Hype rating: 100

Status: Ended

Description: Innovative Decentralized Platform for Financial Gaming Projects

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Start of ICO Pre-sale 01.04.2018 End of ICO Pre-sale 01.07.2018 Hard cap $28,500,000 Raised $50,016 (0.2%) Token Sale Price $1.00000 Whitelist / KYC NO

Telegram members 76034 24h change 3 7 day change 73411

Alexa rank 12629351 24h change -1387 7 day change -1003697

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Yury Sotnikov PRESIDENT & CEO




CryptoHIT is a project designed to create a new generation decentralized platform for games using Blockchain technologies and smart contracts based on Ethereum.
Predominantly, CryptoHIT platform will support decentralized games based on Ethereum blockchain, which are already under development – while many game studios that have nothing to do with blockchain are trying to integrate their own gaming platforms to a decentralized platform.
In addition, CryptoHIT develops financial games with special game mechanics, which allows players to earn real money and not only play for fun and pleasure. This means that each participant of the project can start receiving their return on investment in our games before CryptoHIT decentralized platform launches.

In 2016, the sale of computer games and in-game content generated revenue of almost $100 billion. This is a huge industry with an increase of 8% per year, 
which will retain its significance even 20 years from now.
We can't help but notice oppressive stiffness with the way things are currently standing. Unfortunately, major game developers concentrate entirely on minimi-
zing their risks, they prefer to penetrate the market with products that have been tested with time and are favored by the mass-market, and that's why they 
are constantly creating hollow & soulless copies of the games – repeating the same pattern of game mechanics year after year. In order to gain the player's 
attention, developers spend up to 56% of their revenues on PR, marketing and advertising. 
However, indie-developers and even mid-size game developers that are involved in creating unique and innovative products are not able to effectively function 
in this environment. They are filled with enthusiasm that is needed to develop a product that will win the hearts of the consumers, but yet еhey lack the capa-
bility to allocate the needed monetary budget to attain the same level of results through the same marketing and advertisement conduits.

To solve this problem, we intend to implement the blockchain technology, which allows recording all
transactions, making them transparent, public and irreversible. This will protect the members of the gaming
community from all sorts of fraud.

Our goals are to reach:
SoftCap — $1,000,000, or
HardCap — upto $5,000,000.

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