BTC Robot Review: Is it Legit or a Scam?

May 11, 2021

Bitcoin also known as BTC, has taken the world by storm. Since its formation in 2009, Bitcoin has steadily gained in both popularity and value. This has made it one of the most popular investments and most spoken about financial topics on the news today.

The currency has also coined the term of “Bitcoin Millionaires”. These are traders who invested early and have made millions or become millionaires thanks to the Digital Currency. But the real question is how do you become a Bitcoin Millionaire?

While this does depend on a multitude of factors including how much money you have to trade with and the price increase of Bitcoin, there are a few things you can do to better your chances. The most important factor is getting a good trading system.

In this review we are going to look at BTC Robot to see if it meets up to the hype.

What is BTC Robot?

BTC Robot is an amazing, high-tech platform that helps users trade on the crypto markets. The system allows users to trade all the major cryptocurrencies with ease including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and more. This gives users the ability to diversify their trading efforts.

The system has been built with some of the most secure software on the market. This means that hacking into BTC Robot is virtually impossible! Traders on this platform can trade carefree, knowing their transactions and data are secure and encrypted.

The BTC Robot platform has some unique features that help it stand out from its competition. One of these features is its automated trading system that allows users to trade automatically. The user will set trading sessions and trading limits and simply check in once a day. They can also set up profit notifications.

Is BTC Robot a scam?

One major concern of many new and experienced traders is the security of a platform. They want to make sure that a platform is legit, secure and not a scam. To do this we looked through reports, reviews and studies and found that BTC Robot is not a scam and is a legit trading software. The system is very secure with some of the best encryption software available. The platform makes use of registered brokers and follows all regulatory requirements.

There are so many new platforms joining the marketplace and this can make it seem impossible to distinguish between the legit and scam platforms. However, it is crucial that you as the user of a trading platform, do your own research before signing up for a platform. This research can be done by reading review articles, looking at online user reviews and checking the information given on the systems website?

The regulating authorities in many countries are working hard to tackle and take down these fake platforms and arrest the scammers. This will help the legit platforms to shine allowing for easier for new users to find and choose their investment platform.

We can confirm that BTC Robot is a legit and registered platform.

What information to look out for?

Platform websites can often be filled with lots of information and data making it hard to find what you are looking for. But what exactly are you looking for?

The key is to search for information that helps prove that these systems are secure or not. These are some of the common scams and what to lookout for:

  • Which brokers do they use?

A Broker is the person/ company who processes the actual trades. These people are well trained professionals who have to be registered, licensed and regulated with the market regulators to be able to process your trades and be a broker. They have to go through reporting and other paperwork to stay compliant with the regulators. A fake broker will not have a registration number.

These are the numbers issued to the broker by the relevant regulating authority. These numbers are unique and can be checked on the regulating authorities website.

BTC Robot only uses registered brokers who are registered and licensed.

  • Can you call them? How can you contact them?

Being able to call a platform’s support team and speak to a real person is a big step in the right direction. When chatting to them try and test their knowledge to see if they are legit. Further than that, knowing how to contact them is a key feature. Most scammers do not want to share their information or talk to you at all. As this opens them up to getting caught. Instead they won’t have contactable support channels.

Try talking to their support team through one of their channels to see if they are legit or not.

BTC Robot is top of its class when it comes to customer service and support. They have a well trained support team available twenty four hours a day, five days a week. They even have an account manager call you to help you through the registration process.

  • Fake Cryptocurrencies

Another popular scammers trick is to use fake currencies or fake ICO’s. It is crucial to only take part in these offerings through registered and regulated brokers to ensure the offer is legit. These scammers draw on the public’s want to get in early and before the price rises. To buy the next Bitcoin while the price is still low. They then take your money and disappear leaving many disheartened and put off the crypto markets.

Unfortunately with the world of Cryptocurrency still relatively young, it can be hard to distinguish between the real and fake currencies. This is why it is crucial that you use registered brokers to assist you through the process.

How to get Started on BTC Robot?

Now that you feeling more at ease knowing that BTC Robot is legit and not a scam, lets look at how to get started.

It is important to note that you must be a registered BTC Robot account holder to live trade. Unfortunately, no trading will commence until you complete registration. We would caution users against trading on platforms who allow you to trade without registration as this goes against the regulations set out that must be followed by registered brokers.

