Hype rating: 87

Status: Ended

Description: The biggest healthcare database and application.

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Start of ICO Pre-sale 14.04.2018 End of ICO Pre-sale 13.05.2018 Hard cap $23,500,000 Raised $0 Token Sale Price $0.00000 Whitelist Opened (Period isn't set. JOIN) KYC YES

Telegram members 5380 24h change 5 7 day change -3

Alexa rank 1737459 24h change 8 7 day change -98794

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Marco Muhrer-Schwaiger Founder and CEO
Milan Rajlič Co-founder
Achim Schuetz COO
Anja Musič CFO
Tristan Šneider CTO
Marko Wernig CMO
Tomaž Jaklitsch Senior Consultant
Sandra Verdnik Senior Data Analyst
Jure Pirc CCO
Jože Hudina Head of Blockchain Development  
Matjaž Torč Head of Data Security
Janko Novak Key Account manager foreign countries
Navas Edilson Representative Brazil/Co-Founder GBPA-Global Blockchain Pioneers Association


Medicohealth will not only provide store and access for medicinal information but also will provide a one stop solution for digitized health and medical services.

Medicohealth DAPP is working on two application subcategories:
• Doctor-to-patient to help break the communications gap and bridge patients to world’s leading physicians.
• Doctor-to-Doctor advisory useful in exchanging technical knowledge about diagnostics and receive latest updates about symptoms.

The MEDICOHEALTH project will be developed in the following phases:

• BLOCKCHAIN: Medicohealth will use the blockchain technology to ensure security of payments and data respectively.

• WEB PORTAL for patients to search and check for doctors’ records.

• BLACKBOX SERVER NODE testing will be implemented along with a GLOBAL BASE to help in unification of the research, findings and databases between multiple hospitals globally.

• Health data marketplace application in compliance with current and foreseen data privacy standards.


Comparatively, computer technology has yet to make an impact on healthcare industry. The issue lies in the fact of the complexity of implication of computer technology in this field.

MEDICOHEALTH is not about creation of new services in the health field rather concentrates on the appropriate application of available methods to increase efficiency. It hosts unique features which provide traceability whilst ensuring the anonymity of the patient reputation. Information and verification about a doctor’s international registry comes as an additional feature.

MEDICOHEALTH DAPP is an additional feature enabling cross border communication between physicians and patients to improve available facilities for numerous patients requiring extra consultation and attention.

Distribution of tokens:  
Crowdsale 65%
Founders and team 12%
Advisors and ambassadors 7%
Investors 4%
Contributors 6%
Future partners 6%
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