BitQT Review: Scam or Legit?

March 3, 2021

With Bitcoin being one of the most sought after cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrencies being one of the most popular trading instruments, it is no wonder you are wanting to join in. But with so many scams out there you need to be careful and do your research.

In this review, we are going to look at BitQT and see if they are a good option for traders.

Is BitQT a legit Crypto Trading Software?

It can be hard with so many platforms popping up on the market to know who is legit and who is not. It can also be hard to find accurate information about these platforms which can make it even more difficult.

We have taken the time to research and find as much information as we can about BitQT to provide you with the review you want.

From our findings and studies, we have read, BitQT is not a scam and is certainly legit. We found many positive reviews online talking to its trustability and efficiency. We have also tried and tested its technology and it certainly lives up to its hype.

BitQT ensures all its brokers registered and regulated to ensure your money is safe and not using scams.

It is important to do your own research. As there are risks associated with investing.

What is BitQT?

Imagine that you finally found the platform you had been looking for. A platform that includes all the things traders have been asking for but have not yet found in other platforms. Studies have said that BitQT is that platform. It’s the ability to trade all the cryptocurrencies that have a higher enough trading volume, allows traders the variety they need to stay profitable over the long run.

The complex and advanced algorithm that BitQT uses is like no other. It has very precise data allows users to act quickly and place trades if needed. As this system can be fully automated, you do not need to manually place trades allowing you more time to do other things. The system is very user friendly and many traders have said it was easy to adjust to. The platform has been designed so that both New and Experienced traders will be able to use the platform.

How do you trade profitably on BitQT?

It’s great to have a trading platform but what should you do to trade profitably? It is important to learn about the markets and understand the Cryptocurrency to make sure you are trading in the best way possible. You can make a lot of money on the Cryptocurrency markets but only if you trade correctly and use a good strategy. It is important to note that the markets are forever changing, but understanding some basics will help you in using BitQT to trade better.

Here are 3 things you should learn:

  • Learn what makes the market move – Learning what makes the market move will help you trade and at the right times. Things that influence the price:
    • Supply and Demand: As with most products, supply and demand play a huge role in the value or price of a cryptocurrency.
    • The Media: the media can have a huge influence on peoples opinions and trading. If a bad piece of press comes out, it can negatively affect the price.
    • Integration: If a cryptocurrency gets integrated into a payment system, it makes it more useable and thus valuable.
    • New Laws and Policies: new laws around tax or changes in trading regulations can affect the price.
  • Pick a trading style and Strategy that suits you – a trading style and strategy defines when and how you trade. Typical strategies and styles include:
    • Day trading: this is when you enter and exit a trade within the same day. This is very short term and classified as very risky.
    • Trend trading: this is when traders follow and trade along with a trend in the price. This can be an uptrend or a downtrend and is one of the most popular methods of training.
    • Buy and Hold: this is a longer-term trade and works on the value of Bitcoin increasing over time. This is a more traditional investment method that has been shown to work.
  • Choose how much risk and exposure you want – risk and exposure is how much money is on the table and could be lost. This needs to be monitored to limit losses. Ways to manage this:
    • Stop losses: This automatically closes a trade when it gets to a specific price. This helps limit losses in the event of a sudden or drastic change in the markets.
    • Trading limits: this feature on BitQT allows the user to limit of much money is traded at any one time. This helps to reduce the exposure on your trading account.

Should you try BitQT’s automated trading system?

Trading can be hard. Trading can seem overwhelming for the newbie. It can also seem very time-consuming. The truth is trading is all of those things. And while you are able to learn and become an expert, it will take some time. So what are your options then if you want to trade?

A great option is using an automated system like BitQT. This system automatically places trades within the times and markets your define and within the trading limit, you set. This allows you to carry on with your life checking in for a 30mins a day to claim and see your potential profits.

Many traders have said that using an automated trading system was easier than trading themselves.

Pros of using an Automated System:

  • Less emotional trading
  • The system can be tested on historical data
  • The system is disciplined
  • It allows a user to have multiple accounts

Cons of using an Automated System:

  • There are on vary rare occasions system issues
  • Does require some monitoring

It is no wonder that these automated systems are growing so rapidly. Many studies have shown win rates of 80% with a system like BitQT are possible.

