Status: Ended

Description: Machine learning platform for crypto currency trading.

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Start of ICO Pre-sale 02.04.2018 End of ICO Pre-sale 02.06.2018 Hard cap $2,300,000 Raised $0 Token Sale Price $0.00500 Whitelist / KYC NO

Alexa rank 7745306 24h change -1611 7 day change -24225

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Alex Petlenko (CEO)

Alex is a software developer with over 20 years experience and is based in London, UK.

Having gained a masters in Software Engineering from Imperial College London, Alex went on to code at a number of major financial institutions. He was a director at the 2nd largest Russian investment bank and a developer at the largest hedge fund in Europe.

Alex has a huge interest in artificial intelligence, natural-language processing, financial markets, value-investing and cryptocurrencies. He is also a keen FPS gamer.

Denis Golovenko (Financial advisor)

Denis brings a wealth of financial knowledge with experience in many sectors. Providing due diligence, operational research and optimisation modelling to the project. Denis is our key face-off to institutional investors and financial planning.

Raghu Rughani (Technical advisor)

As a fellow Imperial alumni, Raghu brings years of experience in building out highly scalable, resilient, real-time distributed systems within the financial services industry. Raghu is helping to define our technology stack.

Saeed Assou (Community manager and investor)

Saeed is our dedicated community manager, and a successful cryptocurrency investor in his own right. He joins our team to help grow our community but also to help shape the Trademindx project. He is always on hand to speak to and advise you.

Trademindx is a machine learning platform which aims to facilitate daily trading decisions through applied natural-language processing, sentiment analysis and machine learning algorithms.

Built as a micro-services based distributed architecture, its primarily function is to analyse large volumes of data and provide clear trading indicators to the client in real-time.

Simply put, Trademindx crunches huge amounts of data and tells you which cryptocurrencies to invest in for maximum returns.
You will need TMX tokens to gain access to Trademindx.

The system combines natural-language processing, sentiment analysis and machine learning algorithms to classify large volumes of data into clear (buy, sell or hold) trading decisions in real-time.

The default approach is implemented using a maximum entropy algorithm with feedback, which applies a multinomial logistic regression model to categorise data and continually improve accuracy.

It is currently being developed specifically for cryptocurrency applications starting with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and all other altcoins with a large market capitalisation (more that $100mm).

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