Choosing A Bitcoin Trading Platform

March 2, 2021

Cryptocurrency trading systems have become a very popular tool in the hand of inexperienced investors. It basically allows new and experienced investors to trade with no prior knowledge or skills to trade on the cryptocurrency market. These trading systems have allowed thousands of investors to enter a world of opportunity, once only afforded to experienced and seasoned investors. 

There are still people who are skeptical about investing using a trading tool. This is completely understandable since there are many cryptocurrency scams and frauds online. We took the time to curate a comprehensive guide to answer some of your questions around trading systems and their place in creating profitable opportunities for you. 

Let’s get straight into it… 

What is a Bitcoin Trading System 

A Bitcoin Trading system is a fully-automated tool that assists new and experienced traders to make profits from the cryptocurrency market. The trading system is run by a series of algorithms and artificial intelligence. It has basically been programmed to find successful opportunities for you on the cryptocurrency market with little to no input from you. The algorithm is able to scam the markets, read signals, extract data and adapt global news in real time. We found this algorithm to be quite efficient and its level of accuracy is unparalleled. Remember, unlike humans, the algorithm does not make decisions based on emotions, nor is it impulsive. It is also free from the element of human-error. Bitcoin trading systems are primarily focused on buying and selling signals on the market. It is lightning fast and can execute trades in mere seconds. 

Is Using a Bitcoin Trading System Legal? 

Yes. There are thousands of users around the world who use Bitcoin trading systems. It is especially popular among new investors who want in on the cryptocurrency market. Most reputable Bitcoin trading systems like Bitcoin Prime and Bitcoin Digital are partnered with regulated brokers. These brokers help manage your account. A legitimate trading system should have a dedicated account manager to help you on your trading journey, along with a customer support team. Most reputable Bitcoin trading systems also offer a demo-account feature. The demo account is usually a replica of the live trading account. This means that you will be able to practice on the demo account and gain experience. 

Advantages & Disadvantages of Using a Bitcoin Trading System

With any technology comes advantages and disadvantages. We have tons of experience when it comes to testing Bitcoin trading systems. This is why we listed the advantages and disadvantages of making use of this tool. 

Advantages  Disadvantages 
  • Bitcoin trading systems are more accurate and efficient than manual trading. These trading systems can scan through data in mere seconds. 
  • There is always some risk involved when investing. Bitcoin trading systems cannot guarantee a 100% success rate. 
  • Bitcoin trading systems are free of human-error, meaning that the algorithm is incapable of making decisions  based on emotions.
  • Trading systems of this magnitude can be confusing to understand at times. This is why we recommend that you do enough research before investing. 
  • Bitcoin trading systems are way faster than manual trading. You may notice that trades are placed within seconds. The algorithm is very efficient and will always place trades that will benefit you. 
  • The cryptocurrency market is volatile. Although the algorithm is programmed to find the most profitable deals for you, there will be days when the market is down and profitable opportunities are scarce.

The Best Trading Platforms for 2021

The internet is saturated with Bitcoin trading systems. There are many credible ones, but we would advise any new investor to be cautious when deciding on a trading system. Make sure the trading system is regulated and has partnered with regulated brokers. It is also important to check what other users are saying about the trading systems. We’ve done quite a bit of research and tested a variety of trading systems. 

Here are Three Effective Trading Systems for Trading Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Digital 

Bitcoin Digital is a bitcoin trading system that is created to trade based on what is trending on the market. The cryptocurrency market is volatile and can be difficult to navigate through at times. Bitcoin Digital has reported a success rate of over 80%. It is incredibly efficient in finding profitable opportunities for new users. 

Bitcoin Era

Bitcoin Era is very intuitive trading technology that facilitates automated trading of bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies. The trading technology users algorithms to compare large volumes of data. It then users the data to derive profitable trading signals from the cryptocurrency market and place trades on your behalf. 

Bitcoin Evolution 

Bitcoin Evolution is one of the most popular trading systems currently on the market. It has been programmed to trade in bitcoin and other prominent cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Evolution has partnered with regulated brokers to provide you with incredible service. The system boasts a 90% success rate for new users and user-testimonials claim that they have made huge profits in mere weeks of trading. 

How to Get Started with a Bitcoin Trading System

Getting started on a Bitcoin Trading system is fairly easy. All you need to do is register an account with the trading system of your choice and your live trading journey can begin. We’ll take you through the steps below:


For registration, you will need to complete a form requiring your basic information. You  can complete a form on ICO Data by selecting the trading system of your choice on our menu. Once you have made your decision you will get a dedicated account manager who will guide you. It is important for the user to fill this information in as accurately as possible for verification to be successful.

Verification process 

Usually, account verification involves completing long forms and providing excessive information. This verification process can also take a number of days before being approved. However, with the Bitcoin trading systems this process is way shorter. It should take just a few minutes to verify the account. Payment details is a requirement and the investor’s personal information has to be 100% accurate. 


The common deposit required to activate a bitcoin trading system is £250/€250. This deposit is used as your first trading capital. This means you won’t need to have a deposit and capital ready. Your deposit will be used to complete your first trade. The deposit due will be paid to the brokers and they will then advise you on further steps.

Demo trading account 

Most reputable Bitcoin trading systems will offer you a demo account feature. This will allow you to practice trade and you will be able to place trades based on historical data. This way, you will gain experience while figuring out how live trading works. The demo account is a replica of the live trading account. 

Live trading 

You may proceed to live trading after using the demo account or you may proceed to live trading straight after you have made a deposit. All you need to do is ask your account manager to help you configure your settings and set up the proper trading parameters for you. This includes setting your stop-loss limit and deciding when to open and close trades. 

Other Bitcoin Trading Systems

How Do Bitcoin Trading Systems Actually Work?

