Hype rating: 17

Status: Ended

Description: COTI is a payments transaction network supported by a native digital currency. Setting the standard for how payments should work in the digital currency era.

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Start of ICO 14.06.2019 End of ICO 21.06.2019 Hard cap $15,000,000 Raised $8,000,000 (53.3%) Token Sale Price $0.00000 Whitelist Opened (Period isn't set. JOIN) KYC YES

Telegram members 20898 24h change -766 7 day change -1239

Reddit subscribers 732 24h change 0 7 day change 45

Alexa rank 322530 24h change -989 7 day change 1966

Twitter followers 16927 24h change -5 7 day change 18

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Eyal Wagner- Legal

Experienced in Fintech. CEO of Safecap Investments and as the Group General Counsel for


Community Manager and HR Manager have decent experience in their fields.


Worrying that no mention of any technical or blockchain personnel and backers and advisors seem to also mostly be from fintech backgrounds with little experience in blockchain tech.

This is another cryptocurrency that has no other application attached to it. As such, it will be competing with all the other cryptocurrencies on the market. Their trust scoring engine will help to solve common problems associated with anonymity in the crypto currency space. Additionally, there is a mediation option that will aim to solve disputes in cash of non delivery of goods and services or non payment.


The technology itself does not seem to have any advanced improvements that set it up as more desirable than other cryptocurrencies. They aim to provide 10,000+ transactions per second which is outmatched by many old and up and coming cryptos.


Market for cryptocurrencies is expanding or in a bubble depending on who you ask. There are many competitors but COTI does have an exceptional marketing team with experience and contacts in fintech which could help set them above the crowd.


Details for ICO structure not announced, team not fully announced.

Details for ICO structure not announced.

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