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Description: Real estate tokenization Protocol and property trading Platform.

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Start of ICO 16.05.2018 End of ICO 30.06.2018 Hard cap $30,000,000 Raised $0 Token Sale Price $0.01000 Whitelist Opened (Period isn't set. JOIN) KYC YES

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Created by a highly professional team with a background in IT, investment and marketing, who had $400 million worth of real estate deals last year, Alt.Estate benefits from the advisory board with worldwide expertise and transactions in real estate worth more than $3 billion. Team & Advisors.

Alt.Estate is a fintech company offering the protocol for real estate tokenization and the platform for buying and trading tokenized property assets in fractions. Using the blockchain technology to disrupt the $217 trillion real estate market, Alt.Estate has a strong potential to become an industry standard for the blockchain-based real estate transactions. A powerful technology stack, a go-to-market strategy with 10x leverage, a working prototype with three already tokenized apartments in key geographies (USA, EU, Japan), and sound community support all position Alt.Estate as a win-win solution for real estate developers and investors. 
Alt.Estate Protocol includes the smart contract technology, corporate structure and legal compliance aspects of property tokenization. It gives all large existing players – real estate developers, brokers, marketplaces and crowdfunding platforms – a turnkey solution for property tokenization with no infrastructure costs. Alt.Estate has already created 20+ smart contracts and a smart contract builder which allows to develop hundreds and thousands of them in a quick and simple manner and to ensure the legal property rights with tokens.
Powered by the Protocol, Alt.Estate Platform is the marketplace for primary sales and secondary trading of tokenized assets. Together with the Protocol, the Platform allows users to trade real estate even in fractions with higher liquidity and lower costs. 
Alt.Estate opens the market for the mid-size investors who can purchase shares in 50 Manhattan apartments instead of owning a single expensive one. Crypto investors can now protect their assets from volatile exchange rate by investing them in real estate; crypto traders can build a global real estate portfolio in one click and trade tokens; crypto whales can purchase properties for personal use. Real estate can use a built-in ready-to-use widget to boost sales. Customers – for the first time ever – get a chance to buy property with as low as $100 and get affordable real estate fractional ownership deals. While Alt.Estate gets commission and builds strong sales and marketing via existing large players, leveraging their huge budgets.
The Platform trade turnover is expected to reach $4 billion in the first 3 years. All deals, transactions and fees on Alt.Estate platform will be powered by ALT tokens. The demand for ALT tokens is forecasted to be 10 times higher than the initial token supply.

The total value of world real estate reached $217 trillion in 2015 and is worth nearly 2.7 times the global GDP. This number includes only developed real estate, and would have been much larger had we counted the vast amount of undeveloped land around the globe. Although the real estate market has plenty of opportunities for making big gains, investing in real estate is a lot more complicated than investing in stocks and bonds.

Several major problems and barriers persist in real estate markets:

  • High threshold for entry
  • Lack of liquidity
  • Slow and complicated process of ownership transfer
  • Lack of price transparency
  • Risks of fraud
  • High transaction costs
  • Complications of cross-border transactions

All of them have been addressed many times throughout history . New investment vehicles have been invented which solve some of those problems, but there is no perfect solution, and the real estate market is still the most inefficient one compared to other asset classes. Real estate tokenization on blockchain technology is the next step in the evolution of real estate investment. Our goal is to make our tokenization Protocol the industry standard for property tokenization:

Crypto Investors Gain Easy Access to New Assets

The number of people using cryptocurrency today has seen significant growth and rivals the population of small countries. It is impossible to know precisely how many people use cryptocurrency but all the studies show that there are millions of unique active users and the number is expected to grow exponentially in the next years.

We see the growing demand from them for the diversification of assets to fiat exposure without leaving crypto universe. During downtrends in crypto markets protective assets are being especially needed. Real estate backed tokens are the best option to meet those needs.

Everyone Can Invest in Real Estate (Middle Class)

Historically, the global real estate investment market has only been available to a small subset of investors. Large investment funds, corporations and high net worth individuals had almost exclusive access to this asset class. In addition, costs in real estate transactions can be as high as 30% of the property price, with many intermediaries earning up to 100% profit margins. This is not fair, and Alt.Estate will provide unprecedented access to the global real estate market for most of the population, who could not participate in this economy before.

Traders Identify Arbitrage Opportunities and Make Profit

Alt.Estate makes no recommendations about any particular investment, but the Platform provides investors with tools, relevant information, market data, sponsor information, property information and third-party information.

Traders will do their own due diligence and research when making decisions to buy undervalued tokens and sell overpriced ones. Higher liquidity and price transparency enables trading real estate like shares or bonds.

Whales Buy Real Estate With Their Cryptocurrency

Many early Bitcoin and Ether miners and investors have made a fortune. In addition to the motivation of all crypto investors to reduce exposure to crypto assets and diversify their portfolio, they need a convenient and low-cost way to buy expensive real assets.

While a growing number of merchants worldwide are accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method, and there are some projects allowing customers to pay by card directly from a crypto wallet, those payments are limited in size.

The Alt.Estate Platform will provide users with the opportunity to buy real estate all over the world for personal use.

Institutional Investors Increase Their Deal Flow and Earnings, Providing Others Access to Higher Profile Deals

Institutional investors can increase their deal flow through virtually outsourcing part of their job to find lucrative real estate investment opportunities to Alt.Estate. Also, institutions can earn a higher return through negotiating special investment terms for being cornerstone investors providing a substantial part of the fundraising amount. It is a “win-win” solution as other investors are ready to give away a fraction of their return to gain access to higher profile deals. Also, the participation of institutional investors, who always carry out their own due diligence, increases the confidence of smaller investors that may lack professional investment expertise.

With Alt.Estate, ownership and transaction data is accessible to all peers on the network. It is stored in the distributed web and hashes are recorded to the blockchain. The distributed consensus is achieved via a proof-of-stake algorithm: buyers and sellers are empowered with control of their information and have more confidence in conducting transactions.

Token name and ticker: ALT
Blockchain: Ethereum
Token type: ERC20
Pre-sale start: April 17, 2018
Pre-sale end: May 15, 2018
Sale start: May 16, 2018
Sale end: June 15, 2018
Token distribution start: May 16, 2018
Token price: 0.00001 ETH
Payment methods: ETH, BTC
Bonus: 25% on pre-sale. 
Soft cap: 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 30,000,000 USD
Country restrictions: USA
Total supply: 12,000,000,000 ALT (approximate calculation for 1 ETH = $500: supply is limited by $30M token sale hard cap but can change with ETH/USD rate fluctuations)
Allocation: 60% public, 20% team and advisors, 20% network growth
Use of proceeds:
39.5% Online advertising
14.4% Legal
13.4% Content & social marketing
8.8% Technology
4.4% Brand awareness
1.7% Finance
1.7% Office costs
19.5% Others (<2% each)
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