Assetbase Foundation

Assetbase Foundation

Status: Ended

Description: Complete Ecosystem, P2P Exchange, Financial Services, Precious Metals, Tokenizing, Securing

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Start of ICO 30.04.2018 End of ICO 01.01.2019 Hard cap $3,725,000 Raised $0 Token Sale Price $1.00000 Whitelist Closed (Period isn't set. ) KYC NO

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Assetbase Foundation is working on new exciting platforms and unique ways to implement the Blockchain that is beneficial to people and businesses through education and real uses. Some of the ways Assetbase foundation is doing this is through educating nonparticipants on how this new and exciting technology can benefit them on the local level through incentive peer to peer education. Currently Assetbase team and volunteers are working on 6 projects and have competed or have nearly completed all projects and are preparing to move to the implementation and marketing stages.The Assetbase ecosystem has 6 projects of which three are complete

Peer-to-peer lending
Precious Metal Tokens
Decentralized Exchange
Secure Asset Protocol
Virtual Council
Incentive education program

Currently there is no legal link between the tokens on the blockchain and physical assets. Legal ownership of physical assets on the blockchain are not yet realistic due to: Antiquated law that have been in place for thousands of years and will not be changedshortly. Different jurisdictions and countries have many different laws as pertains to ownership and owner rights. So while you may have a wonderful token or smart contract that represents ownership of a physical property, there is no way to enforce that ownership legally. So you as a token holder are at the mercy of the asset holder (legal owner) to fulfill the smart contracts obligations. In other words, if the legal owner wants to sell the asset your tokens are worthless. We believe normal people should hold this power and legal right to their assets and tokenize them if they desire for their benefit. If we don’t come up with a solution, it will be solved by the large corporate banks, they will assuredly use the same archaic laws to their benefit and create their digital currency and loan it in the same manner as they do now. Assetbase has a solution that will keep the power and value of the cryptocurrencies with the people. Assetbase SAP Certified


  • 30% to Peer-to-Peer and exchange Development
  • 20% to Personal tokenization of assets
  • 10% to Development in Private blockchain
  • 20% Research and Development
  • 15% Promotion
  • 5% to Charity


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