Bitcoin Wealth Review: Is it Legit or a Scam?

May 11, 2021

Bitcoin has made many people very wealthy people. With the currencies rise to fame and increase in value, its investors have become very wealthy by buying and selling the digital currency at the right times. This coined the term Bitcoin Millionaire.

With many of these millionaires bragging and showing off online, this has attracted mass media and people attraction. This has led many users to flood the market in hopes of finding the next Bitcoin. And while finding the next Bitcoin is possible, another option is to trade the established cryptocurrencies. This allows users to make money off small changes in the price that happen all day long. Trading cryptocurrency has helped some traders to create a second income.

But what do you need to trade Bitcoin? One of the key steps to trading efficiently and profitably is having a good trading platform. In this review we are going to look at Bitcoin wealth to see if it is a suitable option.

What is Bitcoin Wealth?

Bitcoin Wealth is a platform that has been designed to help you take advantage of the wealth created by Bitcoin. This system has been especially designed to make trading easy and effortless giving you more time to focus on which trades to make.

The Bitcoin Wealth System has been built on state of the art technology making it easy to use, extremely secure and ultra responsive. It is compatible with all major browsers. While the platform is not currently available in a mobile app, you can use the platform from your phones web browser.

The platform has a new and improved automated trading system that puts its competition to shame. This system is fast, profitable and customisable based on the sessions and limits you chose. You get the ability to automate while still remaining in control.

Is Bitcoin Wealth a scam?

With so many new platforms joining the marketplace, it can seem overwhelming and impossible to tell who is who. It can be even more complicated to tell which platforms are legit and which are complete scams. It is vital that you as the potential user of a platform, do your research before signing up. This research can be done by reading review articles, reading online user reviews and checking the information given on the systems website. This research is vital to determining if a platform is legit or not. We recommend that all potential traders do their research to ensure the system is legit.

What information to look out for?

A Platforms website is often filled with lots of information. This can make it confusing on what to look for and to check when researching a platform.

When you are checking a platform there are a few things you should check, this includes the following:

  • Are their Brokers Legit?

Brokers are the people who process the actual trades. These people are well trained professionals who have to be registered, licensed and regulated with the market regulators to be able to process your trades and be a broker. Because they are handling and essentially in charge of making sure your transactions are placed, you need to ensure they are legit. A fake broker will not have a registration number or license number. These numbers are unique and can be checked on the regulating authorities website.

Bitcoin Wealth for example only uses registered brokers who are licensed. This gives its users peace of mind that their data is safe.

  • Stay Away from Celebrity Clickbait

Celebrity Clickbait is becoming a large spam market. I am sure you have seen many social media ads with Celebrities in them advertising a trading platform in them. Many of these scammers use celebrities as clickbait in their social media ads. These celebrities are popular amongst the people they are targeting and they play off their reputation. They fabricate false rumours of specific celebrities investing in Bitcoin to draw your interest.

Rather stay away from Celebrity endorsements and clickbait and focus on a platform that has proven strengths.

  • How is their Customer Support?

Scammers will avoid talking to you. Why? This opens them up to being caught or found out. Being able to call a platform’s support team and speak to a real person is a big step in the right direction. Most scammers do not want to share their information or talk to you at all. As this opens them up to getting caught. Instead they will just point you to other pages or have false numbers.

Take some time and talk to their support team. Reach out to them through one of their channels to see if they are legit or not.

Bitcoin Wealth dominates this point. They have an attentive support team available twenty four hours a day, five days a week. This is some of the best support we have seen offered by a platform.

  • Look Out for Ponzi Schemes

We have all heard of Ponzi Schemes, but have you heard of Crypto Clubs? Crypto clubs are a common ponzi scheme that has caused many investors to lose a lot of money. These scam platforms draw users in saying that investments are pooled together for better returns. Another tactic they use is to limit when you can withdraw, examples “Invest now and withdraw in a year’s time”. A year down the line the company will be gone, and so will you money.

These ponzi schemes play on investors’ emotions to draw them in with the chances of unrealistic returns. Bitcoin Wealth is definitely not one of these platforms. You can withdraw your money at any time!

  • Fake Cryptocurrencies

Getting in early is a great way to make lots of money. The people who started Bitcoin made a fortune due to its growth over time. This is also however a popular scammers trick in which they use fake currencies or fake ICO’s. It is vital to only take part in these offerings through registered and regulated brokers. These scammers draw on the public’s want to get in early and before the price rises. To buy the next Bitcoin while the price is still low. The scammers can then disappear without a trace.

