Bitcoin Blueprint: Is it Legit or a Scam?

April 28, 2021

Bitcoin Blueprint is a new and popular trading platform on the cryptocurrency market. It assists new users especially with trading on the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Blueprint is able to do this through a superior trading algorithm that works in conjunction with artificial intelligence. This algorithm is so advanced that it is able to adjust to global news in real time. Which means that your chance of mission out on profitable opportunities is very slim. With Bitcoin Blueprint you do not have to worry about your live trading account. All you need to do is make sure that your account is set up correctly with the help of your dedicated account manager. Make sure that you have configured your account settings. This means setting a stop-loss limit and deciding when to open and close your trade settings.

Is Bitcoin Blueprint Legit or a Scam?

Since the cryptocurrency market is oversaturated with trading technologies that claim to yield unrealistic profits for new users, we understand why you may have doubts concerning the Bitcoin Blueprint trading platform. We had our doubts too, this is why we decided to conduct thorough testing of Bitcoin Blueprint before giving it the green light. We have to admit that our team was thoroughly impressed with Bitcoin Blueprint and found no red flags during our testing. In fact, we did find some great features which attest to the legitimacy and effectiveness of Bitcoin Blueprint.

Here are some of the most significant features we found, while testing the Bitcoin BluePrint trading platform:

  • Free demo trading account: once you fund your account you have full access to the demo-trading account feature. There is no limit to how long you are able to ‘practice trade’ on the demo account. The demo-account is an exact replica of what the live trading account looks like. You will be able to place trades using historical data.
  • Low minimum deposit: We were very impressed to find that Bitcoin Blueprint offers its users a very low minimum deposit. All you need to fund your account is €250. This will then be used as your initial capital investment, which means it will be used to place your very first trades. We recommend that you only invest the minimum amount, you can always reinvest on a later stage.
  • 24-hour customer service: with Bitcoin Blueprint you have access to the customer service department 24hours a day. You can reach them via live chat, telephonically or email. We do recommend that you use the live chat functionality or try and reach the customer service department telephonically. Email correspondence may take longer.
  • Regulated and Licensed Brokers: Bitcoin Blueprint uses regulated and licensed brokers to help you manage your live account. Usually, when trading platforms don’t use brokers, it should be considered a red flag.

Is Trading on the Cryptocurrency Market Risky?

As with any investment, there is always a level of risk involved. The cryptocurrency market is no different. In fact, it is known for being particularly volatile. This is why you need the assistance of a trading platform that is fully capable of assessing your investment needs and evaluating the potential risks on any trade that is placed. Fortunately, Bitcoin Blueprint uses artificial intelligence and an algorithm to analyse and scan the markets for potential opportunities. The fact that this platform is fully adaptable to changes taking place on the global market is another advantage. There are various user-testimonials online that indicate that Bitcoin Blueprint is an effective and superior trading platform that is able to generate profitable trades for new and experienced users.

How Does Bitcoin Blueprint Work?

The Bitcoin Blueprint trading platform works using artificial intelligence and a superior trading algorithm. This trading algorithm is able to scan the cryptocurrency market, extract valuable data and markets insights, and execute trades using this data. The algorithm is 0.01 seconds ahead of its competitors, which means that you are always one step ahead of the market when it comes to placing trades. Added to this, you won’t have to worry about spending long hours on the platform or whether it will compromise your full-time job. You are advised to spend 20-30 minutes a day on your live account, to stay up to date with what is happening on the market. Bitcoin Blueprint can successfully place trades on your behalf without any input from you. All you need to do is make sure your account is activated and that you have done thorough research of the platform you are using.

Getting Started with Bitcoin Blueprint

Our team was quite impressed with the simple Bitcoin Blueprint registration process. We curated a few simple steps to guide you through the registration process:

Step One: Registration

You can easily register with Bitcoin Blueprint. All you need to do is have your basic information on hand to complete the registration form. You can complete the registration form below. Registration with Bitcoin Blueprint is free of charge. Once you are done and the account manager will contact you with further steps.

Bitcoin Blueprint

Register through ICODATA and get a free account manager to help set up your account.

Step Two: Fund Your Account

To activate your Bitcoin Blueprint account you need to make a deposit. Bitcoin Blueprint’s deposit is lower than most of its competitors. All you need to do to activate your account is make a deposit of €250. This deposit will be used as your first initial capital investment.

Step Three: Demo Account

Most trading technologies do not offer a demo trading account. We were quite impressed that Bitcoin Blueprint offers demo trading. This is basically a replica of what the live trading account looks like. You will be able to place trades based on historical data.

Step Four: Live Account

The live account is where the money-making starts. You can decide to go live anytime after you have funded your account. The demo account is only optional not mandatory. Usually, the more experienced traders opt for going straight to the live account. Your account manager will help you configure your settings to make sure you don’t suffer huge losses. This may include setting you stop-loss limit and deciding when to open and close your trading sessions. Once this is done you can go ahead and click on live.