Let’s take you through the steps of getting started on BTC Robot:


The registration/ signup process has been made to be simple and stress-free. All you need to do is make sure you have your vital details on hand to complete the registration form. We would encourage you to enter your information as accurately as possible for verification processes. You will find that this registration process is much easier than other trading platforms and does not require you to submit tons of documentation.

BTC Robot

Register through ICODATA and get a free account manager to help set up your account.


To start trading with the live trading feature and get access to the whole platform on BTC Robot, you will need to fund your account. BTC Robot uses the best security systems to ensure your money is safe and they have kept the deposit low and affordable. To fund your account, all you need is a minimum deposit of €250. This is very reasonable when compared to the deposit required by other trading systems. Your deposit is added to your trading account and is used as your trading capital.

Demo account

The demo trading account is very resourceful and a sought-after feature that many trading systems do not afford their clients. For new users, especially, it makes the whole process easier and gives you an opportunity to learn more about how this trading algorithm works before going live. You will be able to place trades and watch how the algorithm goes to work for you. To trade on the demo account you do not need any real funds. All you need to do is test the trading system. The demo account is completely optional. You can skip straight to live trading if you want to.

Live trading

After you have checked out and familiarized yourself with the demo account, moving to the live platform is easy. You will have seen how easy the system is to use and navigate. Especially for new users and beginner traders. Because of this user-friendly nature of the trading system, finding your way around the live account is no problem at all. You will need assistance from your account manager to help you set your stop-loss limit and decide when to open and close your trading session. This can help you stay in control of the system and what it does.

Why Trade Bitcoin?

Now that you know how to trade Bitcoin and with which platform, the question is why should you? Bitcoin has become one of the most popular trading assets across the globe. With the currency recently reaching $65k, new investors are flooding into the market. But why should you trade Bitcoin? What are the benefits of trading Bitcoin?

Here four reasons to consider Bitcoin Investing:

  • Volatility

Volatility is described as how much the market moves or how much the value changes. The bigger the moves the more volatile the market. More volatile markets are considered higher risk and more profitable. Traders make money by buying/ selling in the market and profiting off the price changes. Thus, the more the prices move the better it is for the traders.

Bitcoin has also been known as a volatile market and it has become even more so recently.

  • Market Hours

Most markets are governed in a single country and operate on a time schedule for those time zones.This means for those not in those time zones, you have to adjust your watch.

Unlike traditional markets, Bitcoin Markets are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This makes it easy and convenient for all.

  • Liquidity

Liquidity refers to one’s ability to buy or sell a tradable asset. If there are not many people trading an asset or digital currency. It makes it hard and slow to trade. If there are lots of people trading, it is easy to buy and sell the asset making it liquid.

The more liquid a market is, the easier it is to trade. This is why the Bitcoin Markets are so popular amongst traders. The markets are some of the most liquid in the world.

  • Can trade long or Short

Sometimes the price goes up and you can make money by buying low and selling high. But what if the price goes down? Then what?

For many traditional investments, you could not earn off these downturns in the market. But with Bitcoin you can!

With Bitcoin, you have the ability to short sell. This means you borrow the Bitcoin, sell it and buy it back at a lower price. This lets you profit on the difference.

Trading Bitcoin has many benefits over other more traditional investment options. From liquidity to volatility and even profitability, the Bitcoin market shines. Using BTC Robot can help make the profitability process easier by automating a lot of the investment process.

Our Verdict: BTC Robot Review

We have looked through all the studies, surveys and information we could find on BTC Robot. This new Bitcoin Trading Platform is taking the world by storm but is it all its cut out to be? Is it legit? The Platform is not a scam passing all three of our scam questions. The trading system also uses the best encryption technology on the market to ensure your data and money are safe. They also only use registered brokers and avoid brokers that have scam warnings or shady histories.

The platform lives up to all the commotion it caused, with raving reviews and profits. The system has truly been designed to help users trade more efficiently.

Their automatic trading system is one of a kind. It has been shown to be better than a lot of humans in the studies we read. And the time-saving capabilities are a great saving for its users.

The platform is certainly a great option for new and advanced users, with its ultra-fast reporting and easy to use system.

Stop considering and sign up for BTC Robot today!