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Description: The Distributed Creative New Economy.

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Start of ICO 18.01.2018 End of ICO 18.01.2018 Hard cap $62,600,000 Raised $62,600,000 (100.0%) Token Sale Price $0.17000 Whitelist / KYC /

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$0.009269 €0.008101 ¥0.063644 (0.48 %)
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$4,634,540.00 €4,050,639.00 ¥31,822,140.00 $114,000.07 €99,637.32 ¥782,758.68 500,000,000.00 ZPT 1,000,000,000.00 ZPT x 0.05

Telegram members 12064 24h change -808 7 day change -1121

Reddit subscribers 9983 24h change -2 7 day change 44

Alexa rank 294052 24h change 13223 7 day change 30685

Twitter followers 44595 24h change -8 7 day change 9

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The team has a strong background in the creative industry. Coupled with their partnership with Onchain (the company behind NEO), which will help develop the underlying Zeepin Blockchain, we believe Zeepin has both the creative and technical expertise needed for the project to succeed.

Zhu Fei - Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Zhu Fei is the former CEO of Arting365, with 15 years of experience in the creative industry;

Director of Shanghai Top Young Creative Talents Association;

Director of Shanghai-Jiangnan Intelligent Manufacturing Park Creative Industry Promotion Center;

Director of Shanghai Industrial Design Association;

Awarded as "20 Top Young Creative Talents in Shanghai in 2011";

Shenbi Xu - Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Former Chief Strategy Officer of Arting365,

Devoted to the application research in the creative sector, and is the main designer of ZeeRights business procedure;

Has 18 years of work experience in multinationals, and previously served as Asia-Pacific Head of GE Innovation Center, mainly responsible for providing product solutions for designers

Glovia Gu - Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Graduated from the China Academy of Art and majored in digital media;

Has over 10 years of corporate operation and management experience;

Operated over 50 events for international brands including Coca-Cola, Adobe, Haier, CHOW TAI FOOK, Capital Airlines, Lenovo, HP, and EPSON;

Successfully operated various kinds of creativity incubation courses and workshops, with over 1,000 participants; Has accumulated rich practical experience in project management, community operations, and marketing planning.

Jason Xu - Senior Developer

Served multiple well-known enterprises, and has over 10 years of technology development and operation experience;

Familiar with the deployment and optimization of distributed applications, and carried out certain research on data structure, asymmetric encryption, security protocol, and encryption algorithm;

Has rich experience in the development of blockchain-based upper applications and bottom application interfaces;

Responsible for realizing the smart contract and relevant logic according to different business applications in the Zeepin ecosystem, including the development of Zeepin Chain application interfaces, architecture design, deployment, and automatic operation and maintenance; Responsible for the architecture design, upgrading, and optimization of overall project planning and technology decision proposals.

Leo Cai - Head of Investor Relations

Zhang Ying - Chief Brand & Fashion Officer

Shadow Tang - Marketing and Public Relations Committee


  • Product idea:

From white paper:

Zeepin blockchain (Zeepin Chain), which is a decentralised blockchain developed for the global creative industry and the decentralised sharing new economy community thereon, which would help global creative content producers and innovators with assets digitisation and rights confirmation, enable efficient transactions and crowd-funding of creative assets, help organisations and individuals improve innovation efficiency, and incubate a large number of self-governing for-profit creative organisations applying blockchain technology to the sharing economy model. In the community on Zeepin Platform, each organisation or individual will have a reliable digital identity and be able to convert innovative or creative resources into digital assets, which are secure and may be shared on Zeepin Chain, so as to reduce risks in trading between users and improve creation efficiency. The decentralised platform to be build by the Foundation on the Zeepin blockchain is designed to be the world's leading blockchain-based innovation, transaction, and crowd-funding platform for the creative industry (Zeepin Platform).

In conclusion, Zeepin Plaform provides support for innovators from putting forward an idea to fully operating project, including project crowd-funding, team formation, copyright protection, IPtransactions etc.

We think the Zeepin idea has high potential. In a Mckinsey piece titled »How can creative industries benefit from blockchain?« authour specifically talks about the high blockchain potential in the creative field.

»In the creative economy, blockchain can redefine how artists are remunerated by acting as a platform for creators of intellectual property to receive value for their work. A common complaint lodged by artists is that, as performance-rights organizations and new intermediaries such as Spotify and YouTube increasingly insert themselves into the value chain between artists and their audiences, artists receive smaller cuts of revenue and have less say over how their creative works are priced, shared, or advertised.«

Similar to the Apple Store, Zeepin dApps provides various API data interfaces for community developers. Any user of Zeepin Platform may release Zeepin-based applications via Zeepin dApps to serve the whole creative industry

Zeepin's 5 dApps:

  • Product status/stage:

Zeepin's underlying chain is under development. Zeepin's Github currently has 11 code repositories.

  • Business model relationship and value flow:

Zeepin token's value steams from inside and outside of the Zeepin platform. From the white paper:

»ZeeFund Crowd-Funding Compared with traditional fund-raising models, ZeeFund Crowd-Funding on the Zeepin Platform is designed to be more open and effective. After the evaluation of projects by the Foundation (or its affiliates or third-party service providers), autonomous project teams may quickly launch project crowd-funding for their project on ZeeFund, and project parties can obtain support for the project (to be paid in ZPT).«

Essentially, the companies raising money through ZeeFund will have to raise the funds in ZPT tokens, essentially putting the tokens into the real economy and giving it real-world value. ZPT token holders will be able to use it to purchase new products/services from these crowdfunding projects.

  • Function/utility of the token:

From the white paper:

 Zeepin Token(ZPT)

The native token for Zeepin Chain (ZPT) is the infrastructure of the decentralised community. It is a functional utility token which may only be utilised on the Zeepin Platform (if successfully completed and deployed) as a unit of exchange for valuable products / services provided in the ecosystem on Zeepin Platform, and provide incentives which will encourage participants to contribute and maintain the ecosystem on Zeepin Platform.

It will be used in all the dApps developed on the Zeepin platform.

  • Verdict:

Couldn't do it with Bitcoin/Ethereum.


  • Market size

It is hard to define Zeepin's market size, as the Zeepin Chain will be used for various different tasks in the creative industry, such as protection of innovation copyright, remote cooperation, talent recruitment, and project financing.

  • Competitors:

There are no direct competitors building a blockchain specifically designed for the creative industry that we know of.


  • Github:


11 code repositories and a lot of activity on Github

Plans are clearly defined and can be measured.

  • Plans for listing

Zeepin will be listed on 2 exchanges no later than 1 month after the ICO. Meanwhile negotiations with other exchanges are ongoing.

 We believe Zeepin will be listed on meaningful exchages.

  • Crowdsale Information

ICO Structure

  • Jurisdiction:


Zeepin passed the compliance review under Singaoire Securities and Futures Act, meaning the ICO is 100% legal in Singapore and Singapore citizens can participate.

  • Legal structure:

Zeepin foundation

  • Distribution of tokens:

50% of the coins will be available for token sales.

  • Lock up period:

From the white paper:

»The lockup period is 2 years. 50% of these ZPT will be unlocked 1 year after the token sale, and the remaining 50% will be unlocked 2 years after the token sale.«

Lock up period of 2 years for the 20% of tokens held by the team and early supporters is highly positive for the development of the project and the price of the token after the end of the ICO.

  • Security:

Not disclosed

  • Plans for audit:

Not disclosed


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