What is the Best Way to use Bitcoin Blueprint?

Bitcoin Blueprint is able to place profitable trades for new and experienced users who are registered on the platform. Users are able to access the exclusive crypto community where information is readily available. The best way to use the trading platform is to understand how it gathers and analyses the data it extracts from the cryptocurrency market. This will help you understand how the algorithm works and makes its decisions. Another way to best use Bitcoin Blueprint is by using the demo-trading account. The demo-trading account is a replica of the live-trading account. You will be allowed to place trades using historical data and gain experience on the market while you are placing these trades.

Bitcoin Blueprint is Built on Three Main Pillars

You may be asking, ‘what sets Bitcoin Blueprint apart from other trading technologies?’. Well, we found that Bitcoin Blueprint operates on three main pillars and this is why this platform thrives and is gaining popularity globally.

  • Bitcoin Blueprint Uses Superior AI: This trading platform is fully automated and does not require any human effort. In fact, it is able to analyse big data in a fraction of a second. Human capability can compete against the speed of this algorithm. Because it is able to examine big data in such a short period of time.
  • Bitcoin Blueprint Uses High-end Trading Strategies: Bitcoin Blueprint is able to adapt to what is happening around the world in the global markets. The strategy used is based on the big data collected and further influenced by the cryptocurrency market. Because Bitcoin Blueprint is 0.01 seconds ahead of the market, you’ll always be one step ahead of your competitors.
  • Bitcoin Blueprint is User-friendly and Intuitive: Bitcoin Blueprint is user-friendly. We have tested the platform and found this to be true. It is user-friendly and intuitive. We doubt that users will have any trouble finding their way around the platform.

How to Minimize Your Risk of Losses on Bitcoin Blueprint

Here are a few worthy tips for anyone that is new to the platform is looking to make profitable returns:

  • Start with the required deposit amount: The minimum deposit amount on the software is €250, and we recommend you start with that amount. This will give you the opportunity to study and understand how the system operates. It also allows you to grow your investment steadily so you can really learn on a practical level. Once you are confident with the system, you may decide to increase your deposit funds.
  • Save at least 25% of your profits: When you save at least 25% of your profits, you get to save the earnings and have something in hand to take care of other expenses and reinvest at least 75% of your profits.
  • Learn more about cryptocurrency trading: Learning more about the topic gets you to really understand the environment of the market much faster and with the help of the trading software, it becomes even easier. This allows you to make better-informed decisions when it comes to trading strategies, thus enabling you to make more money from your trading efforts.
  • Invest what you can afford to lose: The trading space is an extremely volatile environment. The activity can be rather risky as a result. Thus, it is advisable to trade what you can afford to lose.
  • Build your portfolio gradually over time. The best trading strategies are long term, based around generating continuous growth over a long period of time. It is always best to start your experience with a perfect auto trading platform such as Bitcoin Blueprint with the minimum deposit of $250. After earning your first profit, you can gradually increase your investment over time when you have a better understanding of how auto-trading cryptocurrency systems work.
  • Start with a demo account. Trading platforms such as Bitcoin Blueprint allow users to start trading on a demo account, giving you the chance to familiarise yourself with the platform without putting any of your hard earned money at risk.

What Can I Expect on the Live-trading Account?

If you have explored the demo-trading account, understanding the Live-trading account is easy. The demo-trading account is an exact replica of the live trading account. However, we know that the more experienced traders would’ve opted to go straight into the live trading account. All you need to do is make sure your account manager assists you in configuring your settings. This includes setting your stop-loss limit and deciding when to open and close trading sessions. After your settings have been configured, you may proceed to clicking on live trade. Now you will be able to sit back and watch the technology work for you.

Our Conclusion: Bitcoin Blueprint is Legit

We have found Bitcoin Blueprint to be formidable when it comes to trading on the cryptocurrency market. The algorithm is able to do exceedingly above our expectations and human effort. We have found that Bitcoin Blueprint is legit and should be considered as one of the top trading tools currently on the market. Furthermore it supports its users through the user-friendly interface and demo-account and highly supportive customer service department. Bitcoin Blueprint is ideal for new and experienced users.


  • How much money can I make daily when I use the Bitcoin Blueprint trading platform?

The amount you make is dependent on the amount you invest per trade. One should start with the €250 minimum deposit and grow their investment from there. However, it is reported that users can earn as much as €1,300 per day using the Bitcoin Blueprint trading platform.

  • How much time do I need to spend with the platform to make money?

You should dedicate a few minutes every day to set up your trading framework of the Bitcoin Blueprint trading platform. Thereafter, the software then takes over and trades on your behalf.

  • Is there a limit to the number of trades I can execute daily?

No, there is no limit. You can set the number of trades you wish when setting up your trading efforts.

  • How much is the Bitcoin Blueprint trading platform?

Using the Bitcoin Blueprint trading platform is entirely free. There are no registration fees and no hidden costs involved with using the trading platform.