Bitcoin Pro Review: Is it a Scam or Legit?

March 31, 2021

Bitcoin recently passed $61 000 in value. This is a level that many never thought was reachable. This has led many new traders and investors to the Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin markets in search of above average profits.

Many of these traders are inexperienced and have little to no trading skills. It can seem like a daunting task to trade these volatile markets when you are a newbie, but platforms like Bitcoin Pro make trading much easier. These platforms have unique features that help traders automate and improve a lot of their trading tasks.

Many new traders worry about the security of these platforms and are concerned that the platforms are scams. We understand your concern and are conducting these reviews to get the answers. In this review, we are going to look at the platform Bitcoin Pro. This is one of the newer and more popular platforms on the market.

What is Bitcoin Pro?

Bitcoin Pro is a state of the art trading platform that helps users make profitable trades in the Bitcoin and Crypto markets. By making the system easy to use, easy to navigate and efficient; they have allowed users to generate above average profits over time.

The system also comes with a unique and profitable automated trading platform. This platform allows traders to trade using the automated trader. This system has been shown to have win rates of over 80% if the market conditions are right. The Bitcoin Pro automated trading system has been rated by its users as one of the best on the market.

The reason the system is so highly rated and sought-after is because the design team had traders consulting on the process. This led to a platform that was designed with traders input, including the features they want, need and use.

Let’s Get Started

It is important to note that you must be a registered Bitcoin Pro account holder to live trade. Unfortunately, no trading will commence until you complete registration. The platform has done its best to make the process as quick as possible, but does follow all the regulatory requirements.

We would warn users against trading on platforms who allow you to trade without registration as this goes against the regulations set out that must be followed by registered brokers.

Let’s take you through the steps:


You will find registration to be quite simple and straightforward. This is thanks to the Bitcoin Pro team who made sure the process runs smoothly. All you need to do is make sure you have your essential information on hand to complete the registration form. We would suggest you enter your information correctly for verification processes. You will find that this registration process is much easier than other trading platforms and does not require you to submit tons of documentation.

Bitcoin Pro

Register through ICODATA and get a free account manager to help set up your account.


To start trading with the live trading feature on Bitcoin Pro, you will need to fund your account. This is usually the part where investors get nervous, but you don’t have to with Bitcoin Pro. We have shown that they are a legit and reputable platform. Bitcoin Pro also uses the best security systems to ensure your money is safe and they have kept the deposit low and affordable. To fund your account, all you need is a minimum deposit of €250. This amount is added to your trading capital, meaning you can get started trading as soon as your deposit reflects and verification is complete.

Demo account

The demo trading account is very resourceful and a sought-after feature that many trading systems do not afford their clients. For new users, it allows you to learn how the algorithm works and how to place and close trades. You will be able to place trades and watch how the system goes to work for you. To trade on the demo account you do not need any real funds. All you need to do is test the trading system. The demo account is completely optional. You can skip straight to live trading if you want to.

Live trading

If you explored the demo account, then live trading will be easy and straightforward. You will have noticed how easy the system is to use and navigate. Especially for new users. Because of this easy to use nature of the trading system, finding your way around the live account is no problem at all. You will need assistance from your account manager to help you set your stop-loss limit and decide when to open and close your trading session. This can help you stay in control of the system and what it does. You can also set your trading limit to remain in control of the automated trading system.

Do they have Good Customer Service?

Bitcoin Pro has become know for their excellent customer service! Unlike many other platforms, Bitcoin Pro loves talking to their customers and make it easy for them to get in contact with the support team.

They have made their support team available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week to ensure they can assist their customers needs. The support team is available via in-platform chat, telephone and email. This makes it easy and accessible for their users to reach out in their preferred methods.

We did some research to see what the users say, we found many 5 star reviews talking about the attentiveness, speed and helpfulness of the support team. This can give users a peace of mind that when they need assistance, they can get it!

Is Bitcoin Pro a scam?

We did some extensive research looking at reports, reviews and studies and found that Bitcoin Pro is not a scam and is a legit trading software. The system makes use of registered brokers and follows all regulatory requirements.

With many new platforms joining the online trading world, it can seem like an impossible task to tell which platforms are legit and which are scams. This may be a hard step, but it is crucial that you, as the user of a trading platform, do your own research before signing up for a platform. You need to ensure that the place you are putting your money is safe, secure and trusted. This research can be done by reading review articles, looking at online user reviews and checking the information given on the systems website.

There are many agencies and departments working hard to tackle and take down these fake platforms and arrest the scammers. This work is being done across many countries. This work is helping to create a safer trading space. This also helps the legit platforms to shine making it easier for new users to find and choose their investment platform.

What to look out for?

