Bitcoin System Review: Scam or Legit?

March 18, 2021

The news is flying, people are flooding the market, and the price of Bitcoin continues to rise. The price has passed $51k dollars making it a valuable coin to own. But how do you trade it?

Trading can seem like a complex and complicated activity, and while it is both, it is possible to trade as a beginner. How you may ask? By using an automated trading platform like Bitcoin System, you can trade easier and with less time than traditional trading. This allows new users and experienced users to save time and trade more profitably. This system has helped many traders take advantage of the profitability of the Bitcoin Market.

But are these systems safe and secure? With so many scam artists out there, caution is needed. This is why we are reviewing the most popular platforms to expose the truth. 

In this review we will be looking at Bitcoin System. Is it a Scam? Is it Legit? Read on to find out. 

Is Bitcoin System Legit?

Lets hit this head-on. Is Bitcoin System a scam? We have done research into this to find out if this is a legit software. This is what we found:

  • Bitcoin System only uses registered brokers that are regulated by the relevant and required authority. These brokers are trained and have the correct licenses to process your trades.
  • They have countless reviews online speaking to their legitimacy. Online reviews by publications and user reviews are a crucial element in determining if a site is legit or not.
  • They are registered and regulated as necessary according to the countries and areas they serve.
  • They have a valid and working support service with real people who are contactable. Bitcoin System has 24/5 support available via telephone, in-platform chat and via email. This allows you to contact them whenever needed. 

We can safely say that our research shows that Bitcoin System is not a scam. With so many scam brokers out there it is important to do your research. Two main points to look out for are, “Do they use regulated brokers” and “Do they have online reviews”. If you can answer these two questions you should be able to draw a reasonable conclusion as to their legitimacy. 

A further point to consider is do they have a support team that is contactable. This can often be an indicator of a platform’s legitimacy. 

What we found: An Outstanding Piece of Trading Software that is Legit

What is Bitcoin System? How does it work?

Bitcoin System is an automated trading platform that allows users to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The trading system comes with many unique and useful features including an automated trading system, stop-losses and trading limits. This allows users to trade better and more profitably. These features help set Bitcoin System apart from its competitor. This is thanks to the development team who worked with real traders to ensure that the platform suits the needs of the traders who use it.

This has led to a sophisticated platform that has a user friendly interface and has a precise reporting system. This results in quicker and more effective trading for its users. Studies have shown that a win rate of above 80% is achievable with Bitcoin System. The platform also has the ability to be completely automated. So gone are the days of having to be at your desk to trade and make profits, now you can trade and make profits while you sleep. The ai system has shown to increase a user’s abilities for potential profit by taking out human emotion. This is just one of the many benefits of the ai system.

Some Key Features of Bitcoin System

With so many platforms out there, the platform’s key features often separate it from the others. We looked at Bitcoin System to see what features stood out to us! 

Here is what we found:

  • Licensed & Registered Brokers: Having a broker that is registered and licensed with the relevant regulators is crucial. As if they are not registered, there is a high chance of them being a scam. Bitcoin System works with reliable, registered and licensed brokers to ensure you are protected.
  • Security Systems: this platform has been designed and built with some of the best security systems to secure your data and money and to keep out hackers and scammers. In a world where hackers and cyber theft are on the rise, this is a huge plus.
  • Signaling system: You can’t trade with a bad signaling system. As it is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. This is why we were impressed with the accuracy of the Bitcoin Systems signaling system. 
  • Automated Trading System: making money while you sleep is a huge plus to using Bitcoin System. Life is busy and if you can trade and potentially make profits while not even at your computer, then why not!
  • Withdrawal system: if you can’t get your money out, what is the point of making profits? And this is the reason Bitcoin System brought in the experts to make requesting and processing your withdrawal easy. They have successfully built a 48-hour withdrawal system.
  • Customer Service: we all run into minor issues or need some assistance while trading. Bitcoin System has made sure that their customer service team is the best. The support team is available 24/5 via telephone, email and chat support to assist you. This is some of the best we have seen.
  • Costs & Fees: Bitcoin System has been upfront and clear with their fees, leaving no illusions of the user. It is great to see this level of transparency. They are also very affordable with no registration fee.

How do I Start Trading with Bitcoin System?

So now you are probably wondering how hard it is to register and start trading with Bitcoin System. You are probably thinking it must be hard. But the truth is, its as easy and straight forward as filling out a form! Here is how you get started:

Registration & Sign Up

Long gone are the tedious  hours of filling out paperwork and reading all that small print asking for so much information that you just give up and don’t register. Bitcoin System has changed that completely. The registration process at Bitcoin System is fast, efficient and straightforward.

After you fill in the form, they will assign you an account manager who will assist you through the sign up process. This person will be able to answer any questions you have and guide you through the process. They will also assist you in the verification process which is required to move to step two.

Start by filling out the form below and you account manager will contact you:

Bitcoin System

Register through ICODATA and get a free account manager to help set up your account.

Make a deposit

The next step will be to make the small and affordable Є250 deposit. This will give you access to the whole platform. This amount is added to your trading balance and is not a fee. Compared to other premium systems, Bitcoin Systems deposit is very low and affordable for traders. We recommend starting with the minimum deposit and slowly increasing it as your profits grow. 

Payments can be made through the secure and encrypted payment system using your Credit or Debit Card, Wire Transfer or Mastercard. 


