Bitcoin Code Review: Scam or Legit?

March 11, 2021

The Crypto market blew up after Bitcoin surpassed $50K in March 2021. Many new investors may be wondering what this means for them? There are many theories and studies out there and from what we have seen, Bitcoin is still considered a good and profitable investment. Bitcoin is very liquid and easily accessible all around the world. This coupled with the price rise has made it very popular.

But how do you trade Bitcoin and what trading platform should you use?

With so many trading platforms out there it can be hard to choose. This is why we are trying to review as many as possible. In this review, we are going to look at Bitcoin Code to see if it is a good platform to use.

What is Bitcoin Code?

Bitcoin Code is a trading platform like no other. It is easy to use and many new users have sung its praises for its layout and simplicity. Bitcoin Code encompasses everything many traders have been looking and asking for, all in one platform. It is evident that Bitcoin Code has been designed so new and experienced users can easily transition into the platform without hassles. This allows you to spend less time faffing and more time trading faster.

The trading platform has a state of the art reporting system that is ultra-fast. This is done by the algorithm and allows for quick and better decision making when it comes to making trades. Bitcoin is fully-automated which means that it is run by an auto-trader that requires little to no effort from you. You can basically sit back and watch the auto-trader go to work. The Autotrader allows traders to trade automatically within set parameters including time and money limits. This allows you to trade whenever without having to be by at your desk. This saves you time and money.

How to Get Started on Bitcoin Code

Now that you have seen the abilities and characteristics of the Bitcoin Code. You are probably wondering how to get started and sign up for this trading platform. You are also probably wondering how expensive this trading platform is and how much you will need to lay out for the deposit. Luckily we answer all these questions below:

Step One: Get Registered

The first step is to fill out the form below to start the sign up process. It is that easy. Just fill out the form below and you will be on your way. Bitcoin Code will only need your essential information, no credit card details will need to be given at this point.

Bitcoin Code

Register through ICODATA and get a free account manager to help set up your account.

Once you have filled out the form and submitted your details, you will be allocated to an account manager. This makes the whole process so much more relaxed as you will have an actual person to help you through the whole process. They will be able to lead you through the verification process and solve any issues you may have. And they will be in contact with you from then on.

Step Two: Make A Deposit

The next step is to make your deposit. This gives you access to the whole trading system and allows you to take the steps to start trading. The minimum deposit with Bitcoin Code is only Є250 to start off with. This deposit will also be used as your initial investment capital. This means you won’t need to deposit more money to start trading as Bitcoin Code will use your deposit for your first trades.

What we recommend: Start with the minimum initial deposit for your first attempt at trading. Then add more money when you start getting the hang of things and making profits.

Step Three: Try out the Demo Account

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could practice without any risk? Wouldn’t it be unbelievable if you could learn without trading for real?

Well, luckily you can! With Bitcoin Code, you have access to a demo account that functions and feels exactly the same as the live trading platform. This allows you to practice, test and familiarize yourself with the system before you trade for real.

We always suggest testing out the demo account until you know you are ready to trade for real.

Step Four: Move into Live Trading

Now that you have tried and examined the platform you are presumably impressed and excited to get started. At least we were fascinated. You feel like you are using a very expensive platform and what’s crazy is the platform is absolutely free!

This is where you will see the user-friendliness of the platform. The platform has been built to stand out from the other trading platforms through its user interface. It is easy to use for traders just starting out and complex enough for seasoned traders. This is the best of both often not seen on other platforms.

Is Bitcoin Code Legit or Scam?

With so many new trading platforms and systems coming onto the market it can be difficult to determine which is credible and which is a scam. With cybercrimes on the rise, you need to be extra careful of who you give your information to and that is why we wanted to make sure that Bitcoin Code is legit before endorsing it.

We can now confirm that Bitcoin Code is legit and not a scam. We did some online research, looked at reviews, and read some surveys and found an unprecedented amount of data showing that Bitcoin Code is credible. Their users applaud their security systems and customer service. We have created a three step system to help determine whether a platform is legit and here are the results from Bitcoin Code:

  1. Bitcoin Code uses registered brokers who are regulated to ensure that your information and data is safe. They have gone through these brokers meticulously to make sure they only partner with the legit ones.
  2. They have the newest security systems. This guarantees that your data and personal information is safe while you use the Bitcoin Code software. With the rise of hackers, this is a vital feature.
  3. Bitcoin Code has a real support team. The common telling point of a scam is they have no humans to talk to in their support team. Bitcoin Code has 24/5 support via telephone, in platform chat and email.

Should You Try Bitcoin Code’s Automated trading system?

Trading can be difficult, especially when you’re new to trading on the cryptocurrency market. It can also seem to take up a lot of your time and energy. The truth is trading is all of those things. While you are able to learn and become an expert, it does take some time and practice. So what are your options then if you want to trade now?

A great option is using the automated system that Bitcoin Code offers. This system automatically places trades within the sessions and markets you define and within the trading limit, you set. This allows you to carry on with your life, checking in for 30mins a day to claim and see your potential profits. Some studies suggest that automated systems may be more profitable than normal systems.

Many traders have said that using an automated trading system was easier than trading themselves.

Advantages of using an Automated Trading System:

  • Trading is free of human-error.
  • The system can be tested on historical data.
  • The system is very disciplined and not swayed.
  • It allows a user to have multiple accounts.

Disadvantages of using an Automated Trading System:

  • There are on very rare occasions system issues.
  • Does require some monitoring.

It is no wonder that these automated systems are growing so rapidly. The time saving benefits of using an auto trader are also very beneficial. An automated trading system is a great option for traders who have other focuses and cannot spend large amounts of time trading and learning to trade.

