Bitcoin Champion Review: Scam or Legit?

March 9, 2021

The market is exploding in the world of Cryptocurrency. With Bitcoin surpassing $50,000 in value it has surpassed all previous expectations. This has been a true testament to the profitability and opportunities available in the Bitcoin world today. This has led many new and experienced traders to explore the option to trade Bitcoin and the crypto market.

There are so many products out there that it can be hard to know which are scams and which are not. And which are suitable for new traders who want trading to be as easy and straightforward as possible.

In this review, we will be exploring Bitcoin Champion to investigate if it is an option worth considering.

What is Bitcoin Champion?

Bitcoin Champion is a state of the art trading system that allows traders and investors direct access to the Bitcoin Markets. This coupled with their fast and reliable system means traders can trade at lightning speed for a greater chance of being profitable.

The system has been designed with traders in mind making it user friendly and straightforward to use for both new and experienced traders. Many of the studies done have rated it “the easiest system to adjust to”.

The system also has an automated trading system that puts many others to shame. It has been said that a win-rate of 80% is possible. This is due to their sophisticated algorithm and emotionless fact-based trading.

But is it right for you? Is it legit? Keep reading to find out!

Is Bitcoin Champion a Scam?

A scam would mean that Bitcoin Champion would steal your money or provide you with a false trading system in return for your money. Our studies have shown this to be untrue. Bitcoin Champion is a top-class platform that is certainly not a scam. And here are 3 reasons why:

  1. They use registered brokers who are regulated to ensure that your information and data is safe. They have gone through these brokers meticulously to make sure they only partner with the legit ones.
  2. They have state of the art security systems. This ensures that you and your data is safe while you use their software. With the rise of hackers, this is a vital feature.
  3. They have a real support team. The common telling point of a scam is they have no humans to talk to in their support team. Bitcoin Champion offers 24/5 support via telephone, in platform chat and email.

You can see by these points and through many studies that Bitcoin Champion is legit and is not a Scam.

How do I Start Trading with Bitcoin Champion?

Now that you know that Bitcoin Champion is not a scam, you are presumably ready to start trading. Luckily for you, the registration and setup process for Bitcoin Champion is easy and straight-forward.

Step one: Registration & Sign Up

The first step is to fill in your details. This will register you will the Bitcoin Champion Team who will assign you an Account Manager. This person will assist you with the registration process and guide you through setting up your account. They will also be able to answer any of the questions you may have.

The development team at Bitcoin Champion have worked hard to ensure the process is simple and straightforward, so you can get to trading quicker.

Start by filling out the form below and your account manager will contact you shortly:

Bitcoin Champion

Register through ICODATA and get a free account manager to help set up your account.

Step two: Make your deposit

Once you have completed your sign up and verification, you will need to make your deposit. This deposit is as affordable as trading platforms go, being only Є250. This deposit goes directly into your trading account and towards your trades.

This process will give you access to the entire platform including the demo account.

Payments can be made through the secure and encrypted payment system using your Credit or Debit Card, Wire Transfer or Mastercard.

Step three: Try out Demo-trading

Demo accounts have a reputation for being unreal and difficult to use. However, this is not the story with Bitcoin Champion! The development team spent a lot of time to recreate the Live Trading platform as a demo platform. They used historical data to make it smoother. This allows traders to learn to trade using the demo software. It is also useful to experienced traders who can use the platform to practice and try out new strategies.

There have been a few surveys done to see what the traders think of the demo platform. The surveys showed a majority of positive responses with minor feedback which was quickly actioned by the development team.

We recommend staying on and using the demo platform until you are comfortable.

Step four: Live trading

Now that you have registered, made your deposit and tried the platform on the demo account, you must be ready and eager to trade on the live platform. It is important to take your time and do your research as trading can incur losses.

When you are ready, you can start trading on the live platform. This is where you see the magic of the markets. And with Bitcoin Champions ultra-fast platform you can watch as each currency changes in price.

When you start using the live platform, you will be able to use the automated trading feature which will allow you to trade while you sleep. You will set the times in which it trades and the limits in which it can trade and that’s it. You can check in once or twice a day and watch the trading system take over. This can save you a lot of time as you will not have to be by your desk all the time.

