whisky trading platform (Whisky Marketplace) and a social network for whisky connoisseurs (Connosr).

Robert Stanford


Rob is a Senior Engineer at DADI focused on content management technologies and distributed publishing models.

His 20 years’ in software engineering brings experience with Node.js, Ruby, Redis and the usual frontend suspects.

Rob joined DADI after working as the Development Lead for Comic Relief. He was previously a Senior Engineer for MTV, Virgin and the BBC, where he led the migration of traditional technologies to discrete web services designed for performance at scale.

Peishan Chen


Peishan is a Senior Project Manager at DADI, working to support the development of DADI technology.

She brings to the role an interest in digital products that leverage machine learning and big data to personalise CRM – and has worked to deliver DADI-powered solutions that do just that.

Peishan joined DADI three years ago from a position with a creative agency, where she looked after accounts for Facebook, WWF, Threadless and W Hotels.

DADI is a global, decentralized cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow. Unlike existing centralized cloud services, DADI implements a fog computing structure - a decentralized pool of devices, all of which are connected to the Internet.

Introducing DADI, a decentralized platform for web services, built on the Ethereum blockchain and committed to upholding the founding principles of the Internet by democratizing computational power.

DADI represents a fundamental shift in cloud computing services by enabling peer-to-peer collaboration on a massive scale. Our technology finds the closest and most appropriate hub of computational power and distributes tasks accordingly.

Any device - from a smartphone to a supercomputer cluster - can join the network and sell computational power as a miner.

On the opposite side of this transaction, platform users benefit from significant reductions in cost, enhanced security, rate flexibility and cutting edge performance.

In stark contrast to other ICO events, the technology of DADI is already here. The microservices at the heart of the platform have been in development for four years and are in production today, powering products like Empire Online, Monocle and Virgin Limited Edition.

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