Bitcoin Investor: Scam or Legit?

March 19, 2021

Bitcoin investor is a new platform that has landed on the cryptocurrency market. This platform has many features to make trading easier and more profitable. This comes at a time when Bitcoin has soared past $60k in value and many investors are investing in Bitcoin. 

There is no doubting the profit making capabilities of Bitcoin, with some investors reporting mind blowing returns. This has led to the term of “Bitcoin Millionaire”. These are people who made the majority of their fortune from investing in Bitcoin. 

In this review we are going to look at Bitcoin Investor to find out what it is, how to use it, and who the platform is suited to.

What is Bitcoin Investor?

Bitcoin Investor is a state of the art trading system that helps traders trade successfully on the cryptocurrency markets. The system has been designed with the aim of helping users generate above average profits. According to some studies, profits made using Bitcoin Investor are higher than most of its competitors. These returns have made the platform a popular choice amongst traders and investors alike.

One of the standout features of the Bitcoin Investor Platform is its automated trading system. This system is state of the art with the best algorithm in the industry. This sophisticated algorithm works with the market analysing more data than you could imagine which allows it to make precise trades for the user that are based on evidence and facts, and under affected by your emotions. 

The design team at Bitcoin Investor worked tirelessly to ensure the system was easy to use for both new and experienced traders. They also made sure the system had the latest security and encryption technology to keep their users data safe and secure.

How to Get Started on Bitcoin Investor

Bitcoin Investor has some amazing features. You are probably wondering how you can get started trading. Bitcoin Investor has made the signup process easy and straightforward. Luckily we answer all these questions below:

Step One: Get Registered

The first step is to fill out the form below to start the sign up process. Make sure you use your direct contact information to make the process move along smoothly. Bitcoin Investor will only need your basic information, no credit card details will need to be needed at this point.

Bitcoin Investor

Register through ICODATA and get a free account manager to help set up your account.

After you have filled out the form and submitted your information, you will be assigned to an account manager to help you with the setup process. This makes the process more relaxed and easy as there will be someone to help and guide you through the process. Submitting the correct documents for verification is a crucial part of this step. Your account manager will be able to explain what documents are required.

Step Two: Make A Deposit

You need to fund your account to start trading. Making the deposit will give you access to the platform and all of its features. With the minimum deposit at Bitcoin Investor being only Є250, it is very affordable. This deposit will also be used as your initial investment capital. This means you won’t need to deposit more money to start trading as Bitcoin Investor will use your deposit for your first trades.

What we suggest: Start with the minimum initial deposit of Є250. Then add more money when you start getting the hang of things and making profits

Step Three: Try out the Demo Account 

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could practice without using your own money? Wouldn’t it be unbelievable if you could test the platform without risking your hard earned cash?  

Well, luckily you can! With Bitcoin Investor, you have access to a demo account that functions and looks exactly the same as the live trading system. Some traders have even said it is impossible to tell the difference. This allows you to practice, test and familiarize yourself with the system before you trade for real. 

Use the demo account until you are ready to move to live trading, and use the platform to familiarize yourself with the features of the trading platform.

Step Four: Move into Live Trading 

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the platform by using the demo account. You are ready to turn those demo profits into real profits. No longer. 

This is where you will see the user-friendliness of the platform. The platform has been designed to stand out from the other trading platforms through its easy to use and understand user interface. It is easy to use for traders just starting out and complex enough for seasoned traders. This is the best of both often not seen on other platforms.

When was Bitcoin Investor Founded? 

Bitcoin Investor first emerged in early parts of 2018 and has grown in popularity since then. Many users/investors have had positive experiences with the trading tool. It is reported that a group of brokers decided that it was time to maximise profits through an automated trading tool. This tool became Bitcoin Investor. 

The main aim of the platform was to assist new and experienced investors, with any level of experience or trading skills, to not only trade successfully but also to thrive in the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin Investor is 0.0.1 seconds ahead of the market, meaning that you have a competitive edge when trading with this tool. The algorithm is lightning fast and making decisions happens at a fraction of a second. Investors will find that the tool is simple and easy-to-use and you won’t need much guidance finding your way around. 

Should you Trade Bitcoin?

In the past, traders used to think that trading major currency pairs was the only way to make profit. This was often due to volatility and liquidity constraints of the other asset in the marketplace. However, today that is no longer the case. Traders have the choice of many currency pairs, CFDs and commodities to trade. But none of them match the Bitcoin Markets.

The Bitcoin Market and Bitcoin Pairs are some of the most traded assets on the world markets. This is because unlike other assets, they run and can be traded 24/7. This gives investors all around the world, unlimited access to trade the swings and patterns in their mission to get profits. 