Who Created BitQT?

There are many rumours and speculations about who created BitQT. Some reports have claimed that Edward James created the technology. According to the website, he has made billions by investing and trading crypto, forex and binary options. This gave him the knowledge and resources to create this technology. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm or deny these claims.

How to Get Started on BitQT

Now that you have seen the capabilities and features of BitQT. You are probably wondering how to sign up and start using this software. You are also probably wondering how expensive this software is and how much the deposit is. Luckily we answer all these questions below:

Step One: Registration


Register through ICODATA and get a free account manager to help set up your account.

The first step is to sign up. This is easy. Just fill in your details in the form and you will be A for Away. We will only need your basic information, no credit card details.

Once you have submitted the form you will be assigned to an account manager. This makes the whole process so much easier as you will have an actual person to help you through the process. They will be able to guide you through the verification process and answer any questions you may have. And they will be in contact with you from then on.

Step Two: Deposit

The next step is to make your deposit. This gives you access to the whole trading system. The minimum deposit with BitQT is only Є250 to start off with. This deposit will also be used as your initial investment capital. This means you won’t need to deposit more money to start trading as BitQT will use your deposit for your first trades.

Our recommendation: Start with the minimum initial deposit for your first attempt at trading. You can always reinvest once you make your first profit.

Step Three: Demo Account

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could practice without any risk? Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a replica system to practice on that worked exactly the same as the real platform?

Well, luckily you can! With BitQT you have access to a Demo Account that works and looks like the live system. This allows you to practice, test and get familiar with the system before you trade for real.

We always recommend testing out the demo account until you feel ready to trade for real.

Step Four: Live Trading

Now that you have tried and tested the system you are probably impressed and eager to get started. At least we were impressed. You feel like you are using a very expensive platform and what’s crazy is the platform is free!

This is where you will see the user-friendliness of the platform. The platform has been designed to stand out from the other platforms through its user interface. It is easy to use for new traders and sophisticated enough for advanced traders. This is the best of both often not seen on other platforms.

Key Features of BitQT

Licensed and Regulated Brokers: Unlike the scam platforms you will see online, BitQT uses registered and licenced brokers who are regulated by the relevant authorities. This gives you peace of mind that you are not entering into a scam.

Efficient Payout & Withdrawal System: One frustration users have shared in surveys of other platforms is how hard it is to get your money back. BitQT is different in that it allows users to withdraw their systems easily. This means less hassle to draw out your profits!

Verification System: The verification is a very important step to stay in line with the requirements set out by the regulators. This can sound complicated but BitQT has made it easier by making it simpler and online. They also assign you an account manager to assist you.

Deposits: Deposit are a vital step as part of the registration process as this gives you access to the platform. The deposit has been made easier by BitQT, allowing deposit via Credit Card, Debit Card and Bank transfer.

They have also made the deposit very affordable at only Є250.

Demo-trading: We tried out the Demo account to see if it meets their claims of being realistic. And we can confirm that it is user friendly and as similar to the live platform that it is hard to tell the difference between the two. It is one of the best we have seen and really allows the users to prepare before trading live.

User-testimonials: We looked through many surveys and reviews to see what the actual users thought of BitQT. What we found was astonishing. The majority, more than 90%, of users gave positive reviews of the software. The stand out mentions was about its user-friendliness, Demo Account and withdrawal system. This shows their service and legitimacy.

Our Verdict: Is BitQT Legit?

We have thoroughly looked at BitQT to determine if it is legit and a good option for traders. We found that they are legit and only use regulated and licensed brokers. We also found reviews that spoke to the fact that they are not a scam.

The platform has a user based platform with features like stop-losses and trading limits to help traders trade better. They also have a fast and accurate reporting system.

Their automated system is top-class with some studies showing that a win-rate of above 80% is possible. It is also very customizable to suit the user’s preferences.

BitQT is definitely not a scam and is a good option for new and experienced traders. With its low deposit of Є250, it is affordable and easy to get trading today.