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Description: Silkchain is the first blockchain project dedicated to improving international trade and for its fundraising, the project has gathered the most influential members and participants.

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Start of ICO 07.08.2018 End of ICO 30.10.2018 Hard cap $20,100,000 Raised $20,075,672 (99.9%) Token Sale Price $0.08000 Whitelist / KYC YES

Telegram members 22904 24h change -51 7 day change -26426

Alexa rank 1446614 24h change -35947 7 day change -80568

Twitter followers 2986 24h change -8 7 day change -5

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The goal of SilkChain ecosystem is to resolve the issues and pain points existing in the industry with blockchain technology and to build a “Global Blockchain Free-Trade Zone”. In the free-trade zone, Silkchain token system is introduced as a measure of value transferring of trade activities between merchants and service providers. Under various application scenarios, silk chains will cooperate with many third party service providers all over the world to customize various business process smart contract based on localized trade rules and regulations, and jointly develop new DApps based on existing business models.

The silk chain team has twenty years of experience in cross-border trade, and all team members are from more than 20 countries, and there are hundreds of partners in the world, including: l Trade centers: it has covered 6% of the 10300 trade centers all over the world, covering more than 15 million small and medium-sized businesses. l Exhibition centers: more than 10 offline O2O exhibition centers located in Europe, Middle East and South East Asia. Wholesale marketplaces with all categories: Covering B2B/B2C/C2C business models, for instance, OSELL Group Singpore has already laid out a global cross-border B2B platform covering 26 countries including Russia, Dubai, Poland, Vietnam, Canada, Malaysia and Indonesia, etc. B2C and B2B E-commerce platforms: including Clothing、Electronics、Household and Agriculture Products categories. l Logistics: a number of cross-border, domestic logistics and logistics tracking service providers. l Overseas Warehousing: overseas warehousing service partners from 8 countries, providing delivery and fulfillmentservices like FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) for the B2B/B2C e-commerce platforms. l Import and export agent: to provide assistance in customs declaration & clearance, logistics and other agency services. l Credit insurers:a service provider that provides contracts, qualifications and basic credit compliance certificates. l Supply chain management:domestic and cross-border supply chain service partners, such as supply chain partners offering services for Indomaret and Indofood, who belong to Indonesia local giant: Salim group. l Quality traceability: service providers from China, and Australia, using the Internet of things technology to provide product authentication, source of origin tracing and other services,etc. l Payment: payment Service providers and digital banking service praters from China, Malaysia and Indonesia. 19 l Trade Financing services: trade financing services providers from the UK, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, and HK,etc. l Insurance services: insurance companies or agents providing all kinds of insurances, including certified goods、goods damage and delay insurance, logistics, cargo insurance, export credit insurance. l Technical Services: Technical service providers offering ERP、CRM、Logistics and warehousing systems、e-commerce platform development, etc. The above-mentioned partners are increasing at the speed of thousands each year. Incorporating these partners as nodes in the Silkchain, we will create an immense open source trust community. The different participants will assume diverse roles in the international trade business process, some as service provider, some as service consumer.

Fundraising (25%) Founder and Develper Team (20%) Foundation Discretionary (10%) Ecosystem incentive fund (25%) Business and community consortium(20%)

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