How do you Trade Profitably on Bitcoin Code?

If you don’t know what influences the markets, how will you trade effectively? It is vital that you spend the time to understand what you are trading/ investing in before you make the decision. With so many online resources and places to learn about the cryptocurrency world, it is easier now to learn about the markets. Make sure that the place you are learning from is legit and know what they are talking about.

You can make good profits trading on the crypto markets using Bitcoin Code. But you will need to use the Autotrader or trade correctly.

Here are three things you should learn:

Learn what makes the Price Move

You earn money in trading Bitcoin by the movement in price. Buying, when the price is low and selling when it is higher: So knowing what increases the price/ value move is crucial to being a good trader. Common factors that influence the price:

  • Supply and Demand: If lots of people want something and there is not much stock, the remaining stock is worth more. Thus High Demand + Low Supply = A higher price.
  • The Media: the media can have a huge influence on people’s opinions and trading. If a bad article or news report is published, it can make the price go down. And of course, good news about celebrities investing in Bitcoin can make the price skyrocket.
  • Integration: You want to be able to use your Bitcoin somewhere. So the more places that start accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment, the more people will want Bitcoin. And this pushes the price higher.
  • New Laws and Policies: new laws around tax or changes in trading regulations can affect the price. These can be changes in how Bitcoin is accepted, processed and taxed. As this affects those who buy and trade the currency.

Pick a trading style and Strategy that suits you

A trading style and strategy defines when and how you trade. Having a good strategy is crucial to being profitable. Typical strategies and styles include:

  • Day trading: this is when you enter and exit a trade within the same day. This is very short term and classified as very risky.
  • Trend trading: this is when traders follow and trade along with a trend in the price. This can be an uptrend or a downtrend and is one of the most popular methods of training.
  • Buy and Hold: this is a longer-term trade and works on the value of Bitcoin increasing over time. This is a more traditional investment method that has been shown to work.

Choose how much risk and exposure you want

Risk and exposure is how much money is on the table and could be lost. This needs to be monitored to limit losses. However, as the saying goes, more risk, more reward. So balance is crucial. Ways to manage this:

  • Stop losses: This automatically closes a trade when it gets to a specific price. This helps limit losses in the event of a sudden or drastic change in the markets.
  • Trading limits: this feature on Bitcoin Code allows the user to limit how much money is traded at any one time. This helps to reduce the exposure on your trading account and thus your risk exposure.

How Bitcoin Started?

Bitcoin was started in 2008 when a domain was registered. The domain was registered on 18 August 2008 and is considered the start of Bitcoin. The system was allegedly designed by Santoshi Nakamoto. He published a paper in October 2008 titled Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.

The first Bitcoin was mined on 3 January 2009 which started the Bitcoin Network. Since then many people have gotten involved in the system. From programmers and IT professionals to finance enthusiasts.

Since the start of Bitcoin, the currency has gone from strength to strength in both popularity and value. Recently Bitcoin surpassed $51k in value, a level many thought it could never reach. At first, many countries and institutions were sceptical and many still are. However, as time wore on and the security systems used became better and better. The Bitcoin Blockchain methodology has been said to be some of the best in the world.

Bitcoin was the first of many Cryptocurrencies that followed, but it is still regarded as the most influential and sought-after.

Rumours of Celebrities who use Bitcoin Code

There have been many rumours circulating recently about different celebrities who use Bitcoin Code. Some of them may invest in bitcoin but many have not used or endorsed the trading system as of yet.

But who are these celebrities that featured in the rumours:

  • Elon Musk – Elon Musk has tweeted about Bitcoin many times and it is assumed he owns some. He even mentioned that they are working towards accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment for Teslas in the future. Earlier in 2021 Tesla invested $1.5 billion in Bitcoin. He is a supporter in Bitcoin but has made no mention of trading systems.
  • Gordon Ramsay – The famous British Chef and TV personality has not yet openly said he supports Bitcoin or any Bitcoin trading System..
  • Somizi Mhlongo – Somizi has not invested or traded in Bitcoin (Bitcoin trading systems) and released a statement on Social Media stating this.
  • Trevor Noah – The Daily Show host is popular in the world of TV. However, he has not yet invested or endorsed Bitcoin Trading systems.
  • Amancio Ortega – The Billionaire who owns Zara has a lot of money that he could put towards Bitcoin. However, there is no public information to suggest he invests in Bitcoin or Bitcoin Trading Systems.
  • Cyril Ramaphosa – The South Africa President and Businessman has made a lot of money investing in companies. But he is not yet involved in Bitcoin, as a public servant he has to declare all of his assets and bitcoin is not one of them.
  • Bill Gates – One of the wealthiest men in the world has also featured in some of these rumours, however, he has not yet invested in Bitcoin.

Our Verdict: Bitcoin Code Review

We have looked through all the studies, surveys and information we could find on Bitcoin Code. This new Bitcoin Trading Platform is taking the world by storm but is it all its cut out to be? Is it legit? The Platform is certainly legit passing all three of our scam questions with flying colours. The trading system also uses state of the art encryption technology to ensure your data and money are safe. They also only use registered brokers and avoid brokers that have scam warnings or shady histories.

The platform certainly lives up to the hype with a low deposit, easy signup and they even assign you an account manager. They really put in the extra effort to ensure you are happy and taken care of.

Their automated system was very interesting. It has been shown to be better than a lot of humans in the studies we read. And the time-saving capabilities are a great saving for its users.

The platform is certainly a great option for new and advanced users, with its ultra-fast reporting and easy to use system.

Stop considering and sign up for Bitcoin Code today!