Is Automated Trading a Good idea on Bitcoin Champion?

You are probably wondering if an automated trading system or trading robot can actually trade better than a human? The answer is it can trade better than some and studies have shown them to be very profitable.

It also frees up a lot of time for the trader to focus on other markets or projects. Here are some advantages of using Bitcoin Champion’s Automated Trading:

  • Less trading on external factors

We read the news, we listen to podcasts and we see ideas on social media. This all has an influence on our trading and mindset. And while it may sound minor, it can have a great effect on your results.

Automated traders do not have these influences and can trade on data alone. This can lead to more constant and predictable trading.

  • Provides the ability to backtest

Backtesting is when you test an algorithm on historical data. This allows you to see if the system works and where its flaws are.

This is great as it can be done with an automated system much easier than a human trading system.

  • Help keep you on plan

A system sticks to a plan no matter what. This is what it is programmed to do. So you won’t have any problems with it having a new idea or not trading as much. As the system will trade as it is set to do.

  • Assists you to diversify

As a human trader, we tend to stick to what we know or what has made our profits. This sounds good but can lead us open for distro if the asset we trade goes changes too much or too little in price.

Trading systems are often built for multiple currencies making your trading more diversified. This has been said to be less risky.

  • Fewer Emotions

We all have emotions. And no matter how much you try to convince yourself, your emotions often influence and in cases drive your decision making. Having fewer emotions means you can trade better and studies have shown more profitably.

This is because the system is not changed due to your energy, frustration or any other emotions you may be feeling.

  • Faster Response

We are human and need to do human things like sleep, eat and all the other stuff. An automated system does not. It will not miss opportunities as we would when eating or being away from your desk.

This means you can have faster trading that could lead to better profitability.

Some Key Features of Immediate Profit

Features are often what separates one trading platform from another. What features are on the software that can help you as the user trade better and more profitably? These are the questions many of you are asking and we reviewed Bitcoin Champion to find the answers. Here is what we found:

  • Licensed & Registered Brokers: Making sure the broker you are using is registered and licensed with the relevant regulators is crucial. As if they are not registered, there is a high chance of them being a scam. Bitcoin Champion works with reputable, registered and licensed brokers to ensure you are safe.
  • Security Systems: this platform has been built with the most trustworthy security systems to guarantee that your data and money are secure. In a world where hackers and cyber theft are on the rise, this is a great feature.
  • Signalling system: When you are trading, you need clear and precise data and signals of what is happening in the market at that time. A trading system also needs this data to be able to make good trades. This is something this platform shines at. They have a strong and fast signally system that some traders have attributed to their success.
  • Automated Trading System: life is busy and you don’t have time to sit and look at the screen all day waiting for the perfect moment to place the trade. Immediate Profit allows users to use the automated system that does the trading for them during the user set trading windows. Automated traders have been shown to be more profitable than human traders in some studies.
  • Withdrawal system: a lot of traders trading as their main source of income and others are using it as an investment. This means it is crucial to have a fast and straightforward withdrawal process. This is exactly what Bitcoin Champion has! They have built their systems and processes to have a 48-hour withdrawal system.
  • Customer Service: you want to know that if you have a problem that there will be a support team to help you. Customer service can make or break a company and this is why Bitcoin Champion has made customer service a priority. The support team is available 24/5 via telephone, email and chat support to assist you. This is some of the best we have seen.
  • Costs & Fees: transparency is important in the financial space. You need to know what fees you are paying and for what. We have found Bitcoin Champion to be transparently displaying all fees upfront. They are also very affordable with no registration fee.

Our Verdict: Is Bitcoin Champion worth it?

Bitcoin Champion has been applauded for its customer service in many surveys and studies. This makes them a top contender for the trading platforms top spots. Their 24/5 support team is around and available to help its traders keep trading.

Apart from this, they have a very secure system that keeps its user’s data and money safe from hackers. They also use a high-quality payment gateway to ensure you are safe and secure.

The trading system has one of the best auto traders ever seen. Couple this with a state of the art trading system and ultra fats signaling and you can understand why so many traders use this platform.

Stop considering Bitcoin Champion and invest today!