Signing up with a Bitcoin Trading system is easy, but understanding how the algorithm works can be a bit confusing. We’ll take you through how th algorithm works and why it is beneficial for you. 

Once you sign up and click live trade, the algorithm is activated and starts scanning the cryptocurrency market. Usually profitable trading opportunities will give off certain trading signals. These trading signals are what attracts the algorithm. The algorithm is lightening fast and can scan through piles of data in mere seconds to find the best investment opportunity for you. Now we know that the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile, but you don’t have to lose sleep over it. The algorithm can adapt to sudden changes on the global markets and use it to influence its trading decisions. Bitcoin trading systems cannot promise you a 100% win rate every time you trade, since there are days when the markets are down and profitable opportunities are scarce, but the algorithm is efficient and effective in finding you beneficial trading opportunities even when the markets are down. 

How Much Money Can You Make with a Bitcoin Trading System? 

How much profit you earn is dependent on a number of factors. There are many platforms out there that claim to help users make over €10,000 per day. We cannot prove whether these claims are true or false but we think that it is important for investors to proceed with caution. Like any investment, trading on the cryptocurrency market comes with some risks. Generating high profits depend on how much money you invest and how you have configured your settings. Such as your stop-loss limit and deciding when to open and close trading sessions.

Can You Trust Auto Trading Systems?

Contrary to popular belief, auto-trading systems are legit and can be trusted if you choose the right ones. It is important that the trading system you choose is licensed and partnered with a regulated broker that will assist in managing your accounts. We also recommend that you choose a platform that has a dedicated customer service department and offers a demo-account feature. Platforms who do offer this are usually very transparent and very effective. It is a myth that all trading systems are scams. We do recommend that you do your homework concerning any trading system you may be interested in. 

What is an Auto-trading Software & How Does it Differs from a Bitcoin Trading Application? 

Auto-trading software is usually used by experience investors, to analyse historical pricing data and trends. They then use these trends to assess how it related to the current pricing of the instrument. Auto-trading software allows you to copy trades, where trades or rather trading strategies can be duplicated from profitable investors. Auto-trading software can also conduct autonomous analysis and its programming includes machine learning and profitable trading opportunities. 

Please note that both Bitcoin platforms and Auto-trading systems are to the users advantage and can assist them in being highly successful.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Opening an Account with a Bitcoin Broker

  • Registration 

Opening an account with an auto-trading software is simple. All an investor needs to do is sign-up on the official website where they will be required to complete a form with their basic information. It is important that registration is completed as accurately as possible. A verification email will be sent on completion.

  • KYC & Account verification

Verification is mandatory and is aimed at protecting the investor. Verification takes place at the end of the registration process and takes about two-three days to complete. Once the account is verified a deposit will be required. 

  • Deposit Funds

Once the account is verified the investor will need to make a deposit to activate the account. There are a variety of payment methods available to the client and they can deposit as much as  €2000 of real money, answer some simple questions, or submit government ID and proof of residency for higher deposits. The minimum deposit required is £250/€250.

  • Start Buying Cryptocurrency

Once an investor has made a deposit, they can begin trading by clicking “Trading markets” on the the auto-trading software. They will then be able to view all available securities Forex and crypto markets. They will also be able to search for specific assets or use the copy trading feature, among other social trading tools. The most accessible markets will appear on the watchlist. Investors can also sell their cryptocurrency at any time. If an investor took a short position, they will make money if the asset falls beneath the lower limit of the spread. Clients can withdraw any balance of €50 or greater.

What to Look for in Automated Trading Software

We have reviewed ans tested most trading software platforms out there and have decided to curate some advice for you on how to decide on the correct trading software.. Keep these features in mind as you choose.

Access to your preferred markets–  Not all automated software platforms offer you access to all the markets you desire. For example, with MetaTrader 4 an investor can only trade with forex products. Check what you can trade before signing-up. 

User-friendly interface– An investor needs to make sure that the platform they choose easy user-friendly and functional. Yes, the computers do much of the heavy lifting, but automated platforms still need to be managed. Choose software that is easy to navigate. 

Detailed price histories for back testing– An investor needs to make sure they have access to charts on the software they are using. Charts are helpful when performing backtests. Make sure the platform you choose has detailed back testing that can be used across multiple timeframes.

Our Conclusion:

It is important that potential investors are aware that any trading system or trading software comes with its risks. These risks may not be big, but if not taken into account there is a possibility that the investor can lose their money. Day trading is different from long-term investment. It involves getting in and out of trading positions in record tome. This makes it possible for traders to experience huge profits and huge losses if done incorrectly.

Bitcoin trading systems offers investors an opportunity to generate a considerable amount of wealth or a passive income. We recommend that new traders trade with an amount taken from their passive income. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend that traders should not take more than 10% of their portfolio to invest in what we call speculative investments. 


  • What are Bitcoin Platforms?

Bitcoin Platforms is a trading system programmed to find profitable opportunities on the  cryptocurrency market for investors interested in starting to trade.

  • Is it profitable to invest in Bitcoin Platforms?

There are investors claiming to have earnings over €5,000 daily. However, users need to invest large sums of money to earn such returns. We advise new users to start with the minimum deposit of €250, you can always reinvest once you have made your very first profit. 

  • How does the trading application work?

The trading platforms work using a sophisticated and intelligent algorithm. They scan and analyze massive volumes of data to find cryptocurrency deals at very low prices. These cryptocurrencies are then purchased and sold at a higher price later.

  • Is my information safe with Bitcoin Platforms?

Yes. Most Bitcoin Platforms use an SSL certificate which is an online security protocol that encrypts confidential information on the site. We recommend that new investors keep their information secure at all times.