Hype rating: 89

Status: Ended

Description: Beonbox is multifunctional token for shopping, creditting, gaming and exchange.

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Start of ICO 20.03.2018 End of ICO 15.05.2018 Hard cap $3,000,000 Raised $250,000 (8.3%) Token Sale Price $0.50000 Whitelist / KYC NO

Telegram members 213 24h change 1 7 day change 155

Alexa rank 7763652 24h change -1685 7 day change -526097

Twitter followers 1221 24h change -2 7 day change -2

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Lua Hian Beng  CEO

Working for more than 20 years in the IT industry as an R&D Expert and entrepreneur, Mr Beng is a crypto enthusiast, blockchain contributor and crypto trader for several years.

Mr. Pavel Phakhomov(Back-end developer)

​A passionate software developer and tinkerer, with years of experience as a senior developer for various large scale projects.

Ms. Suna Park(Community Manager)

Suna is a webmaster and freelance digital marketing specialist operating in the Web sphere since 2011. She is an active social media user and always creative.

 Mr. Andrew Chew(Marketing and Public Relations)

After finishing his business school, Andrew went into sales & marketing for IT or mainstream product, as well as pursuing his professional mission.

 Ms. Marina Khazanova (Representer)

Maria is one of the clever and communicative representer and she participating in crypto- meetings and exhibitions

Mr. Chul-Soon Gwok (Front-End Expert)

Chul-Soon has been working on making the best UI/UX experience on the web for the last 20 years. From Global 100 companies to startups all praised his talent, and his open-source contributions as well

About BeonBOX

BeonBox inherits and develops the Ethereum technology platform, with open source P2P accelerates all transactions quickly, minimises risk, enhances high security, and does not involve any third parties. BeonBox has a clearly transparent development roadmap. All BeonBox wallet versions will be fully up to date where customers can secure on wallets or trade seamlessly on the world exchanges. BeonBox is covering 4 types of platforms and these platforms will be released after ICO stage by stage. These are Exchange Platform, Shopping Store Platform, Cashback Crediting and Finally Gaming Platform. Services are designed for all internet users from all nations. The users of Beonbox Platform will get high quality product and BeonBox payment will make these products more attractive and popular among users.

Shopping Platform of BeonBox

Online shopping today has some million dollar turnover and this is a big opportunity for both sides of this sphere of business. We will launch our BeonBox store and there will be a lot of official retail stores of World Popular Brands. This platform will be easy to use on both PC and Smartphone. Main currency there will be BOX tokens which are comfortable to do P2P and P2B transactions in just some seconds.

BeonBox Exchange Service

Demand for currencies is increasing now and nowadays there are a lot of exchange services on the market, but their platform and working conditions not responding to trader's needs and also with the charging big fees. Our exchange service will cover 8 popular cryptocurrency pairs in initial stage and all of them will be connected to BOX token. Without any problems you can to buy and sell currencies  with our modern platform. After some month we are planning to add fiat currencies too.

Cashback Crediting Platform

As there are big audiences of buyers on online stores, they need some promotions and also bonuses on the time of their purchasing. Our Cashback Crediting service will help to the both sides sellers and buyers to get benefits from service. BOX holders can invest money for the time of 10 days and daily interest rate will be 0.97%. Sellers will get this money in order to buy big amount of products for selling on the popular online stores and they will return back money as they will sell products with surpluses.

Gaming Service

Finally our lovely product is launching Gaming Service. As you know gaming industry stays in the top  rank among profit rate industries and with right algorithm and marketing we will get huge audience.It will be in online mode and gamers able to buy equipment and gaming tools with the help of our BOX tokens.Our strategic game industry partners are really famous and we will work with them in order to create world big game brand.

MAX SUPPLY: 8,000,000 BOX ​
​ICO PRICE: 1 ETH = 2000 BOX

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