Hype rating: 50

Status: Ended

Description: First smartcontract able blockchain with Tendermint POS.

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Start of ICO 31.05.2018 End of ICO 26.10.2018 Hard cap $28,000,000 Raised $0 Token Sale Price $0.01800 Whitelist / KYC NO

Telegram members 172 24h change -1 7 day change -4

Reddit subscribers 12 24h change 0 7 day change 0

Alexa rank 872298 24h change -46048 7 day change -114505

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Thomas Zeinzinger CEO
Dietmar Hofer CTO
Sandra Zitz CFO
David Forstenlechner SW Architect
Robert Mitwicki Mobile Dev
Christiane Preuss Graphics  
Nejc Kuzmič UX/UI
Michael Schreiber Mathematician  
Markus Teufelberger Protocol Dev  
Markus Bernsteiner Frontend-Dev
Amaliny Hasselbeck Marketing
Thomas Schwarzl Hardware  
Bernhard Wladkowski Brand Ambassador
Wolfgang Bergthaler Communications

The ARTIS Blockchain is built to serve as a foundation for decentralized applications by providing an open-source ecosystem sharing many similarities with the Ethereum Blockchain and therefore enriching the application space for new business models.

What makes ARTIS special?

1st goal: Being able to offer everything that ethereum can do (even smart contracts written for ethereum can easily be adapted to run on ARTIS, too) but without wasting energy due to POW mining. Being the industry’s first full POS-secured coin and benefiting from the big advantages of the tendermint consensus protocol like faster block time and almost instant transactions.

2nd goal: Have, as industry first, invented a new transaction type called ‘streaming’ that creates streems which are coins-per-time transaction types (user can also use normal transactions, too) for some use cases, streems are clearly better suited than standard transactions. They also act as a solution to scalability issues by reducing the blockchain load. This way, it’s easy to handle more users on a blockchain.

3rd goal: Be the first coin that really aims to reach millions of users with the easy incentive that nearly all new coins are created by new people joining the network. Bringing to as many users as possible access to services on a blockchain by giving them a few coins so they are able to use the chain, is a great way to become one of the most widely used blockchains in the future.

Suppose in 2020, one start a new project that involves an ICO, creates a token and provides users an interesting use case, what blockchain will you choose as your base?

Blockchain that requires users to buy native coins first (ETH) to be able use your token, or that blockchain that has millions of users who have native coins already to be able interact with your tokens and use your smart contracts?

ARTIS really can, by the mere strength of numbers, beat many of the earlier blockchains because in the end, it’s the amount of users that decide over the success or failure.

First project doesn’t have to be the winner. There are many examples where later projects were much more successful than the initial ones:

MySpace existed before Facebook, IBM before Apple, Walmart before Amazon, Netscape before Chrome, Yahoo before Google, Nokia phones before Android phones.

We can see that solutions that came later did beat the earlier existing ones because they did attract more users and made life easier for them.

Because of that the ARTIS has every chance to outbid Ethereum.

All ARTIS tokens after token generation will represent a marketvalue of 45 million € just look around what similar team size and proffesional approach projects are around on coinmarketcap at that value segment and judge by urself if ARTIS deserve a value raise after launch.

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