An alternative to taking all the risks associated with an ICO is to trade cryptocurrency using a platform like Bitcoin Wealth. By trading established currencies, you can mitigate some of the risks.

Bitcoin Wealth is a legit platform. They take all the precautions necessary to ensure your safety and security. With Registered brokers who are licensed and regulated, they are far from a scam. They also used the latest security systems to ensure the users on their platform are safe from attack.

How to Start Trading on Bitcoin Wealth

Now that you know the platform is legit, you are probably rearing to go! The sign up process can often sound difficult and tedious. Luckily for you, that is no longer the case with Bitcoin Wealth. You are probably wondering how to get started and sign up for this trading platform. You are also probably wondering how expensive this trading platform is and how much you will need to lay out for the deposit. Luckily we answer all these questions below:

Step One: Get Registered

The registration process is known as being long and complicated. However, that is no longer the case with Bitcoin Wealth. They have made the process easy and online, making it fast and convenient for you.

Bitcoin Wealth

Register through ICODATA and get a free account manager to help set up your account.

Once you have filled out the form and submitted your details, you will be allocated to an account manager. This is another step Bitcoin Wealth has taken to make the process easier. Your account manager will be able to lead you through the verification process and solve any issues you may have. And they will be in contact with you from then on.

Step Two: Make A Deposit

To start trading you need to make your initial deposit. This deposit will give you access to the whole trading system and allows you to take the steps to start trading. The minimum deposit with Bitcoin Wealth is only Є250 to start off with. This deposit will also be used as your initial investment capital. This means you won’t need to deposit more money to start trading as Bitcoin Wealth will use your deposit for your first trades. We suggest beginning with the minimum initial deposit for your initial attempt at trading. Then add more money when you start getting the hang of things and making profits.

Step Three: Test Out the Demo Account

Bitcoin Wealth allows users to trade on a real platform in a risk free environment. Users can practice without using their real money. This is thanks to their realistic demo account.

With Bitcoin Wealth, you have access to a demo account that functions and feels exactly the same as the live trading platform. This allows you to practice, test and familiarize yourself with the system before you trade for real. Many traders have rated this a top feature of the Bitcoin Wealth’s platform.

We always suggest testing out the demo account until you know you are ready to trade for real.

Step Four: Start Live Trading

Once you have become familiar with the platform and feel ready to trade for real, you can move to the live platform. Live trading is where the real magic happens. There is just something different about trading in the real markets. Once you have tried and tested the platform you are presumably impressed and excited to get started. You feel like you are using a very expensive platform and what’s crazy is the platform is absolutely free!

The live platform is where you can see the user-friendliness of the platform. The Bitcoin Wealth system has been built to stand out from the other trading platforms through its user interface. It is easy to use for traders just starting out and complex enough for seasoned traders. This is the best of both often not seen on other platforms.

Bitcoin Wealth’s Automated Trading System

The road to learning to trade can be a long and hard process. Especially for traders who are new to the market. The process can seem overwhelming and like it will take years to master. With Bitcoin Wealth’s automated trading system, this is a thing of the past. The system allows new and experienced traders to get trading quickly.

The automated trading system is easy to use and profitable. The user can activate it in their live account and set the trading limit and trading sessions. This will determine when and how much the system will trade. If you need assistance with setting this up you can ask your account manager.

The automated platform allows you to carry on with your life, checking in for 30mins a day to claim and see your potential profits. There have been a few studies that suggest that automated systems may be more profitable than human traders.

Advantages of using an Automated Trading System:

  • Trading is free of human-error.
  • The system can be tested on historical data.
  • The system is very disciplined and not swayed.
  • It allows a user to have multiple accounts.

Disadvantages of using an Automated Trading System:

  • There are on very rare occasions system issues.
  • Does require some monitoring.

The Verdict: Bitcoin Wealth Review

Bitcoin Wealth has all the necessary features you would want in a trading platform. The system boasts a strong security system and ensures to follow all the regulator processes required. The platform also does extensive research to ensure that their brokers are legit and reputable and avoid any shady brokers. Their research is thorough.

The trading system has been designed to help you trade efficiently and profitably. From the user friendly platform to the automated trading system; all these features have been added to help you trade better.

The automated trading platform will help you save time and trade profitably. This will give you the freedom you have been looking for in the trading world.

Now is a great time to get into the crypto markets. With the markets rising, Stop considering it and sign up for Bitcoin Wealth today!