With so many scams on the internet, we thought it would be helpful to create a list of what you should look out for when doing this research. There are more items, but we tried to condense the list to the most important things to look out for.

Look for concrete data and information that helps prove that these systems are safe. These are some of the common scams and what to lookout for:

1. What brokers do they use?

Brokers are the people who process the actual trades. These people are well trained professionals who have to be registered, licensed and regulated with the market regulators to be able to process your trades and be a broker. A fake broker will not have a registration number and will not be licensed. These fake brokers must be avoided as they are a crucial part of many scams.

These are the numbers issued to the broker by the relevant regulating authority. These numbers are unique and can be checked on the regulating authorities website. The regulators make it easy to check and report fake brokers.

Bitcoin Pro only uses registered brokers who are registered and licensed. This helps give their users peace of mind.

2. Can you call them? How can you contact them?

This does sound like a simple task. But scammers do not want to get on the phone or email with you. As this gives you more data and opens them up to being caught. Being able to call a platform’s support team and speak to a real person is a big step in the right direction. This is also needed for customer service further down the line. Knowing how to contact them is a key feature, do they offer telephone, in-app chat or email? Many scammers will be unreachable and will have copy-paste help pages.

Try talking to their support team through one of their channels to see if they are legit or not. See what their response time is and how well they respond. Are they helpful? Or do they just try to get rid of you.

Bitcoin Pro is top of its class when it comes to customer service and support. They have a well trained support team available twenty four hours a day, five days a week. This is some of the best support we have seen offered by a platform. The reviews so far can attest to this as well, with many 5 star reviews and comments of their support.

3. Crypto Clubs & Ponzi Schemes

This is a new day trap that has caught many off-guard. Crypto clubs are a type of new day ponzi scheme that has caused many investors to lose a lot of money. These scam platforms draw users in saying that investments are pooled together for “Greater returns” when it is actually a hoax. They use the money to keep everyone happy until the money runs out. Another tactic they use is to limit when you can withdraw and make it difficult to withdraw, examples “Invest now and withdraw in a year’s time”. A year down the line the company will be gone, and so will you money.

These ponzi schemes play on investors’ emotions to draw them in with the chances of unrealistic and large returns. Bitcoin Pro is definitely not one of these platforms. You can withdraw your money at any time!

4. Fake Cryptocurrencies

With many new Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) launching every year, it is frustrating to hear of this type of scam. This popular scammers trick is to use fake currencies or fake ICO’s. It is crucial to only take part in these offerings through registered and regulated brokers to ensure the offer is legit. Everyone wants to get in early before the prices rise, and the scammers use these emotions for their gain. This is why research is so important.

Unfortunately with the world of Cryptocurrency still relatively young, it can be hard to distinguish between the real and fake currencies. This is why it is crucial that you use registered brokers to assist you through the process.

5. Using Celebrities as ClickBait

Using fake celebrity interviews, news and endorsement is one of the latest tricks used by scammers. Many of these scammers use celebrities as clickbait in their social media ads. These celebrities are popular amongst the people the scammers are targeting. The scammers play off the reputation of the celebrities by fabricating fake news, fake interviews and social media adverts using specific celebrities investing in Bitcoin to draw your interest. They lead you to a fake platform where they steal your money. It is vital that you check up on these rumours to see if they are true or not.

Bitcoin Pro is a legit platform. With Registered brokers who are licensed and regulated, they are far from a scam. They also used the latest security systems to ensure the users on their platform are safe from attack. They steer clear of these scammer tactics and do not use false celebrity endorsement. This is a legit and reputable platform.

Our Verdict: Is Bitcoin Pro Legit?

We have conducted a thorough review on Bitcoin Pro. We looked at many online publications and studies. This new Bitcoin and Crypto Trading system is taking the world by storm but is it all its cut out to be? Is it legit?

The Platform is legit showing its security and transparency throughout its website and in its reviews. The platform also offers a 24/5 support team to help its users achieve their goals. This team is available via email, telephone or in-app chat. The trading system also uses state of the art encryption technology to ensure your data and money are safe. They are very strict on the process of selecting new brokers, making sure the brokers are legit, licensed and registered.

The customer service team has put in considerable effort to make the signup process as easy as possible. They understand that you do not want to be filling in paperwork. They have automated a lot of the process and assigned each user an account manager who can help guide them through the regulatory process. This person is your go to person and will be able to guide you through the process of getting started.

Their automated system was great to see. It has been shown to be better than a lot of humans. And the time-saving capabilities are a great saving for its users. There have been reports of users making large profits while using the system.

The platform is certainly a great option for new and advanced users, with its exceptional customer service and easy to use system. This platform is one of the best on the market.

Stop thinking about it and sign up for Bitcoin Pro today!