Trading without risk is a great way to learn. And a great way to do that is with the demo account on Bitcoin System. The demo account is a useful feature that allows users to get a feel of the platform and place so demo trades. They can learn their way around the software and even test out some new strategies. 

Unlike other platforms, Bitcoin System has made the demo account so real and similar to the real platform that it is hard to tell the difference. It truly allows you to become a great trader. This part of the platform is available to traders once they have made their deposit and complete verification.

Live trading

With your deposit made, your account verified and you have tested the demo account, you can now move to the Live Account. This is where you can start making real profits. We do recommend staying on the demo account as long as you need as trading can incur losses. It is better to be over prepared. Your account manager will also help you set your trading limits and stop-loss to limit losses. These will assist you in the trading process.

The live platform allows you to see the user-friendliness of the platform. It is easy to navigate and use for both beginner and advanced traders. The platform really stands out in terms of its interface and seeing as this is what you will use every day, it is a great feature. 

The Live Platform also lets you use an automated trading system. This system has been shown in studies to be profitable and better than most human traders. This can save you time and potentially make you more money! The automated trading system is one of the most anticipated parts of Bitcoin System.

How do you Trade Profitably on Bitcoin System?

Can you bake a cake without knowing what goes in the cake? Probably not. So in order to be a good trader, you should know what influences the market, what makes the market move. If you don’t know what influences the markets, how will you trade effectively? It is vital that you spend the time to understand what you are trading/ investing in before you make the decision. With so many resources online these days and many places to learn about the Bitcoin trading world, it is easy to learn about the markets. Make sure that the place you are learning from is reputable.

You can make decent profits trading on the crypto markets using Bitcoin System. But you will need to use the automated system or trade correctly.

Here are three things you should learn:

Learn what makes the Price Move 

You earn money in trading Bitcoin by the movement in price. Buying, when the price is down and selling when it is goes up: So knowing what increases the price/ value move is crucial to being a good trader. Common factors that influence the price:

  • Supply and Demand: If lots of people want something and there is not much stock, the remaining stock is worth more. Thus High Demand + Low Supply = A higher price. 
  • The Media: the media can have a huge influence on people’s opinions and trading. If a bad article or news report is published, it can make the price go down. And of course, good news about celebrities investing in Bitcoin can make the price skyrocket.
  • Integration: You want to be able to use your Bitcoin somewhere. So the more places that start accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment, the more people will want Bitcoin. This makes Bitcoin more valuable and in turn pushes the prices higher.
  • New Laws and Policies: if laws change that affect how we use, trade and earn from Bitcoin, this can have a great effect on the Price of Bitcoin. New laws around Tax, Investing and currency exchange can all affect the price of a cryptocurrency. 

Pick a trading style that works for you

A trading style and strategy defines when and how you trade. Having an effective strategy is crucial to making profitable trades. Typical strategies and styles include:

  • Day trading: this is when you enter and exit a trade within the same day. This is very short term and classified as very risky.
  • Trend trading: this is when traders follow and trade along with a trend in the price. This can be an uptrend or a downtrend and is one of the most popular methods of training.
  • Buy and Hold: this is a longer-term trade and works on the value of Bitcoin increasing over time. This is a more traditional investment method that has been shown to work.

Choose how much risk you are willing to take

Risk and exposure is how much money is on the table and could be lost. This needs to be monitored to limit losses. However, as the saying goes, more risk, more reward. So balance is essential. Too much risk and you are leaving yourself open to attack, too little and you are not going to make enough profits. Ways to manage this:

  • Stop losses: This automatically closes a trade when it gets to a specific price. This helps limit losses in the event of a sudden or drastic change in the markets.
  • Trading limits: the trading limit feature on Bitcoin System allows the user to limit how much money is traded at any one time. This helps to reduce the exposure on your trading account and thus your risk exposure. When you reach your limit the system will inform you and stop you from making more trades, until the risk is below the trading limit.

How Bitcoin Started?

Bitcoin was started in 2008 when a domain was registered. The domain was registered on 18 August 2008 and is considered the start of Bitcoin. The system was allegedly designed by Santoshi Nakamoto. He published a paper in October 2008 titled Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. This paper explained the fundamental ideas of the Bitcoin trading system.

The first Bitcoin was mined on 3 January 2009 which started the Bitcoin Network. Since then many people have gotten involved in the system. From Business Professional and IT boffins to enthusiasts all around the world. 

Since the start of Bitcoin, the currency has gone from strength to strength in both popularity and value. Recently Bitcoin surpassed $60k in value, a level many thought it could never reach these levels. 

At first, many countries and institutions were against the system and some still are. However, as time wore on and the security systems used became better and better. The Bitcoin Blockchain methodology has been said to be some of the best in the world. The Blockchain methodology is now being used and developed in many different systems around the world. 

Bitcoin was the first of many Cryptocurrencies that followed, but it is still regarded as the most influential and sought-after. But with so many digital currencies around now, it gives traders the ability to diversify. 

The Verdict: Is Bitcoin System a good choice?

Bitcoin System is a legit software that offers its users a peace of mind in safety and security. The system was designed to ensure that it is compliant with all the relevant regulators. 

Bitcoin System only uses registered and regulated brokers to ensure that its users receive the best service from licensed professionals. They have also implemented 24/5 customer service to help ensure the best level of service is achieved.

The features seen on Bitcoin System are some of the best in the industry. They have features such as stop losses and trading limits to help users limit their risks and exposure. The platforms automated trading system allows users the ability to trade while away from their desk.