Hype rating: 40

Status: Ended

Description: NASDQ at Digital Assets Market.

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Start of ICO 28.12.2017 End of ICO 15.01.2018 Hard cap $12,000,000 Raised $4,075,000 (34.0%) Token Sale Price $0.12000 Whitelist / KYC /

Telegram members 19657 24h change -345 7 day change -604

Alexa rank 136617 24h change 892 7 day change 7835

Twitter followers 33336 24h change -6 7 day change -22

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Sheldon Xia
Sheldon Xia obtained his master’s degree from Stevens Institute of Technology, a prestigious engineering university in the United States. He is a former founder of Xingmei Media Company and a serial entrepreneur. He owns copyrighted software, has five years of experience in the blockchain industry, and three years of experience in the financial industry. Sheldon is particularly skilled in the productization of technical and financial system solutions. As one of the earliest digital currency developer, he once led a team to develop and operate one of the first virtual currency trading platforms in China.
Javen Lou
Javen Lou got his master’s degree from the Stevens Institute of Technology in the United States as well as dual bachelor’s degrees in arts and science. As a national patent holder, he once worked in the Chinese marketing team of Intel Corporation and has gained extensive experience in marketing, brand marketing, and image shaping of technological products. He is keen at discovering hot science and technology products earlier than most, and is proficient in channel promotion. Finally, he has distinctive logical and technical marketing capabilities as well as extremely profound understandings about the blockchain.
Allen Chen
Allen Chen is the chief technical expert of the blockchain who has designed and implemented the core matching engine of trading platforms, responsible for managing the technical security team and ensuring the safe and stable operation of the platform. Majoring in distributed system security and cloud computing, he has a master’s degree in information security at Carnegie Mellon University. He once worked at the headquarters of Samsung in South Korea for developing system-level security solutions; he also worked as a Rakuten Tokyo security engineer; a former VMware R&D engineer engaged in the development of SaaS products and SDN solutions. He has many years of experience in the research and development of distributed system platforms and in working for multinational companies.
Terence Lee
With a master’s degree from the George Washington University in the United States, Terence Lee has gained many years of experience in human-computer interaction and user experience design, leading and directing the design of trading system products. He once worked in SAP, the world's largest supplier of enterprise management and collaborative e-commerce solutions, and is also a co-founder of a well-known cross-border online shopping platform in China.

As a global integrated trading platform, BitMart provides diversified system functions such as spot trading, futures contract trading, over-the-counter trading, whole-network trading, and decentralized trading. Moreover, it satisfies the needs of numerous investors. BitMart's trading system has a robust security mechanism and reliable underlying architecture, which provides investors with a dependable trading experience. Besides, the unique online trading model of the BitMart platform would efficiently match the market depth of major exchanges around the world while providing higher liquidity. Relying on the whole network trading system, we believe the BitMart platform will become the largest liquidity provider of digital assets in the world in the future.

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