Here are Three more Reasons to Trade Bitcoin:

High Volatility

New traders may struggle to grapes the importance volatility plays in the trading arena. If you want to be making consistent short and long term profits, you must trade volatile assets. If the assets don’t move or move slowly. Your profits are slow and eaten up by interest from your margins. Bitcoin is known to be one of the highest volatility markets in the world. Pairs like BTC/USD and BTC/EUR are also highly volatile. This makes making profits an easier task.

The Market Movement is Easy To Understand

If you have ever traded Forex pairs, you will know the struggle in finding the trends. This is because it often runs on a major long-term trend. Bitcoin on the other hand can be traded regardless of the trend. This is thanks to the volatility and the way the asset is traded.

Not as Influenced by the News

Forex and CFDs are hugely impacted and often driven by the news. Unlike them, Bitcoin has been shown in studies to be less influenced by the news. This means less fundamental analysis is needed when trading Bitcoin as opposed to Forex. 

Is Bitcoin Investor Legit or Scam?

With so many new trading platforms and systems coming onto the market it can be difficult to determine which is credible and which is a scam. With cybercrimes on the rise, you need to be extra careful of who you give your information to and that is why we wanted to make sure that Bitcoin Investor is legit before reviewing it.

We can now confirm that Bitcoin Investor is legit and not a scam. We did some online research, looked at reviews, and read some surveys and found an unprecedented amount of data showing that Bitcoin Investor is credible. Their users applaud their security systems and customer service. We have created a three step system to help determine whether a platform is legit and here are the results from Bitcoin Investor: 

  1. Bitcoin Investor makes sure that all their brokers are registered and regulated to ensure that your data is safe. They have gone through these brokers to make sure they only partner with the legit ones and avoid brokers with shady reviews or histories.
  2. They have the latest security systems to ensure their platform is secure. This guarantees that your data and personal information is safe while you use the Bitcoin Investor software. With the rise of hackers, this is a vital feature.
  3. Bitcoin Investor has a well trained and attentive support team who are ready to assist you with your needs. A common telling point of a scam platform is they have no humans to talk to in their support team. This is far from Bitcoin Investor who have a 24/5 support team available via telephone, in platform chat and email. 

Five Features of Bitcoin Investor that Stand Out from its competitors

As we mentioned before, there are hundreds of seemingly profitable trading tools online, but not all of them can be trusted or have the features you need to assist you in being profitable on the cryptocurrency market. The crypto markets are fast moving and need a platform that can keep up. Bitcoin Investor can definitely keep up.

Here are five standout features you need to know about: 

Stay Ahead of the Market: The Bitcoin Investor programming is way ahead of the financial market. It is said to be 0.01 seconds ahead of the market. This speed can help you make fast and accurate trades.  

Profitable Trading Signals: Bitcoin Investor is able to detect even the smallest changes in the market. Which means it can produce the most precise trading signals on the platform for you to act on. 

No Registration Fee Required: Bitcoin Investor, unlike other similar trading tools, does not charge any registration or brokerage fees. All you need is a minimum deposit. 

Online Platform: Once you have registered, you can access the Bitcoin Investor platform from anywhere in the world. There is no mobile app yet, but we predict that there will be one soon. You can access it via all popular web browsers. All you need for now is an active internet connection. 

Affordable Minimum Deposit: Bitcoin Investor only requires a minimum deposit of €250. This makes it affordable for traders to get started. This deposit will also be used as your first initial capital investment which will be used to trade. We suggest you stick to the minimum deposit. You can always deposit more once you make your first earnings. 

The Verdict: Should you use Bitcoin Investor

Bitcoin Investor is one of the newer platforms but has been shown to have significant potential at becoming the best rated platform. The platform has already received many online reviews highlighting many of the amazing features of Bitcoin Investor. 

The system uses the latest encryption and security systems to ensure that the platform is secure and safe to use. The platform also ensures that the brokers it is using are legit, regulated and licensed in the right jurisdictions. This gives investors a peace of mind.

The platform has some of the fastest response times we have seen helping you stay ahead and profitable. The system also has a sophisticated signaling system that helps you see the latest opportunities happening in the market.

The automated trading system is a great feature that helps new and experienced traders save time and trade more profitably. The system allows traders to set the trading system to make trades within specific sessions and trading limits. This helps you to remain in control while still saving time.

This is truly one of the best trading platforms we have seen to date. Stop considering and stop earning with Bitcoin Investor! Invest Today!