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Status: Ended

Description: Drug & Medicine, Health Care

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Start of ICO Pre-sale 01.06.2018 End of ICO Pre-sale 31.07.2018 Hard cap $6,000,000 Raised $124,375 (2.1%) Token Sale Price $12.00000 Whitelist / KYC NO

Telegram members 10023 24h change -364 7 day change -706

Alexa rank 816025 24h change -8585 7 day change 6555

Twitter followers 2453 24h change -1 7 day change -3

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Ilya Tsigvintsev - CEO & Founder
Alexander Basov - COO & Co-Founder
Alexey Kovnerchuk - Technical Engineer
Kirill Smirnov - Agro technology
Alexander Orlov - Industrial Designer
Elena Sheromova - Economist
Elena Makhlina - Agriculturist
Sergey Mosolov - IT

Greg Limon - Founder at Canada Capital Group Inc.
Eli Bernstein - Innovation Strategist
Stan Milc - Business
Kevin Benckendorf - Marketing
Philipp Omenitsch - Partnerships and Investor Relations

Home appliances for cannabis and various crops cultivation

ATF farms secure the automated growth of cannabis, tomatoes, cucumbers and many more plants. This reaps the full benefits of LED lighting for growing and hydroponics technologies.
ATF indoor appliances need minimal customer involvement during the vegetation process and don’t require any specific knowledge in agronomy or advanced experience.
ATF is the first token that allows the blockchain community to have easy access to advanced technologies in automated agro cultivation equipment manufacturing.

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